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Israel: The Ultimate Dispersal Part One

What is Done In The Darkness Will Be Revealed In The Light
            In this article my aim is to address the dispersal of the people of Israel after the attack of the Romans around 70 AD, but before doing so I will delve a little bit more into the happenings on the continent of Europe and its consequences for the rest of the world.  When one looks at nations around the world historically and now there have always been a Black man of some type whether he is described as a negroid, pygmy, australoid or mongoloid as a foundation of the initial culture or civilization.  It stands to reason that this is the case with Europe as well.  However, with Europe it is for some reason murky because of it being the last homeland in the main of white people.  One tends to assume that because a lot of white people are there now that this was always the case from the Greeks to European nobility.  Once more this concept is additionally buttressed by, if you live in America, the educational system and media.  
In my article Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream:  The Divine Scheme Of Empires In The History Of Men, I asserted that the statue in Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream represented a succession of Black rule and led empires in addition to his own.  The last one was the Roman empire, the empire of iron.  The ten toes of the statute represented a continuation of the Roman empire but not as strong as it was mixed with clay with the clay indicating the nobility marrying a people of lesser stature in their eyes of “whites.”  Because Europe became the arena of invasion, immigration and conquest, it is more difficult to ascertain when the Blacks of that continent gave way to the contemporaneous and influx of “whites.”  But there certainly came a time when it happened and Martin Bernal’s Black Athena (The Afroasiatic Roots of Classical Civilization) which raised an uproar when it was published gives an indication of that shift.  
In his introduction, Bernal proposes that there are two models of Greek history:  one viewing Greece as essentially European or Aryan and the other seeing it as Levantine on the periphery of Egyptian and Semitic culture.  He calls them the “Aryan” and “Ancient” model.  The ancient model (I summarize) was the conventional view among the Greeks in the classical and Hellenistic ages that Greek culture was a product of colonization around 1500 BC by Egyptian and Phoenicians who had civilized the native inhabitants and the Greeks continued to borrow heavily from near Eastern cultures.  The Aryan model developed around the first half of the 19th century denied the truth of the Egyptian settlement and questioned those of the Phoenicians.  What he calls the extreme Aryan model of the 1890’s, 1920’s and 30’s denied even the Phoenician cultural influence.  
The Aryan model proposed that there had been an invasion from the North unreported in ancient tradition which had overwhelmed the local Aegean and Pre-Hellenic culture and thus Greek culture is a result of the mixture of Indo-European Hellenes and their indigenous subjects.  Bernal basically concludes that the Ancient Model had no major internal deficiencies or weaknesses in explanatory power and that it was overthrown for external reasons.  He maintains that for the 18th and 19th century Romantics and racists, it was simply intolerable for Greece, which was seen not merely as the epitome of Europe but also as its pure childhood, to have been the result of mixture between native Europeans and colonizing Africans and Semites.  Therefore, the Ancient Model had to be overthrown and replaced with something more acceptable.  This one statement represents the approach to history once the white sons of Japheth gained control of and power around the world.  During their time of expansion and colonization of the lands of people of color, it somewhere became necessary to create a historical past that denied the seminal foundation and contribution of the Black race to civilization.  By the time of the 18th and 19th century when racism was kicking into high gear the contribution of the Black Islamic moors to European civilization and seemingly one of the last times Blacks would be in power from the Ismael (Arab) side, was steadily being replaced with a Star Trek like holodeck history of white greatness and black subjugation.   
There is a reason for white racism and it did not develop in a vacuum.  It is evident that Blacks were ruling ancient civilizations for a long time and the reason the ancient Greeks could admit to an Egyptian and Phoenician colonization is because they were doubtlessly in their original state of melanin (black/brown) as were the Egyptians and Phoenicians.  When the whites infiltrated their lands or arose in some cases probably out of albinism, the usual population of mulattoes followed, but it is evident that it took some centuries after the decline and fall of the Roman empire for Blacks to be completely out of power for the paradigm to shift from one of Black ascendancy to that of White.  I imagine for  “whites” it was a long day coming and their time under Black civilizations could have been similar to the time of Blacks under their civilization with the exception of the  Blacks fabrication of history.  Although, whites may have felt a need to erase the memory of Black rule out of perhaps survival instinct, it would equally serve to affect the people of Israel in the Ultimate Dispersal spoken of by Jesus in Luke 21:24.  I will dive further into that in the next article.  The following are what I believe are examples of Black rule and presence in Europe.

Nicephorus III Roman Byzantine Emperor
Black Madonna Montserrat Spain
Roman head 2nd or 3rd century AD found at site of ancient roman bathhouse in England.

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