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What Is In Your Hand?: An Examination Of God’s Working In Concert With Human Agency In The History Of Israel And For The Fulfillment Of The Times Of The Gentiles Part Two

What Is In Your Hand? Getting To The Next Phase of Fulfilling The Time Of The Gentiles

There is without doubt many people who have their view of biblical eschatology and I am no exception.   For those Black Americans who have awakened to their identity as Judah, some have an expectation in one train of thought of 2019 or sometime thereabouts being the year of deliverance for them.  If that were to happen it would awesome especially of it meant the return of Jesus to restore the kingdom of Israel, but I am not of that viewpoint.  Those who are a part of mainstream Christianity do not fully understand prophecy because they do not understand the concept of the ages and the centrality of Israel in God’s movement within human history. 

Before I get to the gist of this writing, let me state that one of the reasons I am not a proponent of the theory of evolution which it is just that a theory is because it serves only to confuse and has no relevancy to human history.  For example, there was recently a BBC show about the Cheddar man of Europe being originally from Africa and dark skin.  There was a reconstruction of his face where he was dark brown with straight hair and blue eyes.  As always there were the ones who revolt against anyone with dark skin being an accurate depiction and then there are the assumed Black folk who parrot smugly that modern humanity begin with Black people in Africa. 

In my estimation, the view that everyone was once in Africa and there was a migration out is incorrect and contradicts the bible which holds that under Nimrod a son of Ham everyone was somewhere around where modern day Iraq is and even Abraham dwelled in Ur among the Chaldeans.   It would make sense once the tower of Babel was destroyed that people dispersed from a central locality and Cheddar man represents the Black Japhetic/Indian type people that went to the isles of Europe and became the ancient Minoans, Greeks, Etruscans etc and went into Asia (South, Central and East) whereas Black Shem was somewhere in the middle of Asia and the Hamites went down into parts of Africa.   Stating that people migrated out of Africa serves to confuse the identity of true Israel by maintaining that Sub-Saharan Africans never left their area and had anything to do with Egypt or other societies in antiquity. 
Simple minded white supremacist gentiles love this argument, but Satan will do anything and use anyone to confuse the true identity of Israel because unlike what Jesse Duplantis said in a speech about Black Americans, Satan doesn’t hate Black Americans because they are talented and kept singing amazing grace while being as he stated hung, burned, and having other atrocities committed against them and never blamed God.  Why would Satan care about whether someone like Michael Jackson was a good entertainer or any other talented Black American?   He has a kingdom he is trying to maintain and if anything they are a threat to that kingdom being that just as they were the key to Jesus’ arrival they are the key to his return. 

 Also, Jesse Duplantis comments about the suffering Black Americans have endured illustrate why it is White Christians and Black Christians do not know the identity of true Israel.  The major flaw of gentile Christianity is that they amputated a major part of God’s character so that he is one dimensional and only about love and spiritual self improvement.  He is more like a giant marsh mellow than the God of the bible. They forgot about the judgment aspect of his character that often resulted in the death of Israelites when their apostasy and transgressions were too great and unrepentant of.   Otherwise why would Black Americans have had to endure such atrocities that he cited.  Does God punish a group of people with such calamity for no reason?  No he does not.

This is where I agree with those who criticize the pagan aspect of Christianity.  The apostles were not pagan gentiles and unlike the church today would not be observing Christmas and Easter.  Many Christians including pastors in justification for not observing the original Sabbaths and feasts of God rely on Paul’s letter to the Colossians in 2:16-17 where it states, “Therefore, let no one judge you in food or in drink, or regarding a festival or a new moon or Sabbaths.” “Which are a shadow of things to come but the substance is of Christ.” (vs. 17).  The key word here is “are”.  What many Christians do unconsciously in this verse is change the present tense ‘are’ to past tense ‘were’.   Paul never in this verse invalidates the proper Sabbath commandments and feasts of God.  He invalidated the pretentious judging of what people did during those feasts  by those who wanted to impose their own religiosity or spin on it which he called the commandments and doctrines of men. (vs.22). 

 It is my contention that if Paul and the other original disciples and Hebrews were around today they would still be observing the Torah ordinances with the exception of Levitical sacrifices because Israel is in exile.   Without doubt if gentiles had not stopped observing these ordinances and scrutinizing scriptures as they did in Paul’s day to see if certain assertions were true, they would not have severed a major part of God’s character and would have had much less difficulty in identifying who is true Israel from a heritage standpoint and prophetically. Also, continuing the commandments and observances would have probably curbed some of the doctrinal and behavioral excesses found in gentile Christianity.

One characteristic of social media is that it gives everyone an opportunity to vent about one matter or another.  Black people take full advantage of this technology.   Whatever the genre, Black people find it an ideal place to air disagreements/ beefs with each other.  This is no less the case among newly awakened and old Hebrews.  In the apostles day if they had an issue with another believer they confronted him and talked about it in person.  Now men just get easily offended and never address the issues other people bring up like the observance of the law.  Another pastor Omar Thibeaux who is now aware of being true Judah made such a video in response to a law oriented Hebrew who made his own video in critique of Omar’s understanding of law observance. 

This is when I came to the conclusion that I do not think the staff of deliverance is or will be necessarily in the hand of a man.  What do I mean by this?  In certain points in the time of Israel’s history God used or sent a man to be the main conduit of his power so to speak.  In the deliverance of the Hebrews from Egypt he sent Moses but he used something that was already a part of Moses to be a vehicle for his power.  In Moses case, it was a staff.  When he sent Elijah to confront the false prophets of Baal and to divide the river Jordan, it was Elijah’s mantle, the same mantle which Elisha used. He gave Joseph and Daniel the gift of being able to interpret dreams.   When Jesus came he was the embodiment of the Word so all he ever had to do was speak or issue a command.  In keeping with this theme, the two witnesses of Revelation I believe will be the catalyst for many of the events on earth such as the seals being opened as seen by the apostle John. 

Speaking of the book of Revelation Pastor Omar did a message on Revelation 14:6-11 where it is stated that Billy Graham was the first angel of that scripture due to his impact on the world with the gospel.  As much as that may be true about Billy Graham’s impact, Pastor Omar is incorrect.  He does something that many people do and that is take Revelation out of its context by applying it to certain current events.  Without getting further into it because Revelation is a whole series on its own, I maintain for us to be in the context of Revelation there must be an igniter and that igniter is the person who God has called and sent with their particular staff/gift which I am now inclined to believe may be a woman along with true born again Judah who are mature and are like Gideon’s 300, which may suffice as the least amount of people needed to get the job done. 

In other words my view of prophecy is not one where we wait for Satan to fumble the ball and we run into the end zone.  My view is that Judah are the ones who propel events forward and that God always works in concert with human agency however dicey I think that is, to move events along prophetically toward their ultimate conclusion.  Pharaoh never initiated the deliverance of the Hebrews from slavery, God initiated their deliverance by his calling and use of Moses. If it was left up to Pharaoh, the Israelites would have never been freed.  Likewise If it is left up to Satan we’ll never be free of him and this age.


Why A Woman?

Since I begin this blog and study of the identity of Black Americans biblically,  I have focused my gaze upon the community from all aspects.  I have paid attention to pop culture, politics, the state of the community, rascism, colorism,  negative black female and male relationships which some broadcast all over social media and which I wasn’t really aware of and just the whole gamut of issues.  It can be sort of exhausting really.  Life before social media was in some aspects a peach.  As with any new technology there are pros and cons and the internet can be a very informative place and it exposes you to a variety of information and viewpoints. 
On the other hand, it is a feeding ground for the dysfunctional parts of the Black so-called community to display ignorance, animosities and stupidity.  It is where I first learned there is a Black twitter.   I still don’t know what that is or where it’s located, but point being Black people are truly the people of the book because they always put themselves on “blast” as they like to say.   And it won’t be long before they put everybody else on blast who are doing all sorts of things.  It could be one reason why folks didn’t like Israel.  The bible and their scrolls put everybody business out in the open.  
Anyway, one of the issues of the day is Black females lack of finding viable Black men for marriage and family.  There are a hosts of opinions blogs, and videos on this subjects.  What is interesting is that Black women tend to not marry out- that is to other racial groups at the rate  of Black men.   They tend to stand on the battle field alone trying to save a community where their men are basically absent from the fight.  They tend to champion Black love where you never hear of Black men saying such things.   They fruitlessly try to be a one-legged stool or a one sided foundation for a house which is next to impossible because you can’t build a house with one side of a foundation.   They are out there in the social media world trying to hold on to the wisp that is black love particularly with this millennial generation and surely the one after where Black boys are trained  or just desire to see themselves with anyone but Black girls. 

