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Accursed Things: Why Black Americans Are Being Destroyed

There Is An Accursed Thing In Your Midst O Israel
Joshua 7:13
In my last article which I had anticipated really being my last I referenced at that time the speech of Jesse Williams at the BET awards and shortly after that the shootings of two Black men in Baton Rouge and Minnesota followed by the shootings of police officers in Dallas.  I mentioned that I had the thought of music is the conduit popping into my head the morning after the BET awards.  My sense of it was that some music now is a portal if you will for the entrance of certain unclean and demonic spirits and it was my feeling (literally physically) that the shootings mentioned above had spiritual underpinnings to it and not of the God kind.  Therefore, the whole Jesse Williams speech felt off to me even though I could understand some of his points.  There was something missing.  In the midst of my contemplations the account of Achan causing Israel to sin occurred to me but I did not expound on it in the last writing because honestly I was not sure it would matter given the unorganized state of Black Americans. However, in light of the recent shooting and killing of Dwayne Wade's cousin in Chicago and some similar feelings of spiritual activity though less intense a statement on this issues beckons to be made.
On Friday August 26, 2016 celebrity basketball player Dwayne Wade's cousin Nykea Aldrige was shot at approximately 3:30 p.m.  According to the police she was not the intended target but was an innocent bystander as she was pushing her stroller on her way to pick up her other children. Two men supposedly firing a gun at a third man apparently missed the third man and struck Nykea with bullets to the head and arm.  Curiously enough the perpetrators two Black males were apprehended and charged two days later.  This is amazing given that of all the people killed in Chicago who are not related to someone famous there never seems to be any witnesses leading to no caught suspects and murders remain unsolved.  Dwayne Wade tweeted that the city of Chicago is hurting and we need more help, more hands on deck. Not for me and my family but for the future of our world. The Youth. These young kids are screaming for help #EnoughisEnough.
Interestingly, Jolinda Wade Dwayne's mother is a pastor and part of a panel The Undefeated and was talking about the violence going on in the city never knowing according to Espn.com that the next day "we would be the ones actually living and experiencing it."  Hardly, was the news of Dwayne's cousin sinking in before the focus was quickly turned on Donald Trump who tweeted his own views in connection with the Black vote.  This caused some celebrities to lash out a Donald Trump for his supposed insensitivities, but what was interesting to me was that no one addressed the substance of what Dwayne Wade was talking about in his tweet or Donald Trump's.  Also, noticeably missing were no comments from high profile celebrities such as Beyoncé and Jay-Z being such champions of Black Lives Matter and whatnot. There were no tweets or Instagram messages from the Kanye's and Kardashians. No speeches from Jesse Williams as eloquent as he is and definitely nothing from President Obama or his wife Michelle especially noticeable given they are from Chicago.  For that matter all of Hollywood and the music industry seemed eerily silent about the whole matter.  Now why is that?  When  a Black person's life is lost to police force, they cannot shut up.  They are all over the place.
However, when an innocent Black person's life is taken by the countless Black criminals of the gang life all we get from them is "crickets and croaking frogs." What? Do they need a hashtag that says #Black Lives Matter In All Circumstances before they can galvanize.  They can't walk and chew bubblegum at the same time?  This brings me to the crux of this article Accursed Things: Why Black Americans Are Being Destroyed.  In the account of the book of Joshua we see the Israelites are by the command of God in the process of uprooting the Canaanites via warfare. He gives the specific instructions about what they can and cannot take from the city of Jericho. Specifically in Joshua 6:18 it states, "And you by all means keep yourselves from the accursed things, lest you become accursed when you take of the accursed things and make the camp of Israel a curse and trouble it." Well, as life would have it for Joshua there is always someone who cannot follow directions and in this case it is Achan of the tribe of Judah.  Now Joshua does not know this until after defeating Jericho, the Israelites next go against the people of Ai. 
