Thursday, January 7, 2016

An Extended Introduction To This Site: The Keys To The Kingdom

And I Will Give Unto Thee The Keys To The Kingdom Of Heaven...
Matthew 16:19
            This article will serve as an extended introduction to this blog.  I have a theme upon which this blog is centered and it is necessary given the way the blog is set up to visit the archives in order to start at the beginning.  My purpose with this extended introduction is to  segue into the content of this blog because it is the most recent post that always appear  on the first page.
            When I first begin this blog, I was not sure my topic would come together seamlessly.  However, when I perused it I realized it came together better than I thought considering every post is a first writing and much thanks is due to the Lord God who is an all consuming fire.  Dealing with the topic of Black Americans particularly in an eschatological prophetic sense is not necessarily something that can be attained comprehensively on a blog.  This I explained early on.  So, for those readers who may come across this site and those who may be deliberately exposed to it particularly my Black American brethren gird up your loins because a lot of what I write about is not ego stroking or easy to digest.  
            It is not a comfortable notion to think that you have been living in a manufactured reality in the Babylon of your day where basically you have been lied to as to who you are and who it is that you worship.  The movie the Matrix could not be more on point as to the condition of Black Americans in the hour of their desolation.  For some people choosing to  swallow the red pill and have their eyes opened will be too much and for other’s swallowing the red pill leads them to answers to questions that may have always haunted them.  For my Black Christian brothers and sisters, this may be the most disconcerting of all that they are (at least some of them) the Israel of the book they have quoted many times over, that they take out and read from on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings, that they unbeknownst to themselves due to the great media, religious and governmental magical trickery of this Egypt-that is America, are the pertinent Israel –the fulcrum upon which history turns.
            What may be further disconcerting for my fellow Black American Christians is that contrary to popular belief Jesus is not returning under a veil of historical deception no matter how many songs Christian artists sing and I like them as much as the next person but it just is not going to happen.  To my secular out in the street just trying to make it Black brothers and sisters and always hoping for a better day in America when we all just be equal and get along, well it just is not going to happen.  I am reminded of actress Viola Davis when she won an emmy for her role on the television show How To Get Away With Murder. In her speech she said, “The only thing that separates women of color from anyone else is opportunity.”  Viola gave a nice speech but what her speech demonstrates for many Black Americans is that they do not understand that “white Japheth” is not going to give you the keys to his kingdom.  Why would another race, ethnic group, class etc. exalt you above themselves when they are in the position of power?  They don't even want you next to them in equality.  Please read my article Nebuchadnezzar's Dream: The Divine Scheme Of Empires In The History Of Men.
           Their interest is in maintaining that power and curtailing anything that is a threat to that power.  That is why the increasing knowledge of Black Americans of their Israelite roots while is exciting and necessary  will not by itself suffice to end the time of the gentiles –the sons of Japheth.  Askenazi Jews dwelling in the tent of Shem are not going to acknowledge before the world who Black Americans are and proclaim,” come on over and take your rightful place as the true Israel” no more than Hollywood is going to produce a movie called Exodus about Moses and ancient Egypt and cast Black actors and actresses in major roles for the sake of historical accuracy.   Jesus is the only one who gave his disciples keys to his kingdom which is the kingdom of heaven.  It was spiritual wealth he was transferring to the disciples not material wealth which in Christianity today is lauded as the main evidence of the blessing of God although understandably money is needed to operate in the world system.  The example of this prosperity fallacy was recently demonstrated in a tweet by famed minister Creflo Dollar in which he tweeted, “Jesus bled and died for us so that we can lay claim to the promise of financial prosperity.” He of course received the side-eye from even the most ignorant of lay people who knew that was just flat out wrong.  This subject is a whole other article in itself.
            My point in writing this blog is that we are living in a time where this age of the sons of Japheth is nearing its end.  I have often wondered why it is Black preachers with hefty audiences have not been clued into the resurfacing knowledge of the identity of Black Americans.  Perhaps they will in time. Nonetheless, it is my prophetic call which has compelled me to engage in this topic.  Thus, it is my sole purpose to contribute to the moving along of history and the restoration of all things by focusing on one issue and that is asking and answering the question of “ What fulfills the time of the gentiles?” One day soon I anticipate revealing that answer, but until that day…
            May God bless and keep me. May He make His face shine upon me and be gracious to me. May He lift up his countenance upon me and give me peace.   I pray this prayer for all the other people who by the grace of our Lord are bringing out truth and revealing this information in the right spirit and other searching Lost Sheep of Israel.  I urge all my fellow Black Christians and other Black people to look into this issue and ask the hard questions of why we as a collective are being prevailed upon?  Why are so many of us imprisoned? Unemployed and Impoverished?  The victims of violence? Live chaotic disruptive lives? Have antagonistic male and female relationships? Have to be twice as good in our endeavors as our white counterparts? and on and on. 

            The book of Amos chapter 4 relates how God sent various catastrophic events to Israel to indicate his displeasure with them before his impending judgment in an attempt to get them to repent and return to Him.  Unfortunately, they did not turn aside to see and suffered the judgment.   Black Americans and perhaps other Blacks in the diaspora have similarly  failed to consider the uniqueness of our situation and in analyzing (why we are as we are?) we have come up with all sorts of political and intellectual social reasons for our dilemma but have never sought the face of the God who gives the signs of his grievances against us despite forming and attending churches for centuries. It is evident that God is changing that and a new generation of people are starting to look into these issues as the collective Black condition in 2015 is not getting better but worse. 

           I urge you to consider thoughtfully and prayerfully the articles on this blog and conduct your own research and prayer as to the identity of Black Americans in this country.  I have mentioned some of the books I have read in my research on my articles but one other book I’ve recently read and found informative and in sync with some of my writings is the book Hebrews To Negroes by Ronald Dalton Jr.  There has been a lot of writing on this topic as of late so all one has to do is be willing to search and be discerning.  Another interesting site is the E1B1A facebook group headed by Yehoshua Ben Ephraim.   This concludes my extended introduction to this site.
To God always The Glory
Cheree Bartlett

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  1. I appreciated your extended introduction and can sense your sincerity and honesty when grappling with this sacred secret - the true identity of Israel. I am going to read you other musings and try to catch up with your train of thought. At the same time, I will attempt to share my thoughts and revelations about those musings. Finally, let me add this thought - it is clear to me that the Most High is "calling" forth his people. Evidence of this "calling" is the presence of more and more black Americans grasping the import of who they are. However, the "call" is one thing, the "choosing" is another. More on that subject as I go back to your beginnings. Meanwhile, peace and blessings from the Most High be with you and all you love. Shalom.