The die-hard Black women are waiting for their “Kings” who don’t want to be kings and who frankly have no kingdom world wise anyway.  Those who haven’t left and exercised other options or at least entertained exercising other options, are hanging on by a thread wondering if their Black Kings will ever materialize to rebuild the Black community.    In this way, they my sisters remind me of the two Mary’s who waited by the tomb of Jesus in anticipation of something happening.  Because of their clinging to hope that he really was more than a man, they became the first witnesses to his resurrection.  The men on the other hand had moved on as men do.  They were probably getting their tackle together to resume their fishing careers.  It seems that women tend to care more about their racial/ethnic group and community than men.

 Men will leave a community in a minute to fulfill his own personal desires whereas women especially Black women wait by the tomb of their dead community hoping for a resurrection.  Well, I don’t know if Black secular America will ever come back to some sort of functioning community, but if I were a young Black woman out here today, I would not wait for  an ideal Black man to appear.   Young Black males live for themselves not for the community or racial integrity.  I see this in my own family.  We have our share of males and a female who married or date out the racial group.   I am sure there was never a thought about Black people as a whole and their own probable future disappearance genotypically and phenotypically into the white Japhetic race via their descendants.   There is no point in a young Black female who has good values and morals dying on the vine waiting on a long gone Black male.  If the community will diminish and disappear you may as well not be the sacrificial lamb trying in futility to hold it together on your own.

This used to concern me a little because obviously an authentic Judah/Israel is needed for the end of the age and I’m thinking ‘what a chess move by the opposition’ but then I realized everyone is not needed.  I think it can be done with a little as 300 Gideon type people.   Anyway, the two Mary’s is why I think a Black woman will be the one with the staff for the purpose of the conclusion of the age and also I think just like David could not build God a temple because there was too much blood on his hand, I think it the same for the men of Black Judah.  They carry a heavier level of responsibility and judgment.    The two Marys were faithful and held on to the hope of Jesus rising and likewise Black women over the course of the captivity in America have been the staple of the Black church. For good or bad, there is no Black church without Black women.  I had a pastor who used to say when people came out of the world it was always someone’s mother or grandmother who was on her knees praying for them. I never heard him mention fathers and grandfathers.

When I look at where we are prophetically, I am amazed  at how the answer to the question of what fulfills the times of the gentiles is so close you can kiss it on the cheek.  If only Judah knew what is in his hand.  I liken the situation to this.   A person goes to a restaurant and runs up a big bill.  He has in hand the right amount of money to pay the bill but instead he ask the owner if he could work in the restaurant a couple years until the amount is paid, or let him go to a bank and take out a loan and all the while in his hand is the money for the bill.    Another example is the remake of the movie the Wizard of Oz  with a Black cast and renamed the Whiz.  It starred Diana Ross and Michael Jackson.  I remember watching that movie when I was kid and liked the scene where the people of Oz kept changing colors to their clothes at the command of the Wizard.   I watched it again recently and I was struck how the remake was really an adaptation of slavery /captivity here in America.  

Diana was taken from her home by storm and placed in a land very different from her own.  In this land she encountered the scarecrow which believed he wasn’t smart and needed a brain, the tin man who wanted a heart and the lion who wanted courage.   These three characters are a representation of the Black man in America where is he considered to be not smart, doesn’t have a heart to feel pain like other people and lacks courage to face his enemies.   The other Black people they encountered were working as slaves to one of the wicked witches of Oz a representation of true spiritual nature that governs the United States, a symbolic Babylon. She frees them and they continue their journey to see the Wizard.  It should be noted that it is Dorothy A Black woman who frees the people.  When she realizes the Wizard is a fake, she  thinks she will never get home until she has a visit from the good witch so to speak which tells her everything she ever needed to get home was already in her possession.  They were on her feet.  The slippers she wore was her conduit of power to return home.  She needed only to click them which I think she did three times.

I’ve said before people in Hollywood demonstrate an understanding of spiritual things that I’ve never even seen in the church.   They are just on the opposite side of the mirror.   The Wiz is very much an apt analogy for True Judah to return home.   There is a way which doesn’t consist of fifty millions arguments about the law, who Esau is or any of those things.  There is a way out of here and it as simple as clicking our heels so to speak, but it is not without turbulent waters.  It is born of our relationship with the father and that is where the power is.  David was able to do the exploits he did because God was his father and he treated him as such.  He acted like a son whereas Saul behaved like an acquaintance.  It is likewise with Jesus.  He was able to do what he did because he had a relationship with God who he called his Father whereas the teachers of the law did not.  The power dear people is in the relationship.  When you are in the relationship with the Father and need help you don’t need to do 500 push ups and 1000 sit ups before he will save you from drowning.   

There is much I wish I could go into, but this post is already very long.  I am like the angel with sword drawn that stood before Baalam who set out to curse Israel.  I want so very much to let it find its mark but I yet wait for those  who can see that deliverance is a straight line, the shortest distance between two points as opposed to scraggly lines and loops that lead you everywhere but home.  I have included a video of Callie Day below rehearsing a fragment of Hear My Prayer.  I recently became aware of this video and when I heard her singing and just the range of her voice and the beautiful playing of the lady pianist, It made me say “ Yehuda.”  Dear People there is something to be said for obscurity.   Mrs. Day has a beautiful voice but it’s the sincerity and relationship that this woman has with the Lord that makes this song special.   I am convinced that if an awakened Judah ever sang the "Have Mercy" part of this song  like Mrs. Day, it conceivably could cause Jesus to stand up from his throne and say “I hear my people calling me.”  And if He hears want he wants from his people and their singing to him, I can imagine him readying his battle gear.    Dear People, sometimes less is more.

To God Always

 The Glory





Hear My Prayer - Cover by Callie Day: Berea College Festival of Spirituals

This partial rehearsal of this song Hear My Prayer by Callie Day, an unknown singer managed to bless a lot of people.  I have to admit I tried singing this like her and couldn't make that transition to those last high notes, it was fun trying though.  The lady playing the piano backed her so superbly and beautifully the both of them together made me say "now that's good Yahuda. " The girl recording managed to catch a singularly beautiful moment in time.

What Is In Your Hand?: An Examination Of God’s Working In Concert With Human Agency In The History Of Israel And For The Fulfillment Of The Times Of The Gentiles Part One

So the Lord said to him, "What is that in your hand? And he said, "A rod." Exodus 4:2
Greetings to any and all whom may come across this blog.  The last time I posted here was in the recently passed 2017 and what a year 2017 was.  It was a year that in the latter half saw its share of calamitous events both in nature and in society.  One event that saddened me was to hear of the passing of Pastor Stephen Darby whose video content I referenced and posted on this blog.  It seems in one of his last videos he was beginning to demonstrate a better understanding in regards to  True Judah’s (that being Black/African-Americans) exile here in America so the timing of his passing was definitely unfortunate.  May of course God always comfort his family in his absence. 
Since my last post, I have perused social media pertaining to a variety of topics of both a secular nature and those about biblical prophecy.  From a pop culture perspective The Black Panther movie debuted and was a success but it definitely inspired many Black Americans to give all sorts of commentary about the film.  One interesting outcome of the movie was that many Blacks found common ground with the villain Killmonger as opposed to T’challa.   The reason for this was because Killmonger wanted to use the precious metal vibranium  which was at the root of Wakanda’s advanced technological society to deliver oppressed Black people everywhere. 
Therefore, for them Killmonger was more of a hero than  T’challa the inheritor of the Black Panther power and throne of Wakanda.   It was weird listening to people discuss this movie from the angle of dismantling white supremacy and how Killmonger was the better ruler for Wakanda.   What created cognitive dissonance for me was that Wakanda is a comic book fictional place but the writers of the movie decided to include a real life historical event such as the slavery of Black people in the Americas as part of the plot line.  This was akin to mixing metaphors.  What people who are supposedly pro-Black and spend their time making useless videos about White supremacy do not understand, and what the champions of Killmonger do not understand is that you cannot undo what God ordained out of your own strength and carnality. 
The captivity of Black Americans and others of the slave trade diaspora was at the behest of God himself spoken via Yeshua (Jesus) who was simultaneously the Son of Man and Son of God at the same time as revealed to Peter when he asked of his disciples” who do men say that I am?” Matthew 16:13   Thus, there will never be a secular Black ruling power by secular Black men of the line of Judah/Israel.   I have yet to hear of any Black man outside of social media contemplating ending white supremacy and even  if they were trying to end White Supremacy which they are not because they know intuitively they cannot, what are they going to replace it with? Black Supremacy? 
The Hamitic/Cushitic/Egyptian age was the last melanated/black age to rule and it is never returning no matter how many would be Black hoteps talk about it.  However, I do understand the desire of many Blacks to want to be free of what they deem is White Supremacy, but is really the time primarily of the gentile sons of Japheth.  They want to be free of this age actually as many a Christian supposedly does but they do not understand how God moves within the context of human history and how they are the fulcrum upon which history turns as I’ve stated before.  When the age of Shem does come it will be the third leg of the pyramid of ages with the capstone just above it as for example pictured on the dollar bill and only when that age is done will the capstone be fitted to the pyramid as the final piece to the conclusion of the ages.  Whoever placed the pyramid on the back of the dollar bill probably did not know this analogy could be made and will indeed manifest one day.   I express this concept in my writing The Principle of The Second: The Age To Come and  due to this topic's length will continue part two in the next post.