To Joshua's dismay, the Israelites are routed and lose 36 men in the process to the few men of Ai.  Not knowing what has happened Joshua tears his clothes and falls on his face before the ark of the Lord both he and the elders of Israel with dust on their heads until evening.  When Joshua inquires of God as to Israel's defeat God commands him to "Get up and Why do you lie thus on your face? Israel has sinned and they have also transgressed my covenant which I commanded them. They have even taken some of the accursed things, and stolen and deceived and they have also put it among their own stuff.  Therefore, the children of Israel could not stand before their enemies because they have become doomed to destruction. Neither will I be with you anymore, unless you destroy the accursed from among you." And He continues, "Get up, sanctify the people and say, 'Sanctify yourselves for tomorrow because thus says The Lord God Of Israel, 'There is an accursed thing in your midst, O Israel; you cannot stand before your enemies until you take away the accursed thing from among you." (vs. 7:10-13). 
What is the accursed thing that Achan took from the fall of Jericho?  He took a beautiful Babylonian garment, two hundred shekels of silver, and a wedge of gold weighing fifty shekels.  He confessed that he coveted the items he took.  What does silver, gold and the beautiful garment represent? They represent money and material possessions.  Who is the epitome of money coveting and doing anything to get it in the Black community?  You guessed it Rappers gangster and otherwise.  Let's add Beyoncé to that list as hardly a day goes by where the public is not informed of her money lavish lifestyle.  After all she did inform us she might be the next Bill Gates in her Formation song.  I have to admit I haven't kept current with the Black urban music scene, so I took a tour of some of them and to say that these are the most horrid songs I have ever heard is understatement.  I did a whole section on Music and Black Americans and I mentioned some of the current sensations if you will and of them is the Rapper Young Thug.  He has a new album and on it he is dressed in a little bo-peep dress and if that is not disturbing enough I listened to one of his songs. The lyrics are truly putrid. mostly misogynistic and pornographic toward women and I will provide a sample below.  You have to see his lyrics because the guy is so inarticulate it is a blessing in disguise if the youth of today can't understand them but woe to them who do. The following short lyrics are from his song Harambe:  Warning to the reader of the explicit lyrics.
Bentley with a nigga, bear killer nigga, back it up
Bands kill a nigga, fast wheel a nigga, back it up
Ape shit nigga, Godzilla, nigga, act up
Don't let your chick go Godzilla, bae, back it up
I just wanna have sex
I just wanna have a baby by you, girl
I just wanna go crazy about you, girl
Gon' make your nigga act crazy over you, girl
Ayy, cause you know I will
And I'm on a perky pill

[Verse 2]
This shit can get ugly for you
I'll pull up and bust your mama
I'll pull up and bust your brother
I'll aim at your fuckin' family
I'll aim at your whole clique
I'll aim at your mothafuckin' mama
I'll aim at your fuckin' dad
I'll aim at your daughter, son, nigga
I'll aim it at everything
I'll aim at the bag
I got devil inside of me
Got the devil inside me
Dear people, this guy is unfortunately not an anomaly.  The whole rap genre is littered with foul language, the nigga epithet, sexual crassness, adulation of money and violence being the main themes of their songs.  This is case whether you are listening to Kanye and Jay-Z or T.I. and Rick Ross or Young Jeezy and all others of the same ilk.  When Young Thug writes "I got the devil inside me." People please believe him.  It is evident by his lyrics that he is firmly in the grasp and under the jurisdiction of Satan and it is this accursed thing that resides in the homes of Black Americans which is causing the community to be destroyed.  Notice he wrote that he will pull up and bust your mama, brother and your whole family-that is he will kill them.  When the Israelites were defeated by the men it Ai, it wasn't all Israelites who sinned, but the sin of that one man caused Israel to lose 36 men.  In other words innocent people were caught up in the crossfire.   So what is happening in inner cities across America like Chicago Black men with no regard for other Black lives are killing innocent women, children and men.  It is a sure sign that God is against you when He has you cut each other down--When men of the same company turn the sword on themselves.
Therefore, it became apparent to me when no Black celebrities addressed the substance of Dwayne Wade's tweet it is due to them being complicit in the death of Black Americans as sacrifices to whatever agenda they are pushing.  As I wrote in my previous article Do Black Lives Really Matter? but since removed, the reason the high wattage celebrities do not come to the aid of Black mothers and some fathers who have lost their children to gang violence is because they patronize and socialize with the very people who are causing Black Americans to be destroyed.  They have no credibility to address gang violence in the Black Community because they are in cahoots with the people who perpetuate the violence and misogyny through their music.  Can a spring bring forth both bitter and sweet water?  It cannot.  You cannot on one hand condemn gangster rap and violent lyrics and then on the other sing it yourself, promote it in your videos if you are a pop singer, and buy the garbage.  You can't condemn drug dealing and gangster lifestyle if you are supporting people who rap and live by that lifestyle.
