Sunday, November 2, 2014

Egypt: Dwelling In the Pyramid of Ham Introduction

For All Have Sinned and Fallen Short of The Glory of God
            In the last article The Pink Elephant in the Room: The Issue of Black Slavery and the Church, I focused on some of the problems affecting Black Americans and how they are linked to the residual effects of slavery and not knowing the divine reason in the midst of serving a Sovereign God for that slavery.  In this article I will take a diversion to begin what will be an inadequate survey into some ancient history before resuming the discussion on Black Americans.
             A blog format does not really allow me to do what I would like with this subject so there will be some generalizations when I refer to “White people” “Black people” or any people.  There are always exceptions to the rule in any people group and I cannot pretend to know who all these exceptions are and where they exist in time.  Also, the purpose of dealing with race and history on this blog is not to exalt any race above the other or to pillory any race any more than others.  “For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God”, but the deception of this part of the age is that only Whites have had any historical glory to begin with in conjunction with sinning, whereas Blacks have only sinned in their perpetual state of dismissive primitiveness.
             Any Black American child attending the public school system I would wager has more often than not been introduced to history with the absence of Blacks playing any major part of it particularly ancient history.  This is reinforced in the American university system, unless you have a renegade professor.  If he or she is Black, they are categorized as being an afro-centric revisionist if they make a case for Blacks as the historical founders of ancient civilizations no matter the merits of the claim.  In wider society, the apparatus to keep the illusion going is Hollywood and their use of what I call the “magic boxes” of television and movie theaters.  This is a most powerful medium because it reaches a wide audience and you can continue the deception because it is not as if after watching a movie or television program you can debate and challenge the producers of the movies as to their historical accuracy.  
            I have surely never seen a movie offer a disclaimer that historically the people you see acting a part are not the people of that time period and it is just artistic license.  Therefore, one can conclude that the deception is deliberate.  Unfortunately, the other institution a part of the deception perhaps not deliberately as far as the common people go, is the church.  This is carried out by the mostly White Catholic gentile church.  No institution is more fond of presenting biblical iconography than Catholics and as it relates to people they are always without exception presented as white unless you investigate further and discover in a more distant time they were depicted as Black. 
         But in America, you will never see on Time magazine, National Geographic, the history channel or any other media any ancient picture or artifacts that show historical personages to be of deep melanin skin tones and if you do it was probably by accident. So, what has been the consequence of the historical masquerade.  It is simply this.  The premeditated erasure of Blacks from history has lead to an unfounded sense of white superiority and an exaggerated sense of Black victimization with the added benefit of obscuring the identity of the people needed to conclude the age or “fulfill the time of the gentiles”.  In the next article I will discuss Egypt and the dwelling in the pyramid of Ham of Whites.


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  1. You are right on the money with your contention that black people in America are deliberately whitewashed out of history by religious iconography, literature, books, movies, plays, etc. The white European "god complex", where he pictures himself as god, coupled with the extreme inferiority complex instituted by ignorance deliberate and intentional, has been a powerful and explosive mix.

    Here is a link to a Youtube clip that should help explain the extent of the whitewashing of our history.