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The Nature of Being Born Again And The Issue Of The Priesthood In The Age To Come

But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation
His own special people that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you
out of the darkness into the marvelous light. (1 Peter 2:9)
Greetings to anyone who may happen across this website.  Since my last postings two months ago, the world has as always not failed to be eventful and strangely so.  There have been marches in Charlottesville and counter protest of the marches centered around the removal of confederate statutes which suddenly seem to bother people so much they feel compelled to tear them down. Yes, folks statues are sending people into hysteria in the new fangled attempt to erase unpopular history.  Some people are magically now so sensitive, they cannot endure the harsh realities of the past in this case the past slavery of Black Americans, that all reminders of it need now be eradicated.  Of course if you eradicate the slave past of Black Americans and the South, you dispel the assertion that the Negroes of America are the true Judah/Israel of the bible which is of paramount importance to those who know the truth of this claim as surely the last thing they would want is for this truth to actualize into the end of this age. 
We also have the threat of North Koreans and their nuclear grandstanding along with the usual Islamic Isis nutty stuff.  It has been followed up by a rare eclipse which people hardly had time to bask in before being beset by record drenching rains in Houston from Hurricane Harvey followed by earthquakes, fires and more hurricanes such as Irma. Indeed the earth yearns for the sons of God to be revealed which brings me to the reason for this post.  Since this blog is about biblical prophecy, I quite naturally read other viewpoints, view other videos and what ever other media pertaining to the subject.  I had noticed how on many videos relating to the identity of Black Americans and other Blacks of the diaspora as being Israel/Judah, the over the top focus on retaliation and vengeance against White people for our slavery/discrimination/racism and whatever other ill one can cite that many a commenter expresses on various videos. 
What can be gleaned from some people who are coming into this knowledge or coming across this information is their lack of a concept of what it is to be a priest, of what it is to be a part of a royal priesthood a holy nation.  It would seem that some people in the Hebrew community and with the internet you can never really tell if people commenting are who they say they are, so there is a caveat there of let the reader beware, are more into payback than they are into their relationship with the Father, if they even have one.  They are looking forward to having servants and other's going into captivity but have zero concerns about their purpose and roles in the restored kingdom of Israel.  The problem essentially as indicated in my previous post is that vengeance focused Black Americans may be of the tribe of Judah, but they are not born again.    And it seems for this millennial generation especially when they come into this knowledge, they are like babies born with a defect.  They have some knowledge which has served to puff them up but they have no love to build anyone up. (1 Corinthians 1;8).
Every person who is born on this earth who is of the lineage of Adam is born under the auspices of Satan-that is they are under his world system/dominion due to Adam's transgression in the garden of Eden.  When God called Israel to be his people and gave them his covenant and laws, he brought them under his authority and consequently insulated them from the wiles and dangers of the kingdom of darkness as long as they kept the covenant.  He also blessed them greatly when they kept the terms of it.  When they did not we see through their history God's ultimate punishment of exile and captivity.  In John 3:1-6, Nicodemus a Pharisee came to Jesus in the night, confessing that they knew he was a teacher from God for no one could do the signs he did unless God was with him.  Jesus answered him , "Most assuredly, I say to you unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.  Nicodemus questioned how can a man be born again when he is old? Can he enter a second time in his mother's womb and be born. (vs.4). Jesus then states, "Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God. That which is born of the flesh is flesh and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit."
Nicodemus is rightfully confused at this point because Jesus has just moved the goal post and upended his worldview.  Essentially, until the arrival of Jesus the way into the kingdom of God was via the covenant.  It was a covenant of the flesh illustrated by the circumcision of Israelite males and keeping the laws and statutes.  Now Jesus, is moving the power and protection of the covenant from the flesh to the Spirit.  His being sent of God was making it possible for men to now receive the Spirit of God which means the kingdom of God and the ability to see it now resides in you.  It is no longer confined to a geographical area and it is the avenue by which belief in Him leads to eternal life. 
The purpose of water baptism is to mimic the breaking of the water before a natural birth.  Therefore, once a person is born again he is able to receive the Holy Spirit which is a deposit and guarantee of that which is to come and enter into and see the kingdom of God.  He is no longer under the thrall of the kingdom of darkness, but is a citizen of the kingdom of heaven.  Being a citizen of heaven has it privileges as did being a citizen of Israel. 
So, being born again is important because it circumcises your heart so that you are not weighed down by bitterness, hatred, envy and strife and your conscious is quickened and sensitive to His Spirit so that you are not in the same breath cursing people out and claiming to be a child of the Most High.  It enables your spiritual eyes to be opened so that you operate from a relational standpoint with  God and not just a religious one.  The apostle Paul was so into the Law and he probably knew it from front to back that he had disciples of Jesus killed on behalf of it.  I liken his position to being an intermediate tennis player.  He had some control of the ball but more often than night he sailed the ball long passed the base line. 
However, once he had his Damascus road experience and He saw who Jesus was, his spiritual eyes opened and he could now hit the ball consistently within the baselines and at all sorts of angles.  If you are a Black American and you come across this site and you have never been born again, I urge you to ask God to do that for you.  I know for some people, they don't like churches and dislike Christianity so to speak, but there are still reputable people of God out here, and you need to ask that he lead you to someone who can help you make that transition from death to life.
The Role Of The Gentiles During The Time Of Jacobs Trouble
In continuing the discussion above, the vitriol that some would be Black Identified Hebrews express toward White people/the mostly sons of Japheth is indicative of their immature still spiritually dead nature.  For those who still think he is Esau, they take joy in the scripture" Jacob I have loved,  but Esau I have hated." (Malachi 1:3). It's as if it gives them an excuse to equally hate Esau even though no where is it stated that Israel should hate Esau.  They use it to condemn every white person on the globe as they act as judge, jury and executioner.  I am not a fan of everything the Japhetic races have done in the world or to the true people of Israel, but I do know enough not to assign whole groups of people to perdition given that I am not the discerner of thoughts and intents of the heart and neither is anyone else on this earth. That is the role of Yeshua when He returns and of the Father when he opens the book of life at the second resurrection.  I will say this, when White people become genuinely born again, they tend to be serious about it at least from the people I have known.  Unlike some Black people, they tend to not hang around churches pretending to be Christians when they are not. If they are Atheist, Tree huggers, Pagans,  Witches, Psychics, See dead people, believe and are constantly abducted by Aliens, talk to fairies and angels or whatever the case may be they are generally committed to that belief and mindset.
Whatever my dislikes about this age, about injustice, past grievances and wrongs, about governance under Japheth, my role as a part of a royal priesthood is to be a cut above the average joe.   By way of illustration I will reference Daniel.  When Nebuchadnezzar had a dream whereby he commanded the sorcerers, wise men and astrologers to not only reveal the dream but interpret it or they would be killed, Daniel asked for time to interpret the dream as he was among the wise men to be killed.  When he had the answer from God, he asked the executioner Arioch to not destroy the wise men of Babylon. (Daniel 2:1-24)  Daniel at this moment demonstrated an affinity for understanding what a priest was because he didn't just ask for his life and those of his friends to be spared but all the wise men of Babylon who were more than likely his enemies.  I believe that Daniel's grasp of this concept is the reason God revealed the dream and the interpretation to him.  If he had had the mindset of today's internet Black Hebrew commenter, he would have asked that only his four and no more be spared and God would likely not have honored his prayer.
Daniel's understanding of  this spiritual concept is further illuminated by Matthew 5:43-44, a scripture I personally have a hard time with.  It reads, "You have heard it was said you shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy. But I say to you love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you and pray for those who spitefully use and persecute you."  On the face of it this scripture makes no sense. It goes against every inclination of human nature. My natural inclination is to want to go Old testament David style and cut down uncircumcised Philistines. What further tripped me up was the love my enemy. Why would I do that? How do you muster love for someone doing all those things to you.  Then I realized this is one of those scriptures that isn't about a feeling so much as it is about faith.  This command by Jesus looks weak on the face of it, but there is a power to it in the spiritual realm as a part of spiritual warfare. 
As part of a two prong attack, it is the part where God moves on your behalf, where demons have to step aside like in the animated film Lion King where all the animals bowed down when Simba the Lion, assumed his role as king of the jungle after defeating that wretched Scar.  The other prong is praying against and binding various spirits of those same such enemies.   When disciples of Jesus performs this scripture, what does it do? In the next verse Jesus lets us know that we become the sons of our Father in heaven, the exact opposite of the current rebelling sons, principalities and powers.  My dear people the standard of a priest called of God is to be a cut above.  If you love (not some emotional thing) and do good only to those who do it to you, just your tribe, your four and no more you are not functioning in the position of a son of the Father, but that of the son of the world.  It is an incredibly high standard, one which I will forever be challenged with on some level.
On to the role of the gentiles in the time of Jacob's trouble.  I will never cease to be amazed at the profoundness of God's ways. There was a time in the beginning of the church where the apostles did not present the gospel message to the gentiles.  They went only to fellow Israelites.  Then one day God gave Peter a vision three times about unclean food.  At the same time he gave a vision to Cornelius a centurion of the Italian regimen, saying "Your prayers and your alms have come up for a memorial before God." To summarize, God wanted Peter to present the message of Jesus to Cornelius and when he did he was astonished that the Holy Spirit fell upon the gentiles as he was speaking.  He had earlier concluded that when it comes to the opportunity for salvation that God shows no partiality but in every nation whoever fears Him and works righteousness is accepted by Him. (Acts 10:1-48).
This passage needs no interpretation and supports my earlier supposition that one cannot consign and condemn whole groups of people when you do not know all individuals in said group and their circumstances.  Cornelius had probably never eaten with an Israelite/person of Judah a day in his life yet he somehow connected to God by his prayers and his actions of giving toward other people.  As it would turn out what the Israelites were resistant to hearing from the apostles, the gentiles were eager to hear and partake of.  And as the story goes, eventually the Israelites would again find themselves in exile once again with the sacking of Jerusalem by the Romans around 70ad.  Fast forward to today and you have the awakening of the descendants of those of the lost tribes of Israel and Judah albeit in a trickle.  God opened up salvation and eternal life to the gentiles when the vast majority of Judah was not hearing it.  Now in their exile and slumber there is a remnant who have been born again and when God steadily reveals to that remnant their natural heritage of Israel, there will come a day when this knowledge will put them in the time of Jacob's trouble. (Jerimiah 30:7).
Did God open up salvation to the gentiles just so they could one day escape difficult times of the end via what mainstream Christianity calls the rapture?  No, he did not.  In that day when the gentile church realizes who true Israel is, they are going to be severely challenged in their faith.  They are going to be challenged in providing provision, and sometimes refuge to a people the world has little to no regard for.  By way of example, I reference the account of Elijah when he declared no rain in the land of an idolatrous Israel under the reign of king Ahab and Jezebel.  Elijah fled to the Cherith Brook where God provided him with food from a raven and where he drank from the brook. When it dried up God sent him to a widow in Zarephath of Sidon to provide him housing and food.  (1 Kings 17:7-18)The widow is symbolic of the gentile church and Elijah represents an Israel on the run, in the wilderness and in need of provision. 
Furthermore, the expectation that the church will need to be the spiritual sons of God is illustrated by Matthew 25:31-46.  I will let the reader, read that passage as it rather lengthy, but the gist of it is, that when Jesus returns as the Son of Man, he will judge the nations separating them like a shepherd would the sheep from the goats.  The sheep will go into the kingdom because they gave the  brethren of Jesus who are Israelites by birth and by spirit, food when they were hungry, drink when they were thirsty, gave them refuge when they were a stranger, clothes when they were naked, visited them when they were sick and when they were in prison.  He considered it as doing it unto himself.  The goats on the other hand did none of this and will be sentenced to everlasting fire and punishment.  Yes dear people, negro Judah will be a test for the nations.  Ardent racists and indifferent nations will no doubt fail, but let us hope there will be more people like Cornelius than not as their eternal destination will surely depend upon it.
Thus when Jesus returns and restores the kingdom of Israel, it will be their turn to be a royal priesthood in the earth and light unto the nations.
To God Always,
The Glory




