Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Son of The Promise

Everybody is The Son of The Promise But The Son Of The Promise

In my last article The Genesis, I gave a brief synopsis of how it is that I came to the conclusion that Black Americans (those not of recent African immigration) but descendants of slaves in the U.S. were the Israel of the ultimate dispersal.  I stated that I had read books on the subject so that it should be clear to the reader that this is not a new notion of Black Americans being associated with Hebrew heritage.  In her book The Truth About Black Biblical Hebrew-Israelites (Jews), Ella J Hughley, reveals that William Saunders Crowdy in 1896 founded America’s oldest and largest black Hebrew-Israelite –Judaic congregation.  Also, Ben Carter later known as Ben Ami Ben Israel led a group of Black Americans who believed that they were Hebrews to Israel in 1969, the year I would be making my own landing here on earth.  They became known according to www.atlantablackstar.com as the Black Hebrews. 
Additionally, there are various other Black people and groups who believe they are Israelites and have let their beliefs be known in writing as well as have formed various Hebrew/ Torah observant groups.    Some of them are messianic and others are not.  In and of itself, none of these groups would have been able to convince me of the validity of their claims to Hebrew heritage based solely on knowledge alone.  The reason I say this is because there are people all over the world who claim a Jewish heritage.  Some of these people reside in Africa such as the Ethiopians and Lemba and perhaps others.  There are those in Arab countries if they haven’t been driven out or killed.  There are even Indian Jews.   The primary issue with Black Americans is that whatever connection we had with any Hebrew affinities were pretty much scrubbed.  Interestingly, of all the countries where Blacks were taken as slaves only in America were Blacks seemingly completely divorced from African culture and customs. Yet somehow, we were able to embrace the presentation of the sovereign God in the image of our captors.
I had a pastor who would say from time to time, that unlike Native Americans the Black slaves were able to see beyond white people or the messenger to embrace the message.  How they were able to do that speaks perhaps more to an ancestral memory than to the ardent white evangelist , because on the face of it Blacks should not only have been repelled by the “God” of their oppressors, but logically repulsed by religion period.  It would have been perfectly understandable if Blacks had become Atheist.  But instead we formed our own churches and held on to Jesus as the one who could carry our burdens.  Often Black Christians are mocked by other Blacks who are not Christians because we accept a White Jesus.  It is a paradox but not so much when you consider that “he came unto his own, but his own received him not.”  It is more like poetic justice.
So why is knowledge alone not enough to convince me of a Black American Hebrew heritage?  It is because all of the aforementioned people had or have knowledge, but in none of my readings did they have the answer to what fulfills the time of the gentiles.  People believe they simply need to claim a Hebrew heritage and do things in some form of the old Hebrew way however that may be to them but if they reject Jesus in favor of clinging to the Torah and the Old  testament they miss the vehicle of their deliverance.   As for Christians, if they are ignorant of the centrality of Israel in history, they miss the vehicle of their deliverance as well.  A person can wear a hundred skull caps and prayer shawls, but none of that addresses the question of what concludes the age and fulfills the time of the gentiles. Christians can sing a thousand songs and write a thousand books about Christ return and none of that answers the question of what is it he is waiting on to return?  Therefore, many have the treasure chest, but not the key to open the chest because there is a lack of understanding about the ages.
Getting back to Black Americans being the Israel of ultimate dispersal.  If everybody is the son of the promise what is it about Black Americans that would make them the son of the promise?  I mentioned in my last article The Genesis that there was one little detail that cemented my conclusion that Black Americans are the Israel of the ultimate dispersal.   This little detail is that Israel was/is always in exile in the dominant empire of the time.  This occurred with Assyria, Babylon and the Persians.  When the dust settled in the Black diaspora, the dominant empire became America the symbolic Egypt of its day.  And just as Joseph was sold into slavery into Egypt and his presence caused Potiphera’s house to be blessed (Gen 39:5) so it with America.  America is known as a blessed nation and it would be in keeping with the way of God to bless the nation that held his people because among them are some Josephs.
Furthermore, whenever Israel was sent into exile God would make sure that they would be hemmed in on all sides as he would bring all other nations into subjection to that empire as he did with Assyria and Babylon. That is why the whole Black world could not and cannot help Black Americans or any other nation of color because God made sure any Black dominance, power or influence was broken so that everyone was now in subjection to “white Japheth” the Babylon of their day.  Many of those Africans nations were doubtlessly brought into judgment themselves for their role in the captivity and enslavement of the remnant of Judah and shortly experienced their own colonization and dysfunctional societies.  Therefore, when people across the internet spew that Black males are weak and powerless they are correct.  That tends to happen we your hair is cut by uncircumcised Philistines and you lose your strength.  And suffice it to say just as Israel’s deliverance from the Egypt of old did not happen by military might or power neither will the deliverance of the Israel of the ultimate dispersal occur by might or power.  It was the spoken word that left Judah’s house desolate and it is the spoken word which will deliver her.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Genesis

