Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sons Of Ham

From one man he made all the nations, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and he marked out their appointed times in history and the boundaries of their lands. (Acts 17:26)
In my last article Egypt: Dwelling In the Pyramid of Ham, I dealt with Whites treatment of the ancient Egyptians and how they are depicted as being White particularly in regards to movies.  I made reference to Ridley Scott’s upcoming movie Exodus: God’s and Kings which has already engendered controversy due to the casting of the main characters as Whites and the slaves, servants and thieves as non-whites.  However, the visual depiction of ancient societies particularly biblical characters as Caucasians is not a phenomenon of Ridley Scott’s aforementioned movie.  It is just the norm for anything coming out of Hollywood whether it be from a secular or Christian perspective.  Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ,  Mark Burnett and Roma Downey’s The Son of God, Darren Aronofsky and Ari Handel’s Noah are current examples of movies that whitewash what was a melanin world. 
Interestingly, the Old testament is a book which if you read carefully is a collection of writings chronicling the lives of people and nations of color.  The reason I begin with a discussion about Egypt is because no nation figures as prominently in the lives of the ancient Hebrews or Israel as does Egypt and secondarily the Cushites.   Whereas supposed scholars have gone out of their way to remove the melanin or Blackness from Egypt, they generally agree that the Cushites were Blacks.   But, if the Cushites or Ethiopians as they were also referred to in antiquity were Black, then it follows that the ancient Egyptians were Black as well.  Why is this?  It is not because the bible goes out of its way to describe people, because it does not.  It is because when the sons of Noah are being described Cush and Egypt are described as brothers and sons of Ham. 
It does not take a genius to figure out that brothers generally look alike if they have the same parents.  Therefore,  if Cush was universally known as Black, then it follows that his brother Mizraim or Egypt would be Black also.   The many artifacts and statuary of ancient Egypt and even the Sudan of the Nubians corroborates the book of Genesis.  It is from Cush that Nimrod his son noted as a mighty hunter before the Lord (Genesis 10:9) built the early kingdoms of Babel in the land of Shinar (gasp!) yes not in Africa where White antiquarians fix all Black people but in Mesopotamia which some say is modern day Iraq.  Nimrod also built the ancient city of Nineveh in Assyria, once again not in Africa.  It is axiomatic that if Nimrod built these cities he took his equally Black family members with him to settle these places. 
 Another people the Israelites had conflict with from time to time were the Philistines who were related to Mizraim via his son Casluhim, making them Black as well.   Canaan was the last mentioned son of Ham and of course their dealings with the Israelites were well documented.  Canaan was the father of Sidon also known as the Phoenicians and their place of settlement was known to be along the Mediterranean coast between Tyre and Beirut in what is now Lebanon.  Once again you have a Black nation not located in Africa proper as we know it today. 
Throughout the bible the Israelites have skirmishes, fights, times of oppression and times of victories with the sons of Ham.   The very people who are always doing movies and documentaries about biblical characters would do well to read the bible they base their movies on.  When God calls Abraham, he calls him to leave his native land of Ur of Chaldeans which it is stated was located in Southern Babylon now halfway between Baghdad and the Southern Gulf.  Abraham, therefore was living in a place founded by Nimrod son of Cush.  The issues Israelites had with the sons of Ham unlike today would have had little to do with skin color as they would have been of the same.  The issues Israel had with other nations always had to do with them worshipping and going after foreign gods who did not call them or deliver them from the hands of their enemies. 
When God created Adam it is apparent that he created him with melanin from at least a very dark brown color to Black.  From there all other men would come as He placed within the Black race the phenotype for all people.  This can be noted by simple observation of people In Africa and around the world which I did many years ago.  The common denominator of all indigenous people the world over is melanin for some from very dark to light brown.  Some of the Blackest people I have seen are from the country of India with many of them having what is termed a “Caucasoid phenotype”.  It demonstrates day in and day out that that having Black skin is not accidental or some kind of aberration but was well thought out in the mind of God with a most basic purpose of protecting the skin from being damaged by the sun. 
On the contrary, it is an aberration to have White skin as it does not protect from the damaging rays of the sun without some sort of sunscreen.  It is the reason pale people are prone to skin cancer.  Thus, white people are not progenitors of any race of people but are derived from a Black people and one need only find the group which fits their phenotype. 
This week the American people were given evidence that people in government will deliberately lie and obfuscate the truth in order to further an agenda.  This not so shocker came in the form of Jonathan Gruber an architect of the Affordable Care Act also known as Obamacare. quote him as saying, “The stupidity of the American voter made it important for him and the democrats to hide Obamacare’s true cost from the public.”  Jonathan Gruber’s comment is indicative of how the American people are treated at large regarding history.
 People have agenda’s and they do not care if they have to lie, obfuscate, muddy the waters or whatever to accomplish it and it is no less with those areas which are spiritual.  The obfuscating of Blacks role in history may be rooted in some ancient antagonisms of Blacks and Whites in times past but it is validated in the spirit world.  It seems that the ability of both man and the principalities and powers to sustain where there are is dependent upon Blacks being reviled and deleted from the annals of history even if the ones they delete have little or nothing to do with their future usurpation.  But as Jonathan Gruber has shown the stupidity of some run deep and it is all that is needed sometimes to pull off the trickiest of cons.


