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What Is In A Name Part 4 : Who Do Men Say That I Am? An Examination Of Shem

Who Do Men Say That I Am?
Mark 8:27
Greetings Blog and serendipitous readers of cyberspace.  I often imagine that if someone comes across this blog they be like "what the samhill is this?" and then quickly depart. These topics I know are not for those with twitter like attention spans so my hope is always that I will catch some folks who are on my same frequency.  The last several articles I have done, I have talked about what is in a name and how the term Sub-Saharan African obscures the identity of Black people in antiquity and thus biblically.  In part 3 of this series I examined the name of Yapheth (Japheth) and now I will examine the name of Shem.  As I established in the beginning of this series, names have meaning in the bible.  They are not just a random assemblage of consonants and vowels as we see today in American and especially Black American culture when people name their children.  Names in the Hebrew culture were important because they were not just something that sounded unique or cute but they defined the very character and destiny of the one so named. When I ventured into Shem's name, I came up with the definition (name) per Strong's Concordance.  I thought how strange. Shem's name mean (a name).  Upon further investigation it also meant byword, defamed, famous, repute, renown per NAS Exhaustive concordance. 
To illustrate, let us take a look at Isaac's two sons Esau and Jacob.  Esau's was the first born and fraternal twin of Jacob.  According to Genesis 26:14, he was named Esau which is a form of the Hebrew word asah which means "accomplish" per Strong's Concordance.  The word actually has various meanings depending upon the context used, but we can see that Genesis 25:27 provides that Esau was a skillful hunter and man of the field.  One could surmise that he was accomplished something which allowed him to be Isaac's favorite.  In the next verses we see that he went from being called Esau to Edom vs. 29-32.  Edom shockingly means "a condiment" according to Strong's Concordance.  How did this happen? It happened because he sold his birthright for Jacob's pot of red stew.  I can only assume that he did not grasp the power of speaking and making a vow.  Jacob's name in Hebrew is Yaaqob.  It means supplanter, overreach, one closely following from the Hebrew word aqab meaning heel-catcher. As any bible student knows Jacob also underwent a name change.  His name change is recounted in Genesis 32:22 where he wrestles with a Man and will not let him go until he blesses him. Interestingly enough the Man ask him his name and when Jacob tells him, the Man proceeds to give him a new name-the name Israel for you have struggled with God and men and have prevailed. vs (28).  The name Israel itself meaning "God strives."
As can be seen, what a person is called is important biblically and identifying the sons of Noah takes on new level of importance in this modern age because the sons of Japheth particularly white Japheth by reclassifying the black people of antiquity have muddled the identities of everyone.  The Hebrews were the family historians of the sons of Noah. They accounted for all the nations around them and those nations have not changed. Their names have changed and some were lost in antiquity, but the major representatives of Shem, Ham and Japheth are still on the earth today.  But what we see with Black people today in the diaspora since the sacking of Jerusalem in 70 ad are people who struggle with their name. This is particularly so with Black Americans.  We have undergone several name changes in this country alone from negro, to colored to Black to African-American (Being called by the name of a whole continent).  We are called Sub-Saharans, Bantus and bywords or epithets such as nigger which some black people adore and made famous via your favorite local rapper, monkeys, apes, savages, lazy, deadbeats father, welfare mothers, and the list goes on.

 I mentioned in an early article how I watched the television series Roots as a child.  I don't know if it was a good idea at my age but it never the less left a lasting impression on me.  I can never forget the overseer whipping the identity from Kunta Kinte. Even they knew the importance of a name. You change a person's name you change their identity and Black Americans have floundered collectively in this country because most of them are the sons of Shem (a name) and without the remembrance of their name they are fodder for the nations to name and do whatever they want to them.  In the diaspora we are Jacob more so than Israel. In a turning of the tables we have become the supplanted in terms of our identity and we find ourselves closely following on the heels of everyone around us. More on this later.   
The Book Of Esther (An Explanation Of How Other Nations Became Jewish Converts)