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Japheth: Dwelling In The Tent Of Shem As Arabs And The Issue Of Islam Prophetically Part Two

O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! how unsearchable are his judgments, and his ways past finding out 
Romans 11:33 
In part one of this article I stated that I would delve into the psychology or mindset of Japhetic/White European/Asian Indian people and discuss the Muslim silence of the Black identity of the true Hebrews as put forth by the author of  I will first begin with the psychology of Noah's oldest son Japheth.  The bible is the most consummate and intriguing book on the origin and history of mankind.  Even if there are books missing or taken out, it contains enough information in its' present state to understand how we arrived at the point of history we are currently inhabiting.  It also is a book that is based in the grit of human experience.  In other words it is not a pretty or perfect tale of a flawless and perfect people.  It is imminently relatable because it chronicles the lives of a people and those around them who had successes and failures, who did abominable acts and who engaged in wars, subterfuge and intrigue.  It is a book of  the messiness of humanity which we can see as still the case today.
It is a messiness that begin in the garden of Eden and continued on through Cain and Abel, Noah and his three sons Shem, Ham and Japheth, on to Ismael and Isaac, continuing to Esau and Jacob. When a person has three sons, they will have three individuals with different personalities with often some level of competition among them.  One may be more responsible, the other more reserved and one more wile and ambitious.  When Noah spoke prophetically over his sons, it was in a context of awakening from his wine induced stupor and finding out what Ham had done in looking upon his nakedness as opposed to Shem and Japheth who took a garment and covered Noah's nakedness looking away as they did so.  It is interesting that the ugliness of Ham's act was met with silence and Noah instead cursed Canaan Ham's son.  I'm going to hazard a guess based on human nature that Ham may have been Noah's favorite as he was his youngest son who didn't seem to get the discipline he deserved as the two older one's did and this is something we see in families a lot.  The older siblings will get more discipline and the youngest the parents will be lax with and dote on more. 
Shem and Japheth acted responsibly as the two older siblings and once again Ham got away with not being corrected by Noah. When Noah blessed Shem with the call to the priesthood and Japheth with enlargement and dwelling in the tent of Shem, there is nothing on the face of it that is negative.  In other words dwelling in the tent of Shem could of just meant they would be close or in fellowship with each other. But again human nature being what it is Japheth probably felt some kind of way about that call going to Shem as he was the oldest son and probably felt it should have gone to him and his descendants.  It is easy to imagine that he felt slighted and held an internal grudge against Shem.  In the book of Jasher there is a story of there being the animal skin which God used to cover the nakedness of Adam and Eve.  I'm not sure why this skin would have significance but apparently it was kept and passed on to Noah.  It is implied that this skin was going to Japheth, but was stolen by either Ham or Canaan.  Perhaps it would later be used by Ham to contact the spirit world or fallen angels enabling him to get out the gate first in terms of civilization.  If this story is true, Japheth now had another reason to feel slighted and upset. 
So what is Japheth left with?  In his mind probably not a lot.  However, he did have beauty and it explains the Greek beauty ideal and why it is Japhetic people are obsessed with it and are always looking at themselves in the mirror like Narcissi.  We can see this in Indian people. In their natural state of being melanated from black to brown skin tones, they are attractive people and the only people in my view in which albinism (your present day white people looks good upon.)  It doesn't in my opinion look attractive with people of a broad African like phenotype particularly if it is extreme.  Also, it would appear that instead of dwelling in the tent of Shem in a good way as could of been initially intended we see that Israel's early interactions were mostly with the people of Ham and whereas Hamitic people are in the Israelite genealogy via Ephraim and Manasseh , this is not the case for Japheth.  My guess is that Japheth secluded himself from Shemitic people for a time, the resentment of not getting the call passing down through time plus these people are heavy into their physical appearance and don't particularly find negro-type people attractive. 
If you examine the relationship between Indians and Blacks particularly Africans today, you will find that there pretty much isn't one.  Indians in the main do not care for Black people of any kind and in this part of the age are fascinated with their Albino version of themselves.  It is telling that it ended up being albino Japheth dwelling in the tent of Shem as Jews and not the black/brown skin ones. Albino/White Japheth also is the main constituent of Christianity.  With the lighter Japhetic Persians, some of them could had some level of melanation upon interaction with the original Black Arabs, but as they always say "we are Caucasians! no relation to negro/sub-Saharan Blacks.  To this day African immigrants to India for education purposes are treated badly.  I have no idea why anyone who is of an African phenotype and skin tone would immigrate there given the legacy and continuation of their caste system in which a majority of their black/brown skin people's are at the bottom of society as Dalits.
India is said to be a place of many religions, but interestingly they are a people seemingly devoid of love for their own let alone anyone else.  This color caste system, was carried with them as they became Muslims and entered into the tent of Black Arab Shem so that instead of them being the original slaves and servants of the Black Islamic Arabs the tables are flipped and Black it is said in Arabic is associated with the word Abid meaning slave. If Muhammad intended that no Arab has superiority over a non-Arab (meaning Persian/lighter skin) or non-Arab over an Arab (meaning black man) per the Hadith of Bukhari, quoting from The Ancient Black Hebrews And Arabs by Gert Muller he apparently did not account for a jaded Japheth dwelling in his tent. 
 In a twist of irony the picture of Arabs today benefitting from the wealth and resources of the original Black Arabs is one of Asiatic/Indian Japhetic people whilst the Black Arabs are doubtlessly at the bottom of the social totem pole so much so that they are not even thought of as true Arabs.  It is poetic justice that the Ismaelites who sold Joseph into slavery in Egypt and has a history of being slave traders themselves and who once again as history repeats itself sold Negro Judah into slavery into Egypt again that being America, would now find themselves ripped of their heritage and considered slaves by Japheth.
Actually it is more like the judgment of God and explains why all of Black Africa whether of Esau, Ishmael, Ham etc. found and finds itself in a continuous rut and subjugation and persecution by Japhetic people and or their mulattoes.  In response to the statement that Muslims remained uncharacteristically silent as to the true Black identity of Hebrews,  I submit that one Muslim Japheth would never acknowledge that for the same reason other Black Shemites would not and that is due to the long-held resentment of  Israel being chosen as the priesthood of God.  Psalms 83:3-7 informs of their intentions:
They have taken crafty counsel against Your people, and consulted together
against your sheltered ones, They have said, "Come and let us cut them off
from being a nation, That the name of Israel may be remembered no more..
They form a confederacy against You: the tents of Edom and the Ishmaelites;
Moab and the Hagarites, Gebal, Ammon and Amalek, Philistia with the
inhabitants of Tyre and Assyria
This passage speaks volumes as to why Israel's brothers and cousins have remained mum as to their true identity.  Jealousy is a common motivation for people committing all kinds of heinous acts against each other. It is a true monster of the human soul. Everyone always looks on the other side and covets what someone else has. Japheth, Ishmael and Esau wanted to be the favorites and the selected among their fathers and Israel always wanted to be liked and accepted by others and desired the beauty of Japheth.  I am amazed at how many times I have been on Black websites and they talk a lot about people's looks and engage in discussions about Black beauty and why no one seems to appreciate it or can see it so they are always in a constant state of affirming themselves. 
