Friday, September 19, 2014

Prophetic Reality and Hurricane Odile

And the peace of God which surpasses all understanding
will guard your hearts and mind through Christ Jesus
A couple of days ago in Cabo San Lucas, I had a chance to live prophetic reality in the midst of a category 3 hurricane dubbed Odile.  I left for Cabo on Saturday September 13 excited about going to a new destination that I had heard was lovely, and true enough when I arrived at the resort the scenery was quite spectacular.  The water was a luminous sky blue and the sun was shining brightly.  The news earlier at the airport that a hurricane was headed toward Cabo seemed implausible. Maybe it seemed implausible because somehow I had missed checking the weather before I left home which is something I always do before traveling and so I had no idea that a hurricane had been tracking in that area.  My hope was that it would turn and head out to sea, but reality was that by Sunday evening I was in my room listening to howling winds beat against the patio door and  as time wore on I heard breaking glass outside my room in addition to water seeping through the patio. 
Somehow or another my companion and I missed hearing about a shelter on the property so we stayed put in the room with electricity gone and laying in our clammy beds from the humidity.  I was in somewhat of a catatonic state because I could not believe I had traveled into a hurricane and my mind tumbled about because having lived through other hurricanes I knew what a mess they could cause and I needed to be back home by Thursday.  My bed was closest to the patio and on more than one occasion, I thought about the glass breaking and being in the line of it, but it didn’t make me move and it never occurred to me to move to the bathroom as I had heard another resident had done.  So, I begin to sing until I finally tired at which point I thought about Jesus in the boat with his disciples and how a windstorm came as they were crossing the lake to Gerasenes. 
I remembered clearly that Jesus was sleep as the storm was raging and the disciples were panicking as the boat filled with water.  I am convinced that Jesus heard the winds and felt the waves but felt no need to take action because his reality was greater than the reality of the storm.  What was his reality? His reality was that they were going to the other side and he had a destiny to fulfill so he nor the disciples were going to perish in that storm.  Jesus’ life was not only governed by a greater prophetic reality but also prophetic mortality. Nothing could take his life until his call was fulfilled.  He reminded the disciples of this after he rebuked the wind and the water quizzing them, “Where is your faith?” Luke 8:25.  Once I mulled the story, I fell asleep as the winds became progressively less hostile.
The next morning I awoke to the calm after the storm and water on the floor.  As I dressed and went outside, my fellow traveler and I surveyed the premises and were in awe at the broken glass bent palm trees and tousled pool area that just a few hours before was sparkly and beautiful.  The next few days I witnessed small miracles that eventually got us out of Cabo on the original day we were to leave albeit in a sea of tourist that looked like lost refugees. I heard various stories of people’s experience and realized that we came out like thieves.  Our situation was trying at the resort but not as some others. 
We still had running water and the third day some lights and the hotel staff was great at keeping us fed and taking care of everyone the best they could.  I want to send a shout out to Southwest Airlines via Air Tran for coming in and taking passengers out of Cabo with genuine kindness and no charge for those not their original passengers.  They were a big miracle that we managed by the hair to get on their last plane on Wednesday the 17th of September. To the staff of Villa de Palmor, may God bless them and quickly restore their and the people of Cabo San Lucas fortune.


  1. Most of us have heard the phrase "God works in mysterious ways." We may have used it ourselves. To experience God's mysterious ways and miracles is awesome. Great post!

  2. Again, Psalm 91 assures those faithful servants of God that He has the Will and Means to protect them. Our challenge is to completely rely on the Most High during times of crisis and this is exactly what you did. Once we determine to become dependent on the Most High it seems He obligates himself to fulfill his word toward us. Me thinks you are one of the "remnant" or "chosen ones" I mentioned earlier. Glad you and your companion are safe and sound, plus have a stronger confidence in the Most High as a result of your experiences. Peace, my sister.