The book of Esther centers around an Israelite woman in exile during the reign of King Ahasuerus at the time of the Persian empire.  I'm going to briefly summarize the main points of the story.  The Persian empire extended from India to Ethiopia and there were Israelite exiles mainly of Judah and Benjamin all over the provinces.  At some point as always happened with Israelites in countries of exile someone at some time always sought their destruction. Since the Israelites had remembrance of who they were it was typically do to someone defying an order that conflicted with the law of God.  In this case it was Mordecai who was the offending character.  What did he do? He refused to bow and pay homage via the king's decree to Haman the Agagite.  Haman feeling bruised of ego decided to not only try to destroy Mordecai but when he found out about the other Jews all over the provinces he wanted them destroyed as well.  So, he hatches a plot and gets the go ahead from the king to put an end to all the Jews within the confines of the empire. 
His plot however, hits a snag because it turns out Esther is a wife of the King and on the prospect of her death and soliciting the fasting and prayer of the Jews appeals to the king on her people's behalf.  When Haman finds out who Esther is he knows he is a goner, he and his household.  What is intriguing about the story is that due to the fear of the Jews that came over the people of the provinces because the king gave the Jews the right to annihilate anybody who sought their destruction, many of the people of the land became Jews by conversion.  The Israelites in turn defeated all their enemies with a stroke of the sword with slaughter and destruction and did what they pleased to those that hated them. (Esther 9:5.) 
Now we have an explanation for the derivation of the other nations who practice Judaism.  In a time long ago their ancestors converted out of fear of the Israelites who they sought to destroy.  One can see from Esther just how important having an identity is especially for Israel.  In this time of Israel's ultimate dispersal no one fears these Black people without a name because their hair is cut and their strength is gone so that we are perpetually overcoming and  marching for justice when we perceive ourselves on the wrong end of it.   

