Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Aretha Franklin - Tribute Whitney Houston - NYC 2014

Aretha Franklin's even at her age still has the flicker of gold.  This song although a dedication to Whitney, I dedicate to my sister in remembrance of her own church singing as a part of Oliver Scott and New Wine in the days of Joy Tabernacle pastored by Michael P. Williams who told many a funny story about church people and with a story or two about Aretha.  He used to say there was more mess in the choir and when Satan fell in He fell straight in the choir.  I wouldn't know. I was never in choirs but I did enjoy their work ethic.  Aretha's gospel roots one can tell are just a part of her being and those backup singers harmonizing as only black women can.  I was just impressed when she told somebody to give her a key and I was thinking how did he know what key to give? Did he just pick one out of the hat? Well much prayer for Cissy Houston and her family in the wake of Bobbi Kristina's misfortune.  I thought it kind of odd how out all the people Whitney shared a stage with, Aretha chose Amy Whinehouse who also passed away to picture with Whitney. 

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