Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Prophetic Church and The Church of The Individual

My Father If It Is Not Possible For This Cup To Be Taken Away Unless I Drink It May
Your Will Be Done
     In the discourse of the church today, there tends to be a heavy focus on the individual in relation to God and not so much a focus on God himself.   Even as a country we have heard many a political leader say “God Bless America” without so much as a thought as to what it would take for God to bless America.  Is God and I am assuming they mean the Judeo-Christian God, suppose to bless America no matter what America does?  When God entered into a covenant of blessing a nation, that nation was Israel and along with those blessings came curses for disobedience to the covenant.  So, what we have among the nations today is the sun shining on the just as well as the unjust and rain, raining on the just as well as the unjust. 

            It is telling that a nation who wants God to bless it does not ask what it can do to bless or please him, but it is the same attitude that represents a segment of the church.  It is an attitude that emphasizes the discrete over the aggregate;  the “I” over the “us” so that being a disciple of Jesus is more about what he can do for me as opposed to what does he want of me in the context of the body of Christ and how can I bless him?  I heard tidbits of a message of a certain popular Christian pastor who said, and I paraphrase  “ God wants to supersize your life or your dreams.”  He used Joseph as an example in that after his imprisonment in Egypt God didn’t just release him but made him ruler over Egypt.   It is a discrete look at Joseph,  that would make it appear that God just looked at Joseph and wanted him to be the high official in Egypt, that his only interest was in promoting Joseph to some high station.   I have already discussed Joseph’s prophetic significance in the previous article and the contrast to the pastor’s perspective is evident.  Contrary to popular Christian thinking today, the bible is not a book that is overwhelmingly concerned with the individual as the star of the play so to speak and whether or not they are living their dreams.  When individuals are spotlighted they usually have something to do with the state of Israel and whereas one can draw encouragement or learn what not want to do in a given circumstance, the stories are never about just the individual.   

            Today we have a Christendom that is at times little more than gloried spiritual self help and God is little more than a big Santa marsh mellow in the sky whose sole purpose is to get the individual through the drudgery of their lives.  This is barely a step above the way pagans view the “gods” they worship.  As much as Christians would like to think so, Satan and demonic spirits are not that jazzed if you get a job, promotion , move into a bigger house or get a flashier car.  They also could care less about shiny church buildings, flashy pastors and parishioners, or a myriad of church programs. None of that impresses or moves them.    The only thing that impresses them is when someone or a people has a prophetically significant destiny and this can be seen in Acts 19:  13-15 when some Jewish exorcist tried to cast out an evil spirit and was assaulted by the demon who said to them “Jesus I know, Paul I know, but who are you?”.   Therefore, a church which is not attuned to its prophetic destiny is not a church that is a threat or is impressive to them.  
     The church as a part of Israel was meant to be a prophetic statement to the principalities and powers of the air.   However,  the church that makes this statement is not one which has all the shiny trappings of achievement that mimics the world, but one which is adorned in the spiritual riches of the holy of spirit.  I will discuss this more in another article.  I do not mean to imply that the individual is not important to God because having that personal relationship with him is integral in our walk as well or that He is not concerned about our day to day issues, but when dealing with those things which are prophetically significant the individual is necessarily deemphasized and that which pertains to the glory of the Father is paramount.

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