In the history of Israel,  there are certain patterns that repeat themselves even today.  When I wrote the Principle Of The Second (The Age To Come), I noted how the Egyptians considered it detestable to eat with Hebrews and stated how it reminded me of Jim Crow in America and now I know why? Of course there are the incidences of the nation in which Israel is in exile endeavoring to keep their numbers down.  This happened in ancient Egypt and like clockwork in the US with the advent of eugenics and Margaret Sanger with the marketing of abortion to the Black community and other life extinguishing methods from governmental policies to the food we eat, and the entertainment we consume.  How else can it be explained that Blacks are still after a gazillion years only 12/13 percent maybe of the population.  In the book of Jasher it recounts how Israel even though they were slaves in Egypt went out and helped Egypt fight and defeat an enemy.  The story itself reminded me of the movie Red Tails. It always made me wonder why they did not fight the Egyptians.  They were actually stronger than the Egyptians. The story was weird in that sense, but it evidences that their time of deliverance was still to come..
Then there is the propensity just as in the time of  Esther for the nations to want to by the actions of a few Blacks consign us all to the pile of rubble.  I remember reading about a Black male who killed a white female and how the commenters so many of them judged everyone in the Black race as lovers of gangs and violent rap music, single baby mamas on welfare and generally outside the human race no better than animals.  In the book of Esther Mordecai was a single individual.  He didn't commit a crime just decided not to bow to a man and the dude wanted all the people of Judah in the whole kingdom dead.  This never happens in the Exile today.  If a Black person or people does something good it is never attributed to the whole race. It only when bad things are done by a Black person or people that we are all worthy of extinguishment, that we are worthy of extra force in law enforcement if you run into the wrong police officers.  It is a standard that is never applied to Whites and other nations. The Hamans come out of the wood-work.  As for the physical attributes of the Israelites I too had noticed how Moses passed for an Egyptian baby and Apostle Paul was mistaken for an Egyptian.  One day that just jumped out at me.  Also, how King David could pass for Uriah the Hittite.  There are other patterns behaviorally of Black Americans to the Ancient Israelites which serves to further identify them with the Hebrew people but which I do not mention here.
Nebuchadnezzar's Downfall
Sometimes when I look at Black Americans collectively and the diaspora and even Africa I am reminded of Nebuchadnezzar.  Often times I will read where someone will and usually it is seemingly a white male who will ask if Blacks had past civilizations why is it they are so backwards now? living in huts in Africa, never invented anything, the usual spiel?  Of course these people are usually a product of the American educational system and media audience which has dutifully erased Black people from antiquity unless they pop up as a slave and placed themselves in everyone's history and changed people's name to add to the confusion, nevertheless it is a good question? How did Blacks lose their grip on civilization? How do you go from being Pharaoh's and Cushite kings known all over the ancient world to dwelling in deserts and grass huts to wearing lip plates and doing strange things to your body.  Israel's call was to be the priest of God.  They were his bullhorn to the nations.  Whenever He had something to say about the destiny and future of a nation he said it through his prophets.  Daniel warned King Nebuchadnezzar about his future downfall or humiliation.  He let him know that the Most High had decreed that he would be driven from men dwelling with the beasts of the field and eating grass like oxen, being drenched by the dew of heaven for seven years until he knew that the Most High rules in the kingdom of men and gives it to whomever he chooses. (Daniel 4:25). 
Just like clockwork, it happened exactly as Daniel said.  Now mind you Nebuchadnezzar sat on the most opulent throne and kingdom ever known. He was the head of gold on that statute in his dreams.  He went from the peak of civilization to living like an animal without reason or wisdom at the drop of hat due to careless speaking.  He was unrecognizable as his former glory was gone.  This same kind of prophesying happened to Egypt/Cush and other nations of Shem and Japheth..  God sent his prophet to speak words that led to the Egyptians downfall.  These once mighty people of Ham known for whatever wisdom the world thought they possessed became fools stripped bare and naked.  Once the invasions of Egypt begin, they never stopped until what you see today of modern Egypt.  The Egyptians were so reduced that the remnants of their people have been relegated to deserts and the outskirts of Egypt their own identity ripped from them or mixed out. The same thing happened for true Israel.  Without their identity Black Americans have tended to do strange things and follow the lead of goat-haired people even when it is not beneficial for them.  The good news is that at end of their time to be out in the fields like a wild animal their glory will be restored just as Nebuchadnezzar's was where he finally had to acknowledge Heaven rules the kingdom of men.


I talk a lot about media in this blog but I actually kind of like Hollywood.  I like them because they are like my peers but on the opposite side of the mirror.  They understand certain spiritual realities that I have never seen comprehension of even in the church.  I don't know how they understand certain things but they get it.  Take for instance the movie X-men The Apocalypse. The movie is about the first mutant who is like a super mutant from times past and of course he is located in Egypt and for some reason somebody awakens him.  Once he is awakened he goes on to relate his history.  How he was known as these ancient gods to people including no other than Elohim.  I'm thinking dude you are so not Elohim.  Elohim would never be defeated by a male or female of his creation. Anyway, he is seemingly frustrated with the present state of mankind and wants to gather a collection of mutants to his side and soup up their already mutant powers and do away with the world.  Of course the professor and the mutants on his side fight against this.  As is usual in Hollywood Apocalypse movies the day is saved by a white female usually the palest they can find.  Once more an apocalypse is averted and mankind can breathe easy again. 
Well, it isn't mankind breathing easy again it just the same old same old.  The status quo continues with the Japhetic age firmly in place because as usual in these movies you don't really see Black people or any other people of color except at a glance.  They have no major role in continuing the age which isn't to their benefit anyway.  But we know if an apocalypse is averted white Japheth can carry on as they always have being at the top to the social food chain.  I don't know why they think an apocalypse means the earth is destroyed and  all people exterminated.  When this age ends it is not an end to the earth or people just to the governance of the gentiles.  It is a better age that is on the horizon.; one where the earth can enjoy a Sabbath rest from its' fallen state under the work heavy age of man symbolized by the number 6.  It means that the earth doesn't work against you but for you so that you don't have to genetically modify food, and poison the environment. 
The lions can finally stop chasing wildebeest and zebras for food and actually lay down with the lamb.  There will be true justice as the law will come out from Zion.  If  anyone in Hollywood needs help with this concept please contact me.  I will help you to stop twisting yourself in knots about the apocalypse.  I also got the concept of witch glamor that I mentioned in part 3 of this series from this show Salem.  Good show if not overly bloody.  Once again, I saw so many things and I'm thinking these people have some kind of understanding.
Closing Thoughts