With Japheth especially White Japheth there is the spirit of needing to be first.  When he lost out on being the one to first found civilization and have empires, his insecurities over this fact has compelled him to erase the accomplishments of  Black civilizations and take over their identities once he came into power.  I think it is especially hard for White Japheth because he is a product of Black Japheth and was not even a  factor in Black Japheth's civilization.   For example, the early Greeks and Minoans were melanated black/reddish brown skin people of Japhetic descent so that in antiquity it was not really an issue of skin color that distinguished people so much as the nation from which they derived. 
 It is said that the Venetian traveler Marco Polo who visited South India observed of the Dravidians "It is a fact that in this country when a child is born they anoint him once a week with oil of sesame, and this makes him grow much darker than when he was born. For I assure you that the darkest man is here the most highly esteemed and considered better than others who are not so dark. Let me add that in very truth these people portray and depict their gods and their idols as black and their devils white as snow.  For they say that God and all the saints are black and the devils all white." African Presence In Early Asia by Runoko Rashidi.  From this one statement I can imagine that when people of this time period had albino children that they were not too excited about it if they considered devils as being white as snow.  One can surmise that a community of these individuals would likely leave this hostile environment and mate among themselves until Albinism became a calcified trait and later when they left their new homeland and encountered other melanated people and again their own people they had an ax to grind and long-seated resentment against their relatives who ostracized them. 
It is most intriguing that in India today a place where whiteness once was associated with devils is now worshipped and sought after as a favorable skin tone.  Or perhaps it is just poetic justice from previous bad treatment.  I think the Indians like to call it karma.  There is that saying, "what goes around, comes around."  The second reason for the silence of Muslims as to the Black identity of Hebrews is that Jesus had already declared that Jerusalem would be trodden down by the gentiles who the disciples would know he meant the Japhetic Romans and their kindred and the inhabitants taken captive by the nations until the times of the gentiles are fulfilled and Jesus being who was at the time, the number one prophet in the game and of the history of Israel being sent of the Father, Muslims could do nothing to stop his words from being manifested.  They did however have no problem participating in the taking Israel captive part.
I fully believe that Noah meant Japheth dwelling in Shem's tent to be a positive proclamation.  But when you have unresolved issues of resentment and anger it leaves room for Satan to come in and offer you a deal so that something meant for good he turns into evil.  I personally think white Japheth the masses that is could of handled Yeshua(Jesus) being black but letting them turn him white and letting them ascend to power served to execute his judgment and fulfill the prophecy of Judah's ultimate exile. 
The Role Of Islam Prophetically In The Life Of Israel
When Judah was sent into exile traveling into Egypt upon the destruction of Jerusalem, logically it left a vacuum spiritually in that part of the world. Now all sorts of people could come and take over the land and trample it under foot just as Jesus prophesied.  There likely could of been a small residual population of Judeans but most of the inhabitants had been either killed or ran away as refugees into Africa and other near neighboring countries.  The Christian church was probably still growing but also facing it's own share of persecution in the Roman world.  Satan having suffered a set back spiritually by the death and resurrection of Jesus and his growing church, now had an idea of what The Most High's plan was.  If he could keep persecuting the church he could stop it's power and growth or better yet he could look over into Abraham's other sons and come up with a plan to counter the advancement of the church however far removed from it's Hebrew roots. 
Before his plan would be put into action, the Most High would make a chess move in the form of the emperor Constantine.  In 312 Constantine in a fight for the Roman empire claimed he had a vision of a bright cross lighting up in the noon day sky with the inscription in hoc signo vinces meaning in this sign conquer. Constantine does just that and it is a new day for a heavily persecuted church.  With Constantine's acceptance of the followers/disciples of Christ, you get the beginning of Christianity as a religion and later inception of the holy roman empire.  However, gentilic the church may be at this point and coming years it had uncontested growth on the European continent. 
The Black Jews who were still alive and citizens of the Roman empire probably saw the political shift coming and some of them converted and likely made up the council of Nicea and with some of them becoming the first nobility of Europe.  This is a problem for Satan because now there was the unchecked potential growth of Christianity.  So, in 610 Muhammad a likely descendant of Abraham on Ishmael's side with some Esau thrown in claims that he had a vision from an angel leading to the dictation of the Quran.  The question must asked? why is it that the Arabs tribes either did not hear the gospel or receive it? Surely the apostles wanted them to know the good news of Jesus' salvation given their relation to Israel? I believe the answer comes down to once again ancient hostility and dislike for Judah. If they didn't follow them in the ways of the Torah even though they had to know about it, they likely would not have listened to the gospel of Jesus. 
In any event two hundred and ninety-eight years after Constantine's vision, we get the prophet Muhammed's vision and dictation of the Quran with them now wanting the still Black Jews who they call the people of the book to believe and convert to Islam.  Eventually, Islam gathered enough converts and momentum to if not persuade people via argument the sword would do just as well. Therefore, as I stated before everyone was up for grabs in the conversion to and conquering in the name of Islam. While Islam was advancing across Africa and Europe, they were being met with resistance by the Black Holy Roman Empire. 
Since the Ismaelites/Arabs were natural enslavers they included many white slaves as well adding the women to their harems and producing mulatto offspring which manifest itself in the populations of North Africa.  When they were defeated and run out of Spain which they did a good job of raising their civilization and giving them the technology to sail across the world, it was a chess move by God because now the prophecy of Israel's captivity would truly come to fruition however not under the banner of Islam but that of Christianity.
In true irony, there is the story that there was ship dubbed the good ship Jesus which was at the beginning of the slave trade to the Americas.  Most Hebrew Israelites who are not messianic find this a paradox and it is.  How could some people claiming to be Christians engage in the cruelty of slave trading? I would like to reference King David when he unlawfully took a census of Israel and Judah.  He knew had messed up again and was given a choice of the punishment God would render to the people. Of the three punishments God laid out for David through the prophet Gad he chose the one executed by the Lord himself, his reasoning being let me fall into the hand of the Lord, for His mercies are very great; but do not let me fall into the hand of man.

This is why God's ways are beyond understanding. My dear people had God let the people of Judah fall into the hands of Islam, there would be no remnant of his people who would know him and be able to fulfill the time of the gentiles or conclude the age.  That is not to say that people who are Muslims are bad people and don't want to live and be happy like normal folks.  I have Muslim family members and associates who are Black of course and are perfectly good law abiding citizens, but the reality is as bad as White Japheth under Christianity treated Judah here in the US and the world over, Japheth at the top of the hierarchy of Islam would have been twice as bad and unremittingly cruel.  Even today Black Ethiopians, Somalians and whatever other Black African who immigrate to Saudi Arabia are treated horribly. There are videos of protest by Ethiopians of the harsh treatment they endure in those countries even one where an Ethiopian woman's head is cut off for some supposed crime. 

