Monday, June 16, 2014

Prophetic Significance


     In the course of human history, God has been orchestrating a story with a particular destination in mind.   This blog will focus on that destination in the context of bible prophecy of which there are no shortage of views on the internet.   We are in a time in history when the culmination of this age is drawing ever closer and the powers of heaven feel the drumbeat of it.  Since the resurrection of Jesus, there has been a concerted effort by men for some perhaps unknowingly and spiritual wickedness in heavenly places to avert the conclusion of this age with obfuscation and prevarication.   No doubt there has been much cosmic jostling taking place, but God in his infinite wisdom and essence is the master jostler.   This blog will be oriented around the concept of prophetic significance of which I will define in a later post.  It will also deal with some popular issues in today’s society.  I do not claim to be an eschatology guru, but by the grace of God and with his wisdom and understanding I aim to contribute to the conversation.  My hope is that I will have an audience who will take this journey with me reflected in comment and feedback.

To God always the Glory,

C. Bartlett


  1. Just found your blog and your voice. Please allow me to take this journey with you? I know that much can be gained "in a multitude of counselors", don't you? Peace.

  2. Hello Wes,

    I hope that you are still out there. Sorry for the two years later reply. I forgot to check some of my post before moving on.