And God said, "Let there be light. And there was light. Gen 1:3

         All endeavors and modes of thoughts have a beginning and that is no less true for the subject of this blog as a whole.   However, my thoughts about the curious case of African-Americans which I expressed in an earlier same named article and as I discussed in that article begin many years ago.  My principle question at that time and which was revived thanks no less than to a popular television show dubbed Scandal, was “Why were Black Americans enslaved in this country and then subsequently seemingly beset by an endless array of obstacles, oppressions and once given civil rights in this country careened quickly down the hill of dysfunctional culture decline.”  I was not looking for a surface answer, but one found in the mind of God. 
            I had for a about a decade or so been dealing with prophetic issues and the place of Israel which I first articulated  in a writing I called The Principle of The Second (The Age To Come) and which can be found on Amazon kindle.  It was a time when my thoughts were not in the direction of Black Americans as I never thought of them in relation to prophetic events. However, one day a couple of years ago I was in a conversation with my mother about Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood.  I was asking her some questions since she led a pro-life organization and she of course recounted how after slavery Blacks became the target of the Eugenics movement and subsequently the primary target for abortions in the U.S. It then  occurred to me there had been only two other times biblically in the history of men that a specific group of people were  targeted for extermination and that was during the time of the Israelites in Egypt and during the time of the birth of Jesus.  During the time of the Israelites bondage in Egypt, I related in Prophetic Speaking Part 1 how in the midst of the Pharaoh’s call for the killing of Hebrew boy babies that Moses a prophetically significant figure would be born. It goes without saying that Jesus was the major prophetically significant figure of Israel’s history. 
            I had for sometime already thought of the U.S. as a type of Egypt and with an Egyptian obelisk in Washington D.C. and pyramid on the U.S currency such a thought is additionally validated, but it was in relation to the present occupants of Israel.  It was not until I had done some writing on the book of Revelation that I realized Egypt was symbolic for the foremost nation at the time-a nation of widespread influence.  The U.S. fits this meaning perfectly as of today; however, it is not the Egypt of Revelation.  As I begin to ponder Black Americans more, in another conversation with my mother I told her, “God never became exercised over pagan nations.”  If Black Americans were the descendants of some off brand pagan tribes somewhere off the west coast of Africa, what on earth did these tribes do to earn the wrath of God and cause them to lose all knowledge of self and to be perpetually at odds with themselves and others going around and around the" it’s racism “ mountain.  
            I begin to look earnestly into the question of whether Black Americans could be the Israel of ultimate dispersal.  I read books on the subject and website writings, but I was not wholly convinced because of the time and distance between the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 Ad. and the movement of people over so vast amount of places.   Besides in the wake of trans-Atlantic slave trade or the Black diaspora you had Black people everywhere; thus how would one determine who the pertinent Israel would be? To boot, according to some historians some Blacks were native to the Americas before the slave trade.  Also, I begin to again consider all the people who come to the U.S. legally and illegally and how they seem to easily prosper here not that they don’t work hard, but they do so without the unresolved issue of slavery, lack of identity and collective community cohesion that afflict Black Americans. 
            Perhaps, the most seemingly innocuous aspect that made me consider the peculiar state of Black Americans is music.  I was having a conversation with a friend one day and somehow the subject of schools and kids came up and then conspiracies.  I told him I definitely had one conspiracy that I believed in and that was the deliberate destruction of Black music.  I said, “How do you destroy Black music?” “If Black people could not do anything else in this country we were great musicians. Who does that?”  I am going to address the issue of music in another article, but suffice it to say, it added to my sense that Black Americans were still targets for destruction.  I use as an example, Jeff Majors musical interpretation of the 23 Psalm of David.  I was looking one day for a musical version of the song thinking I would run across a good “Jewish version” and came across his.  When I finished listening to that song, I thought “We must have been in the tribe of Judah.” It was the best version I had ever heard.  Oh, the irony. 
            After my readings , a lot of thinking, inquiry of God and one little detail about the history of Israel in exile, I concluded that as Nathan the prophet confirmed for David that he was man of his parable about one man who had much taking from one man with little in regards to his adultery with Bathsheba, Black Americans are the “man” of the ultimate dispersal of Israel and upon them ( Or least those of them who are really Israel) lies the answer and the power to the conclude the age and the fulfill the time of the gentiles.