President Obama can't speak out against these entertainers and what they represent because he is too busy basking in their presence.  He gave a commencement speech at Howard University where he stated that Beyoncé runs the world.  Well, if Beyoncé runs the world she is doing a horrible job at it as the world is a mess right now.  Furthermore, given that Satan is god of this world system the only way she can run it is if she is in bed with him and given some of her videos I have seen that is highly probable.  Thus, what has dawned on me in regards to the whole Black Lives Matter and Beyoncé jumping on the bandwagon with her hive of celebrities behind her is this;  The whole matter is a diversion from what is really going on in Black America.  
Through the use of witch glamor like from the show Salem they created a small fire of police brutality which they have everyone focused on so that people are back marching as if they were in the height of the civil rights era in 1966 while there is a raging forest fire that is consuming Black Americans which comes from the entertainers themselves.  It gives perspective as to why Beyoncé did her Formation debut at the 50th super bowl game.  As in the show Salem,  the top witch Mary Sibley has figured out the way to get the sacrifices she needs in order to bring about the resurrection of their Dark Lord by getting the puritans to kill innocent people based on nothing more than the simple allegation that someone is a witch.  In a nutshell she gets them to sacrifice themselves for her agenda and all the killings in Black America primarily by other Blacks hyped up on demonic music and mind altering drugs is essentially the same thing.  It is aiding someone's agenda.
Given that many Black Americans are the descendants of the Israel sent into exile in 70a.d., we should know that our problem is not White racism. Whereas we can stipulate to the fact that there will always be racist people and given that we are under the governance of the gentiles it should be expected. What we need to know is that our enemy is the Lord himself because we have allowed accursed things wrapped in the form of entertainment to be idols and snares for us.  There is no way God is going to be with Black Americans as a collective as long as we continue to let gangster rappers and other aligned entertainers infiltrate our ears, hearts and mind.  They are the accursed things! and we will continue to be cut down by the sword of our enemies from without and from within.  No amount of prayer vigils and protest marches will change this reality until we get rid of the Judas' in our midst who are causing the sin and downfall of our people.  Politics and politicians will not save you when God fights against you himself.   We need to get rid of the Kanye's Kardashians, Amber Roses, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, Rihanna's and all gold and silver focused minions who bring debasement and debauchery to Our household.  Throw the crap out! Know that if God inhabits the praises of his people that Satan inhabits the praises of his as well.
The Church
I mentioned that Jolinda Wade is a pastor.  Intriguingly, she used to be a former drug dealer and according to Espn.com was released from prison in 2003. She turned her life around and is now trying to help her community. She attributes the violence to parents having to work two and three jobs and can't be there for their kids and that Reality TV is raising our children today.  If only Black people didn't watch so much TV they would be better off. Throw the TV out! it is a conduit for the accursed things! She says, they are going out on the street and being disconnected.  I'm going to once again offer some advice for predominately Black churches struggling in these inner city environments.  Don't run to organizations and political people for advice and help.  Run first to God. Just as Joshua did prostrate yourself on the ground in fasting and prayer however long it takes and ask him what is the problem and what is the solution to the problem in your community.  Unlike the days of old we unfortunately can't just take these people out and send them to their grave as Joshua did Achan and his family.  It was the only way God would resume his presence with them.  Ask for the spirit of discernment so you can see what is occurring in the spiritual realm. Sanctify yourself! If you are listening and bopping to the accursed things stop it.  Get rid of any all idols and stumbling blocks.  Since we can't go to actual warfare with these people we have do it spiritually.  Don't support Satan's kingdom. Kick these wretched entertainers to the curb.
