Friday, April 29, 2016

Ben Ammi Ben Israel and Support For A Successful Community

In my last post I indicated that I would be looking into the nomenclature of Sub-Saharan African as a designation of Black people and how it obscures the identity biblically speaking of the sons of Noah.  Before getting to that I posted two videos below that I believe support my assertion that in order to have a successful community you must first have an identity and then a common set of values upon which you agree. I made this point in my recently removed articles Black Lives: Do They Really Matter?

The first video is of Ben Ammi Ben Israel.  I mentioned him in a previous article as being the leader of the African Hebrew Israelite Community in Dimona Israel. He recently passed in 2014 after having matriculated to Israel with a small band of followers in 1969.  I use the video as an example of a community who had an agreed upon vision toward their health in that they are Vegans.  According to Ben Ammi at the time the video was made, their community had not suffered in 33 years from any of the health problems that is a staple of affliction in the Black American Community such as heart disease, diabetes, increased obesity, cancers and so forth.  He marveled that no one had been sent to study them as a community.  It seems as though he took a page  out of Daniel and the Hebrew boys when they were in exile in Babylon and asked to be served only fruits and vegetables. I'm sure Daniel looked at that food on Nebuchadnezzar's table and thought Nah, that's okay I'll pass.  It seems Black Americans should look at the cuisine of our Babylon and do the same.

Also, their website  proclaims that  by 1990 their community became renown as an oasis of social harmony free of crime, drug abuse and immorality.  Again if such is the case it further validates my point about having a common set of good values upon which a community agrees and practices. It also serves as a contrast to the inner cities of America where the press touts the high Black on Black crime and interestingly enough Ben Ammi left one of those cities- that being Chicago.  There is an article on titled Ben Ammi Ben Israel's Spiritual Journey From Segregated Chicago To The Negev Desert which give some interesting insight into the Black American Hebrew Israelite Movement of the 50's and 60's and the civil turmoil out of which it arose.

I do not confess to know much about Ben Ammi's community in Israel but nevertheless, I think there was something indeed prophetic about it given the years it begin to take place and my own birth in 1969.  I believe his going there was a foreshadowing of future events and that one day the right people would indeed be restored to natural Israel but only when the time of gentile sons of Japheth are fulfilled and I don't need to tell you blog that there is an answer to what will fulfill those times. 

The second video is of the Saramaka people of Suriname.  They are descendants of African slaves who were brought to Suriname to work the sugar plantations but who instead fled into rainforest where they kept their culture and carved out a life for themselves on the land.  When it is threatened by logging via the Chinese, two of their men spring into action and lead the way in getting their land rights and way of life preserved.  What I found interesting about them was the homogeneity of their culture despite being surrounded by different racial/ethnic groups. Apparently, having an intact identity and not being bombarded by the spirit of Japheth disseminated through the media makes a difference.  I will discuss this later. Until next time...

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