I have written a lot in this article because I am endeavoring to wrap up some loose ends though there is still much to explain.  I have over the course of this blog tried to give a different perspective on prophetic issues as it relates to the biblical prophecy and eschatology.  I don't know if I have been successful because the topic is a heavy one and as I have stated worthy of dissertation type consideration.  We are at an interesting and fascinating point in the age and in America.  Black Americans are probably wondering what is going on given the recent events this past week with police shootings of civilians and a civilian shooting and killing some cops in Dallas.  My own personal feelings is that there are some things going on in the spiritual realm perhaps provoked from some spiritual tampering in the natural world.  I did not watch the BET Awards due to other obligations but when I awakened the next morning a thought of music is the conduit popped into my head.  My own thoughts are that music aside from attracting certain spirits is being used now as a conduit for the entry of certain unclean spirits.  People of discerning mind and thoughts should be even more aware of what their children listen to and put into their spirits as well as themselves. 
If I had a message for Black Americans today, it would be don't settle for being a runner-up.  Protesting for justice and going back to the drawing board of political legislation and policies while seemingly needed in some aspects of society only gets you the runner-up trophy.  Jesse Williams made a speech at the BET awards which caused some controversy.  He made some good points but at the end of the day all these things leave Black Americans in second place clinging to the heel of Esau and Japheth. What I offer is an answer that I can explain quite adroitly that will have you raising the Wimbledon trophy of identity restoration and home relocation without someone still dwelling in your tent just as Serena Williams did for her 22nd major at Wimbledon July 9th. 

There can be only one number one player at a time with all five bags of gold for talent. Right now that is the sons of Japheth.  The only way the age of Shem will begin is if there are people strong enough to do what it takes to knock the world's number one off the podium.  I do not know where these people will come from but from a prophetic sense you can't be content with just coexisting. Yeshua (Jesus) is not trying to share his glory and throne with Satan.   Maybe The Most High will do what he did with Gideon when Israel was oppressed for seven years by the Midianites.  He whittled Gideon's army from 10,0000 men to 300 to fight for their deliverance. Scared the daylights out of Gideon and I can understand why. 
Although Black Americans do not remember their name and at times it seems some of us are wild bucking horses, I empathize entirely with the Apostle Paul when he says, "For I could wish that I myself were accursed from Christ for my brethren my kinsman according to the flesh, who are Israelites, to whom pertain the adoption, the glory, the covenants, the giving of the law, the service of God and the promises; of whom are the fathers and from whom, according to the flesh, Christ came, who is over all, the eternally blessed God. (Romans 9:3-5). He lets the Roman believers know that Israel's rejection was not final but they had been given a spirit of stupor, eyes that they should not see and ears that they should not hear.  That a hardening has occurred in part until the fullness of the gentiles has come in. 
Now that there is an answer to what fulfills the time of the gentiles, "The Deliverer will come out of Zion and He will turn ungodliness from Jacob." Romans 11: 25,26.  Let it Be So Lord. Let It Be So.
Give those whom you will eyes that they should see and ears that they should hear.


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