Speak hard truths to people.  Let the women know that having babies out of wed-lock is a sin against God and puts them in a difficult position of having to be the only parent.  God never meant a woman to raise children by herself.  If she is married and her husband passes that is one thing, but to just be out here having babies without marriage or secondarily committed father's is a travesty.  Even a male lion does his part to help his pride.  Let them know that God is not pleased with them killing their children in utero as a form of birth control.  Let the men know that God is not pleased with men pressuring women to have abortions because they don't want to be a father even though both parties willfully and knowingly engaged in a reproductive act.  God will never be with us as a collective because the blood of so many innocents on our hands. 
Teach people to be righteous in their lives and don't try to take short cuts to money.  Every Black male does not need to be a stupid Rapper.  Go get an education or learn a trade and be an asset to yourself and community.  Let them know that assaulting and tearing down Black women in person as well as on the internet will earn them the continued wrath of God on their lives.  Unless you just like dying Black men put the accursed thing away! Destroy it from among yourselves and know that snow bunnies these rappers monikers for white women cannot save you.  All you snow bunny white women you would be wise to run away from these decrepit full of dead men bones and unwashed tombs Black males who are enemies of the Lord God.

To The Entertainers
Recently, an "up and coming" Rapper Kid Cali was killed at a pool party.  Rapper Snoop Dog expressed his condolences in RIP.  As is typical, the Rapper environments seems to attract the very violence they extol in their songs.  It was a new phenomenon in the Black Community when people were shot at the gansta Rappers concerts.  It is the kind of thing you never heard of at other R and B singers concerts such Frankie Beverly and Maze.  I can hardly imagine people wanting to shoot up folks to the song "Happy Feelings." Yet, people will often comment that the violence needs to stop and then they will give the obligatory RIP tweet.  How stupid is it to wonder at the violence that breaks out at these artist concerts when all they do is rap about violence.  Some of these same artist die themselves in very hood they rap about. Baltimore Rapper Lor Scoota was killed in broad daylight on a Friday in June. He was coming from a peace rally. I can only hope that he did not have songs celebrating violence and if he did and was trying to do better that he renounced his previous ways and work.  Again it makes the point that the heart of the Black Communities problems are spiritual in nature.  Death will continue as long as the accursed things are among us.
To these entertainers who have aided and abetted in the destruction of the Black Community I say this.  It is one thing to be wicked in and of yourself in the privacy of your life.  It is another thing to spray your wickedness on the young.  It would be better for you to have a large millstone hung around your neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea than to cause the little ones to stumble. To the Jay-z, Beyonce' Kanye Young Thugs and all other such entertainers know that your house is built on sinking sand.  The day is coming unless you repent that you will have a grass-eating experience just as Nebuchadnezzar did.  He thought he was too high to be brought down and God had to show him otherwise.
Just know all you complicit entertainers and record companies such as Interscope and executives that have promoted and pushed trash on the Black Community and America at large that the blood of the innocent who die as the result of your actions will be on your hands.  White America just know that sane spiritual Black people in the millions never asked for our music to be degraded and used to push an agenda. We never clamored for the type of trash that has existed since the early 90's.  No one petitioned for violent lyrics and misogynistic hate speech in lyrics.  No one lobbied for female singers who act like call girls to be our primary entertainment. We miss the great musicians of old.  Just as we didn't ask to be inundated with trashy music we didn't ask to provided with abortion as a form of birth control.  Nonetheless, since some of us are the answer to the fulfillment of this age, it is what 'the powers that be' decided to do.
To some of the Hebrew people out there who believe you are of the house of Judah or Israel, know that creation awaits for the sons of God to be revealed.  The creation is not waiting for people who only want to use being of the house of Judah as an excuse for your own hatred and prejudice.  God already has people like that they are called the gentiles.  If you only care about people like you what credit is it to you.  As Yeshua (Jesus) said even the pagans do that.  Know that many of you won't make it with the heart that you have.  There will be people of all nations sitting with God in his kingdom but many who are of the bloodline will not be because you are a goat on the inside.  I am sure I have forgotten something but this concludes this writing and perhaps my last time posting although that has yet to be the case.
To God Always the Glory
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  2. Once again you are spot on. You're so insightful and profound. We"'ve got to spread the word.

  3. Once again you are spot on. You're so insightful and profound. We"'ve got to spread the word.