Sunday, November 2, 2014

Egypt: Dwelling In The Pyramid of Ham

        When I was a young girl every Easter after church, my sisters and I and a host of cousins would visit my great-grandmother’s home and without fail we would watch The Ten Commandments starring Charleston Heston as Moses, Yul Brynner as Rameses and  Ann Baxter as Nefertiri.  It was quite spectacular to my young mind and even though I had seen it several times I was still entertained.  I did not know much about Egypt so there was no controversy for me in regards to the race of the actors portraying these biblical figures.  However, once I matriculated to college and begin to be exposed to books about Africa and Egypt, I noticed that for some mysterious reason people were always haggling over who the ancient Egyptians were.   I remember in my sophomore year taking an art history class where slides were shown of Egyptian artwork and the professor remarked that it was artistic convention for males to be painted reddish brown and females a yellow color.  In regards to what the ancient Egyptians called themselves Kemit, white scholars always claimed that it referred to the soil, while black scholars claimed it referred to the color of the Egyptians themselves. 

            As I read other books about Egypt it was always the same evasion of who they were if the books were written by a White person.  They could be anything but Black as in identified with the other people of the African continent.  If they were Black, they were still somehow White as they would be Black Hamites, belonging to the Caucasian branch of humanity or they were the ever ambiguous  Mediterranean people, whatever that is.  It was like watching an elaborate shell game.  But my own eyes and common sense told me these people were indeed Black Africans.  One look at the sphinx even with the nose disfigured reveals a black phenotype consistent with what we see of Black people today.  Cheik Anta Diop in his book The African Origin of Civilization: Myth or Reality, presented in my view the best case for the race of the ancient Egyptians which I do not believe any Western Eurocentric scholar has ever successfully rebutted.  Unlike, my art history class he was comprehensive and presented many photos of artifacts my art history professor conveniently left out.    

            I know of no ancient civilization that ignites people’s passion like Egypt.  Even today in 2014 the ancient Egyptians stir up controversy.   The Huffington Post reported that Ridley Scott’s upcoming movie Exodus: Gods and Kings has been criticized because it cast white actors in the lead roles of Moses, Tuya and Joshua and non-whites as slaves, servants and thieves.   They further quote Scott as saying, “There are many different theories about the ethnicity of the Egyptian people, and we had a lot of discussion about how to best represent the culture.”  So in the mind of Ridley Scott the racial identity of the ancient Egyptians has been settled as per his casting of the lead roles without a disclaimer and it is only the ethnicity of the ancient Egyptians that is in question as in they were white Frenchmen as opposed to white Swedes or something.   I guess he never read the bible or Diop so that his confusion remains. 