They do not embrace deeply melanated people they war against them.  This could be why some think the number 666 is associated with Islam and where the anti-Christ will come from.  I submit that if the beast of Revelation is Islam that he will not be of Ismaelite/Esau origin bloodline but primarily Japhetic. It is Japhetic people who are the face of extremity in Islam.  It is not a natural instinct of Black people to want do suicide bombings and commit acts of terrorism.  They don't take things as serious as Japhetic people who try overcompensate for a call they did not receive, for a heritage of which they are not the origin.  Black Shemites have a strong sense of self preservation and is the reason why you never see them doing things that deliberately put their lives in danger. War with each other yes. Climb mount Everest just for the hell of it. Nope. 

One argument in favor of the beast coming from Islam is their penchant for persecuting Christians in their countries.  Revelation forecast this persecution kicking into high gear and in support of my assertion that true born again Judah/Israel is key to the end of this age, in Revelation 12;17 it states, "the dragon was enraged with the woman and he went to make war with her offspring who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.  Who is the woman's offspring, it is true Judah but not just of heritage only but those who in essence know Jesus and keep God's commandments.

Those Black people who are just into the heritage aspect of being Israel have no power to change the history of the world.  The reason for this being is that the location of power once Jesus came and was killed and then resurrected switched from the observance of the law and outer circumcision to an inner circumcision being led by the spirit of God.   Whereas the Law was a cocoon that housed the caterpillar of Jesus when he fulfilled his destiny he birthed a beautiful butterfly who tore the curtain of the temple from top to bottom  caused the earth to quake and the sun to darken and the powers of the air to be astounded. A Judah whose scales have dropped from her eyes and who truly abide in Christ has the same power if based in realness and the grit of human messiness to finish what Jesus accomplished in spoiling principalities and powers and making an open show of them, they can cause principalities and powers to be removed and be the sons of God upon whom the earth yearns to be revealed.
Below are pictures to supplement the thesis of this article.

To God Always The Glory

The real black melanated Constantine of Roman ancestry and black Bishops
representing the empire of iron.

ancient Persian likely before the incursion of the light skin Japhets.  They may also represent the early Elamite population.

Ancient Assyrian Art. The guy is obviously a king and brown skinned. This
photo is never seen in US history books.

White slave women probably of Turkic origin in a black Arab harem.

This woman represents the deepest black melanin of Japhetic people of
Indian origin. In Marco Polo's day she would be venerated. In today's
world in India her life is probably unduly hard and she would be considered
most unfortunate being so far away from white.

This picture speaks for itself. The one on the left indistinguishable from
any other European man who shares the same ydna with the black skin South Indian.


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Japheth: Dwelling In The Tent Of Shem As Arabs and The Issue of Islam Prophetically Part One

O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! how unsearchable are his judgments, and his ways past finding out 
Romans 11:33 
Greetings to anyone who may come across this site! I have written a lot on this blog over the last three years and it seems I am continuing.  The issue of present day Arabs and the role of Islam prophetically as it relates to the real Israel and it's future restoration came to my attention one day as I viewed a video by a young man talking about the Arabians being Esau and the Kaaba stone and it's previous pagan roots and now association with Islam. He was actually breaking down the movie HellRaiser  and showing the subtle Islamic references in the movie.  However, the picture he uses is not the best representation of the  original Arab appearance.  If we already establish that Abraham as a son of Shem was Black as in melanated and the ancestor of negro people as exist in Africa and across the Atlantic via the slave trade and on the east Africa side via the Indian ocean, then it follows that Ismael and his sons, as well as Abrahams' other sons via his wife Keturah which included the midianites were also Black.  As with all  such topics touched upon on this blog, there is too much research involved to be thorough but generally the principles are all the same and can be reiterated.
I have already established that Esau was not born white that is an albino. His coloring was reddish brown and he is thus not the progenitor of White gentile Japhetic people but lives on in some of them via ydna e1b1b.  I demonstrated this in my posts What Is In A Name? and listed a chart of ydna haplogroups for Africa, South Asia, Central Asia and Europe.  As the young man correctly noted Esau's first wives were Canaanites and his last was Basemath daughter of Ismael. They had one son Reul (Genesis 36:1-6) and one can assume he had children thus the bloodline of Esau could be present in the ancient and present Ishmaelites.  It is generally thought that the Ishmaelites and certainly the Midianites are the original inhabitants of what is known as Arabia today.  I would include the other descendants of Shem the sons of Joktan as aboriginal peoples of the Saudi Arabian peninsula.  As I researched about Arabs today via videos and writings, I came across people who asserted that the original Arabs were Black and of course there were always people of the Caucasian variety proclaiming they were not and the Black people in Arabia today were probably descendants of slaves and converts to Islam.
In actuality, what has happened to the original Black Shemitic Arab people's is what has happened to the original Black Israel.  Japheth is dwelling In Shem's tent on the Israelite and Arab side but they are very much like the Borg from the television show Star Trek that in whatever way they come in contact with Black Shemitic people whether as a form of being conquered or being the conqueror, they assimilate their  culture and usurp their identity.  When one looks at the genetic ydna chart of Saudi Arabia the J haplogroup appears to dominate in the sample size taken and it is the same haplogroup which has a base in South Asia or the Indian subcontinent if you will.  This is not a semitic haplogroup.  The Abrahamic haplogroup is E and one can view this haplogroup all around Africa and no doubt in the original Black inhabitants of Saudi Arabia and Yemen.  When Noah spoke prophetically over Japheth that God would enlarge him apparently it included his ydna  because he has many unlike Shem.  If one looks up the Askenazi Jews he will see that they have several ydna haplogroups such as R, G, J and E being e1b1b from Edom the only connection to Shem. It is the same with all of the Jews of various origins be they Sephardic, Portuguese, Yemen etc. If ydna passes from father to son, then it is impossible for Jacob to have a hundred ydna haplogroups and thus impossible that any of the aforementioned mentioned people are descendants of the ancient Hebrew Israelites or Black Ishmaelites.
What I find additionally fascinating about this whole discourse is I have never read the comments or even heard of a White person, European or Indian ever claim descent from Japheth.  It is as if they do not want to be associated with him even if he is the progenitor of the ancient Greeks through his descendant Javan and of the Etruscans/Romans.  They will instead say that they are Caucasian/caucasoids using anthropology terminology and not related to negro/sub-Saharan people, but somehow in their minds the only sons of Noah currently in existence are Israelites now represented by European Jews and Asian Jews and Arabs represented by South and Central Asians.  This Borg like confiscation of identity applies to Ancient Black Hamitic Egyptians as well.  The only book where I have read of an association with the sons of Japheth is in Arthur Koestler's The Thirteenth Tribe where the Khazarian King Bulan proclaims to be a son of Japheth through Togarmah.  It is a curiosity for Japheth to be the progenitor a major group of people yet he is shrouded in mystery and continuously ignored. In part of two of this article, I'm going to delve a little into the psychology of Japheth wanting to be everyone but himself.
In my readings I ran across this site  The writer of the site contends that the true Arabs were black as in melanated.  Of particular note on his blog is a post  How the Muslims Helped the Zionist Occupy Palestine. But before getting into that I want to further corroborate my assertions about the ancient Arabs being logically black by referencing Anu M'Bantu and Gert Muller's The Ancient Black Hebrews And Arabs.  Muller makes reference to several sources concerning the appearance of ancient Arabs. Quoting Galen: Selected Works by P.N Singer he writes Galen was a Roman medical expert and stated, "In Ethiopians, Arabs and all southern peoples the skin has been roasted by ambient heat and by the effect of the internal heat being drawn outwards and so becomes hard dry and black." In referencing Carleton Coon a mid-twentieth century anthropologist as to the inhabitants of Oman Muller notes a Veddoid like population the Mahra who trace their ancestor to Yaa'rub a descendant of Joktan as aforementioned of the Shemitic line. His Arabic name being Khatan.  In discussing the prophet Muhammad's family he references the ninth century Arabic writer Uthman al-Jahiz who asserts of Muhammad's grandfather "the ten lordly sons of Abd al-Muttalib were very black in color and large of body."
If the original Arabs were and are still Black, why when you see the population of Arabia today as commonly portrayed in the media do we see Asiatic /Japhetic European people.  Since Islam became a proselytizing and conquering religion part of it can be explained by the fact that they included everyone as possible converts and mates including Persians of the Japhetic variety and White Central Asian Turks.  It is stated that the prophet Muhammad had a dream in which he saw himself following a herd of black sheep and then a group of white sheep came and mixed with the black until the white sheep became so many that the black sheep could no longer be seen in the herd of sheep.  The black sheep were interpreted to be the Arabs and the white sheep non-Arabs or Persians.  They will accept Islam and become so many that the Arabs will not be noticed amongst them.  See  I don't know if the dream is really true but what certainly is true is that is exactly what we see across the middle east and North Africa. It is a familiar story of the sons of Shem and echoes Daniel's dream of the statue in Babylon where iron and clay mix but does not adhere to one another.
In This is How the Muslims Helped the Zionists Occupy Palestine, the writer contends that the prophet Muhammad in a vision saw Moses and that he is black skinned with kinky hair. Bukhari Hadith #243 He argues that the prophet said this so that Muslims would spread it to the world and if they had it would have been and still would be common knowledge that the Hebrews were and are a black skinned people with kinky hair.  He perhaps in true sincerity but naively states, " However, unfortunately the Muslims have been uncharacteristically silent about this hadith of the prophet Mohamed and as a result, the European Zionist Jews have been able to convince the world that they are the Hebrew descendants of the Children of Israel and as a result were able to take the land of Palestine from the Muslims." I will in part two of this article discuss the supposed uncharacteristic silence of the Muslims as to the Black identity of the Hebrews and why would that be?  Below are some examples of Arabs Black and Japhetic.
This is an ancient Arab on an Assyrian relief. note the naked torso meaning his black melanated skin protected him from sunburn and the dreadlocked hair.
Yemenite man of the Hadramaut part of Yemen from
 Image result for saudi arabian princess

 Saudi Arabian queen of today.  Looks very South Asian/ Indian because they are the same people. She is on the paler end of the spectrum.
Image result for Saudi Arabians 
Saudi man looks like his Indian/Japhetic Asian relatives with the probable J haplogroup but again not of the dark melanated Indian but the albino kind so he needs a lot clothes on so he won't burn in the hot desert.
Dancers of Al-Mukalla, Hadramaut from

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The New World Order, The Movie Get Out and The Issue of Black Women

There is laid up for me a crown of righteousness which the Lord the
righteous judge will give to me on that Day,
 and not to me only but also to all who have loved
His appearing (2 Timothy 4:7)
Good day all! One thing I will say about the world, it is never a dull place. It is an often annoying place but never really dull.  Since my last article, I have been pleasantly surprised to find two other  Black Christian pastors whom God has dropped the scales from their eyes as to their identity and of those of Afro-Americans and others of the diaspora.  I have posted several videos below of one them Pastor Stephen Darby.  He is a good speaker and broaches topics that I have not seen a Black Christian pastor talk about at least on the net. There may be others but I have not run across them yet.  Most importantly, he seems to know who Jesus is from a relationship standpoint and the value of being born again of the spirit.  The merging of these two positions is integral to the closing of this age. In this article I am going to address The New World Order, the movie Get Out and the issue of Black women. Thus, it will likely be a fairly long one and so I ask for the patience of the reader.
The New Word Order

Any one who has been around for any significant time and has not been tuned out due to the cares of this world has probably heard the term "New World Order".  I posted a video of Pastor Darby doing a sermon on it because whenever most people talk about the New World Order, it is within a prophetic context mainly of the biblical kind.  Most people see it as a cabal of elite people who want to bring about this globalist agenda in order to usher in the anti-Christ figure and dominate the world with the implementations of various evil schemes.  People on the web call it various names such as the illuminati run by Khazarian Jews who we know as the Askenazim who occupy the physical land of historical Israel and who the world believes especially gentile and true natural Israel Christians are the Jews of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  They are seen as trying to bring about a one world government no doubt with themselves at the head and thus Satan's or Lucifer's entry and reign so to speak thru this anti-Christ figure.
I have no doubt that there is an agenda a foot to mold the world into a place that is increasingly hostile to God and Jesus and the values that they exemplify. One has only to observe popular culture and people today and know the invisible hands so to speak have been steadily at work; however, what most people get wrong because true Israel has been hidden is that whomever it is out there pulling the strings of the world is not trying to usher in the Satanic rule of the anti-Christ.  One has only to look at their movies and realize that they desperately want to prevent that and any movie which has an apocalyptic theme is always about preventing Satanic forces from so-called coming in and destroying the world.  Except, here is the catch.  The world is upside down as we now live in it.  The Black Christ has been replaced with a White Christ and saints and Black Israel has been replaced with White Israel.  Therefore, Satan in their world is really Jesus and he is the one who they are always endeavoring to prevent from returning. He is the destroyer to them. He is Moloch to them and they need the aid of demonic power of the real Lucifer to assure their position and his.  I can assure you that if they actually talked to Satan, the real one he would be like "Nope, I'm not trying to come to earth and usher in your new world order." "I need you to keep the fa├žade of being true Israel and doing whatever you can to extinguish the real Israel and Judah so that I don't find myself here." That way you can stay rulers of this world and so can I."

I used to wonder why it was that Jesus disarmed principalities and powers, making a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them in it (Col: 2:15) but never removed them.  Why leave them in their place to be a pain in the butt to mankind.  One reason I surmised is because Jesus was building his church, His spiritual Israel and the time had not come to remove them.  The other reason is just as he left enemies in natural Israel for them to contend with and be tested by He left the spiritual enemies of the spiritual Israel for their testing and growth as well.  Therefore, mainstream Christendom will always get prophetic events wrong because not only do they look at the wrong Israel as a gauge but they look at outside events and world happenings whether it be wars, and rumors thereof, natural disasters, the machinations of the elite globalist and etc. for indications of the end-time wrap up.  When Elijah fled into the wilderness, God told him to stand on a mountain before the Lord and the Lord passed by as a strong wind, earthquake, and fire and after the fire a still small voice. It was the still small voice that Elijah responded to.  What is the message? God was not in any of the dramatic events, but in a still small voice. (I Kings:19). 

Thus, just as God was not in the dramatic events Elijah witnessed, He is not necessarily in the dramatic events of our day as prophetic signals.  Contrary, to the belief of some, we are not in the events of Revelation. What the elites know or may not know and that the world surely doesn't know is that the only people who can initiate what for them is the apocalypse is natural by lineage and spiritual Israel combined, those born again believers who have loved his appearing. We are surely getting closer to that time. In my little book Principle Of The Second (The Age To Come), I make reference to the prohibition by God in Deuteronomy 22:11 of mixing two different animals and textiles together that being an ox and a donkey not plowing together and wearing mixed material of wool and linen. I analogize this non-mixing to natural and spiritual Israel to that of spiritual wickedness in heavenly places.  You cannot have a restored natural Israel on earth with those same errant powers of the air still in their place.  They are two different types of material.  Therefore, that is why the supposed return of Black Jews to  Israel from Ethiopia or the African Hebrew Israelites is not the authentic return of Israel because we are still in this age and Japheth is still in Shem's tent and principalities and powers have gone nowhere.