            Ridley’s comment continues the pattern of some Whites who traffic in the subject of ancient Egypt of obscuring the identity of the Egyptians as if there is still no idea of who they really were.  However, if they are to be depicted visually they must certainly be depicted as Whites.  This subject is worthy of a dissertation in and of itself, but since this is a blog I will try to contain it to broad parameters, but suffice it to say on this side of the resurrection of Jesus and time of the gentiles, the white governing gentiles for some reason feel a need to dwell in the pyramid of Ham who is clearly identified in the bible as belonging to the Black race.  I believe the reason for this is that they have portrayed Whites as being the originators of ancient civilizations they admire and to admit that the origins of Egypt was Black would not only disturb this notion, but it would also imply that a Black civilization enslaved a White people group  in the ancient Hebrews since they too are portrayed as White despite the veracity of it.

            I do not believe that Whites want it ever to be known that Blacks were at one time dominant over them in any shape, form or fashion as it would not fit the paradigm that has been constructed.  Also, it is because of this need to conceal the Black race as the foundational root of ancient civilizations that Whites have been kept in bondage psychologically as well as Blacks because from the Black perspective they have never been in a position to be an oppressor only the oppressed.  From the White perspective they bear the perception of being the only racial group who has perpetrated human destruction and injustice.

            Moreover, the drive to eradicate Blacks from history keeps racism alive because the white consumer of faulty history and logic believe they will remain at the top of the dung heap forever.  However, such a stance of making Whites the center of all things great as it relates to civilization and all things evil that are an inherent part of all civilizations is illogical and off balance.  But if it serves to keep the status quo going then the collusion of optical illusion as per Ridley Scott’s movie and other such movies involving history must continue.

Egypt: Dwelling In the Pyramid of Ham Introduction

For All Have Sinned and Fallen Short of The Glory of God
            In the last article The Pink Elephant in the Room: The Issue of Black Slavery and the Church, I focused on some of the problems affecting Black Americans and how they are linked to the residual effects of slavery and not knowing the divine reason in the midst of serving a Sovereign God for that slavery.  In this article I will take a diversion to begin what will be an inadequate survey into some ancient history before resuming the discussion on Black Americans.
             A blog format does not really allow me to do what I would like with this subject so there will be some generalizations when I refer to “White people” “Black people” or any people.  There are always exceptions to the rule in any people group and I cannot pretend to know who all these exceptions are and where they exist in time.  Also, the purpose of dealing with race and history on this blog is not to exalt any race above the other or to pillory any race any more than others.  “For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God”, but the deception of this part of the age is that only Whites have had any historical glory to begin with in conjunction with sinning, whereas Blacks have only sinned in their perpetual state of dismissive primitiveness.
             Any Black American child attending the public school system I would wager has more often than not been introduced to history with the absence of Blacks playing any major part of it particularly ancient history.  This is reinforced in the American university system, unless you have a renegade professor.  If he or she is Black, they are categorized as being an afro-centric revisionist if they make a case for Blacks as the historical founders of ancient civilizations no matter the merits of the claim.  In wider society, the apparatus to keep the illusion going is Hollywood and their use of what I call the “magic boxes” of television and movie theaters.  This is a most powerful medium because it reaches a wide audience and you can continue the deception because it is not as if after watching a movie or television program you can debate and challenge the producers of the movies as to their historical accuracy.  
            I have surely never seen a movie offer a disclaimer that historically the people you see acting a part are not the people of that time period and it is just artistic license.  Therefore, one can conclude that the deception is deliberate.  Unfortunately, the other institution a part of the deception perhaps not deliberately as far as the common people go, is the church.  This is carried out by the mostly White Catholic gentile church.  No institution is more fond of presenting biblical iconography than Catholics and as it relates to people they are always without exception presented as white unless you investigate further and discover in a more distant time they were depicted as Black. 
         But in America, you will never see on Time magazine, National Geographic, the history channel or any other media any ancient picture or artifacts that show historical personages to be of deep melanin skin tones and if you do it was probably by accident. So, what has been the consequence of the historical masquerade.  It is simply this.  The premeditated erasure of Blacks from history has lead to an unfounded sense of white superiority and an exaggerated sense of Black victimization with the added benefit of obscuring the identity of the people needed to conclude the age or “fulfill the time of the gentiles”.  In the next article I will discuss Egypt and the dwelling in the pyramid of Ham of Whites.