Pastor Darby has a message called Why Racism? Because They Owe Us.  In it he basically talks about Black Americans history here and how we were never compensated for our labor here as slaves.  Its a fairly good message and one that would resonate with Black Americans who have talked about reparations for our unpaid wages from slavery through Jim Crow and wherever we are today. Interestingly, the US offered to pay native Americans 1.4 billion for lost funds.  You can find the article on   To my knowledge Black Americans never received such an offer, that by itself would exclude Native Americans from being of Israel.  It sets Americans teeth on edge to even slightly ponder recompense to Black Americans for their slavery and subsequent discrimination afterwards.  Whereas American Indians received actual money, Black Americans got affirmative action and welfare programs.
 Well, Pastor Darby Black Americans will never receive money from the US for past or present seen and unseen injustices in that regard because we are still in Egypt.  It was only after the exodus that Egypt had to give up much of its wealth and it will be the same when the true Restoration of Israel takes place.  The nations will surely make recompense because God unlike men cares much about justice and it is his way that when a nation takes captive his people Israel they get the same treatment meted out to them once the captivity is over.  Jeremiah prophesied as much about Babylon.  It too bad the hearts of Israel's captors were so hard because if they had done even a little of the right thing, they may have been able to mitigate their future desolation.
Get Out (The Movie)
One day while perusing the internet I ran across conversations about Jordan Peele's movie Get Out, so in my effort to reluctantly keep up with pop culture and current events I went to see the movie. This section is my analysis since many a youtuber gave theirs.  When I left the theater after seeing the movie, I thought there's more than a grain of accuracy to this film.  It mimics what I have already discussed on this blog particularly my article Japheth: Principle of the First Son. I see from time to time what is on this blog inserted in tv shows and movies. It would be awesome if I could get paid for it, but I'll take being seated in heavenly places. 
Back to the movie.  The main character is a Black guy named Chris who is dating a white girl for only 4 months and goes with her home to meet her parents. He is played by Daniel Kaluuya who interestingly has a Hebrew name. Once the party begins,  Chris meets another Black gentlemen who is with an older white woman.  Chis snaps a picture of him and the guy wigs out telling him to get out! Chris gets suspicion and sends a photo to his TSA friend who told him not to go to girl's parents home anyway. 
To make a long story short Chris is hypnotized by his girlfriend's mother for the purpose of controlling him in order to insert one of their white friend's brain into Chris' body getting a new lease on life so to speak.  Chris finds a way to escape kills, everyone but the girlfriend who is shot by the Black gardener who has been taken over by the girl's grandfather just as the Black maid's brain was replaced with the girlfriend's grandmother.  In each case that a Black guy came up missing they were lured in by the white girlfriend even the Black maid.  At the end Chris' TSA friend the only comedic aspect of the movie if anyone deals regularly with TSA would know arrives and rescues him from what would have been a bad situation if the real law enforcement had showed up.
Here is what I saw in this movie.  Black people exist in a world where they are easily hypnotized or have spells cast over them through the media namely television so that their identity is easily stolen by the elites whomever they may be under the New World Order section above.  This is especially, so in the diaspora where they engage in Japhetic dominated images and media worship. This is especially so for Black men as demonstrated by Chris being hypnotized by television as his mother  was late coming home and he never stopped watching television to see what happened to her.  Although he was young, he felt the guilt of not moving from the hypnotizing effects of television long enough to check on his mother who had been killed in a hit and run accident.  Thus, Black men are the weaker link when it comes to having spiritual sight and are more readily drawn away by the beauty or supposed top of the line white women as the grandfather tells Chris to the detriment of themselves.
It should also be noted in the movie that Chris did not have a father around for whatever reason contributing perhaps to his easy seducement to being hypnotized by media as his single mother was not able to be around him all the time and so basically the television was his babysitter.  Dwayne Wade's mother makes basically this same observation which I quote in my article Accursed Things: Why Black Americans Are Being Destroyed.  The statement made about the coagula dovetails with the girlfriend who is drinking milk from a black straw with a bowl of fruit loops to the side.  This is an obvious reference to when Black and White people mix in relationships you get mulatto people of various degrees who are neither Black Israel or White Japheth but a synthesis of the two. 
What this means in todays world prophetically is that it is a most effective way of getting rid of Judah genetically through intermarriage/relationship with white Japhetic women or men.  Their biracial progeny will no longer be Judah/Israel and even more so with each generation if that progeny marries into the white or other Japhetic races.  Keep in mind getting rid of true Judah/Israel is the end-game and necessary to prevent the return of Christ.  The less of them around the better.  How else can the media's love affair suddenly with interracial couples be explained? These people can't stand Black people and somehow one is to believe they have some new found love and just want to see diversity.
Dear people, a bowl of fruit loops will not get the job done.  It only serves to repeat history where Black men's love for Japhetic women produces a lukewarm mulatto people who have no desire to identify with the bottom of the barrel Black people from whence they come and in some cases usurp their identity and assist in their oppression.  If you will notice in the movie the brother did not bring in Black women only Black men.  Some people saw the movie as depicting Whites who wanted access to the superior genetics of Black people via the strength and running ability of the Black gardener or Chris' talent for photography being able to see what he sees as he was to be taken over by the blind art dealer. 
There is a truth to the superior physicality of Black Israel.  After all, Samson was actually the real life superman but his Achilles heel was foreign women of his enemies, not even friends and Elijah was like the Flash. Also in the book of Jasher there is mention of the sons of Israel running across Egypt very quickly like the Flash.  Joseph is described in the book of Jasher as being well built and very handsome with a high spiritual integrity.  David slew the giant Goliath.  However, whatever strengths and abilities the sons of Israel possessed were augmented by the covenant with God or his spirit being upon them.  Once Samson gave out the secret to his strength to a Philistine woman his day was over.  I daresay women especially if they are beautiful are a kryptonite for Israelite men. Satan and his cohorts know this well. 
As for Black women, there was an article that reported on  the research by Olay on the aging of  African-American women skin wise and found that African-American women aged slower than women of Caucasian background. The study found that the aging process seemed to be slowed down by about 10years and that the in the AA group there were twice as many exceptional skin agers that is women who looked more than 10 years younger than their real age than in the Caucasian group.  I call this the Sarah gene and my mother has it in spades as well as other Black women I know. It makes sense given that the patriarchs lived a long time so necessarily God would slow down the aging process. It was probably even more pronounced back then and explains how Sarah could still be considered beautiful at her advance age.
The Issue Of Black Women
 Since I'm on the topic of Hollywood movies, I want to address what I see in many a flick as the erasure of Black women and why this would be so.  I'm not one of these people who expect White people or other nations to look out for the behalf of  Black people.  I will never lobby Hollywood for more depictions of Black people/women in cinema.  On a very real level I don't care because it is not logical to expect aliens/foreigner or gentiles to care about the depiction of my race or gender.  As I stated before no one is going to exalt you above themselves. The objective when ruling is to stay ruling or occupying the top position not engaging in some fake equality kumbayah.   What I do notice in keeping with movies that I have watched  and with Get Out is a weird love affair triangle of white male, white female and black male.  The Black male is usually some asexual character who gets murdered early or half way through the film and well Black women we just don't exist.  Black males obviously make up the 1 quota for a minority in a movie.  The only time I see Black women more than one in a movie is if its something like Girl Trip which previewed before Get Out  and is the typical subject matter and fluff Black women/men relegate themselves to.  I don't think I have ever seen a Black woman in an apocalyptic film saving the day and I don't expect to ever see one if typical Hollywood makes it.
It makes me wonder? Why are they so intimidated by Black women? I don't mean the Atlanta housewives type, or the ghetto hood type?  Could a Black woman of the type never seen be a factor in the ending of this age?  Whereas in their movies a white woman is always endowed with all the power to save the world from the apocalypse and remember to them that is the return of Christ to restore true Israel, perhaps in God's world he will use a Black woman to do just the opposite as he did with Esther when she saved the lives of all Judah.   After all, who is more despised at least according to some on the internet and definitely Hollywood than the Black woman.  Who is the most overlooked if not Black women?  Black women are foolishness to them and  to todays' younger dumbed down Black male as depicted by the Basketball players Chris' girlfriend was scouting. They are also is in alliance with them as part of the white male, white female and black male love triangle.  But if people understood the ways of God, they would know he uses foolish things according to the world to confound the wise.
I believe spiritual wickedness in high places know this and would account for a certain amount of super natural hostility toward Black women that has resulted over the last couple of years and even today in many of their deaths most but not all being at the hand of Black men.  Just the other a day a Black male killed viciously his two year old daughter and 4 days old daughter.  Some of these deaths reek of a certain spiritual agitation and aggravation that normal evil cannot explain.  It is as if something is sorely angry about Black women.  Unfortunately, when God is moving prophetically other's get caught up in the cosmic storms.  This can be seen in Jeremiah 44:29-30 where God declared the downfall of the Pharaoh Hophra because the remaining Israelites were fleeing to Egypt to escape the invasion by Babylon when Jeremiah told them not to go.  God turned this Pharaoh over to his enemies when he had nothing to do with Judah's choice to go to his land.  Unbeknownst to him he was caught up in prophetic issues.  I feel it is like this today with Black women.  Some of them are caught up in spiritual storms they do not even know about.  I am duly sorry for that.  May God protect and keep the innocent from the vengeful hand of the enemy. 
I have written a lot in this article but not everything that could be addressed with this topic.  Below are some images of the progeny of Black and White couples. I use them for example purposes.  Understand, there is nothing inherently wrong with children who are born of these unions and it is not their fault they are the product of miscegenation.  But the very real reality is just as in the movie Get Out, these unions are being hypnotically suggested and pushed by the controllers of the media whatever one wants to label them.  It is not organic as such relationships should be but are meant as an erasing factor of true Judah.  As is stated in Daniel iron and clay do not adhere to each other.  The iron is people with melanin which is strong and of the image of God whereas clay is a weaker lesser substance of people with little to no melanin and protection from the sun.  By necessity one will eventually cancel out the other when they are comingled. 
Paris Jackson. Daughter of Michael Jackson.  This is not a Black person.  A valid example of fruit loops as she is Japhetic. Honestly, I was never convinced those were his natural kids but if so consider the phenotype that made Michael distinctive gone.  I think most all the Jackson progeny are White or near White now.  Kathryn Jackson's descendants will have to dig in archives to find their nearest all Black relatives.
Image result for muhammad ali grandson bishop gorman Muhammad Ali's grandson. No longer recognizably Judah. Ali's strength and genetics will live on in White men (Japheth).  Interestingly, He was potentially my father. My mother was pretty back in the day and still is and when they met He wanted according to her to get together but  she being newly married already and my grandmother being forever practical told her she didn't want to be doing the muslim thing.
Image result for ashlee simpson and evan ross Ashley Simpson and Evan Ross, son of Diana Rose and late European husband.  He was already a mulatto married Ashley and the baby is white.  Diana Ross descendants are no longer Judah but have been replaced and as can be seen iron and clay do not mix to produce the same substance.  A bowl of fruit loops will not get the job done.