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The New World Order, The Movie Get Out and The Issue of Black Women

There is laid up for me a crown of righteousness which the Lord the
righteous judge will give to me on that Day,
 and not to me only but also to all who have loved
His appearing (2 Timothy 4:7)
Good day all! One thing I will say about the world, it is never a dull place. It is an often annoying place but never really dull.  Since my last article, I have been pleasantly surprised to find two other  Black Christian pastors whom God has dropped the scales from their eyes as to their identity and of those of Afro-Americans and others of the diaspora.  I have posted several videos below of one them Pastor Stephen Darby.  He is a good speaker and broaches topics that I have not seen a Black Christian pastor talk about at least on the net. There may be others but I have not run across them yet.  Most importantly, he seems to know who Jesus is from a relationship standpoint and the value of being born again of the spirit.  The merging of these two positions is integral to the closing of this age. In this article I am going to address The New World Order, the movie Get Out and the issue of Black women. Thus, it will likely be a fairly long one and so I ask for the patience of the reader.
The New Word Order

Any one who has been around for any significant time and has not been tuned out due to the cares of this world has probably heard the term "New World Order".  I posted a video of Pastor Darby doing a sermon on it because whenever most people talk about the New World Order, it is within a prophetic context mainly of the biblical kind.  Most people see it as a cabal of elite people who want to bring about this globalist agenda in order to usher in the anti-Christ figure and dominate the world with the implementations of various evil schemes.  People on the web call it various names such as the illuminati run by Khazarian Jews who we know as the Askenazim who occupy the physical land of historical Israel and who the world believes especially gentile and true natural Israel Christians are the Jews of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  They are seen as trying to bring about a one world government no doubt with themselves at the head and thus Satan's or Lucifer's entry and reign so to speak thru this anti-Christ figure.
I have no doubt that there is an agenda a foot to mold the world into a place that is increasingly hostile to God and Jesus and the values that they exemplify. One has only to observe popular culture and people today and know the invisible hands so to speak have been steadily at work; however, what most people get wrong because true Israel has been hidden is that whomever it is out there pulling the strings of the world is not trying to usher in the Satanic rule of the anti-Christ.  One has only to look at their movies and realize that they desperately want to prevent that and any movie which has an apocalyptic theme is always about preventing Satanic forces from so-called coming in and destroying the world.  Except, here is the catch.  The world is upside down as we now live in it.  The Black Christ has been replaced with a White Christ and saints and Black Israel has been replaced with White Israel.  Therefore, Satan in their world is really Jesus and he is the one who they are always endeavoring to prevent from returning. He is the destroyer to them. He is Moloch to them and they need the aid of demonic power of the real Lucifer to assure their position and his.  I can assure you that if they actually talked to Satan, the real one he would be like "Nope, I'm not trying to come to earth and usher in your new world order." "I need you to keep the fa├žade of being true Israel and doing whatever you can to extinguish the real Israel and Judah so that I don't find myself here." That way you can stay rulers of this world and so can I."

I used to wonder why it was that Jesus disarmed principalities and powers, making a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them in it (Col: 2:15) but never removed them.  Why leave them in their place to be a pain in the butt to mankind.  One reason I surmised is because Jesus was building his church, His spiritual Israel and the time had not come to remove them.  The other reason is just as he left enemies in natural Israel for them to contend with and be tested by He left the spiritual enemies of the spiritual Israel for their testing and growth as well.  Therefore, mainstream Christendom will always get prophetic events wrong because not only do they look at the wrong Israel as a gauge but they look at outside events and world happenings whether it be wars, and rumors thereof, natural disasters, the machinations of the elite globalist and etc. for indications of the end-time wrap up.  When Elijah fled into the wilderness, God told him to stand on a mountain before the Lord and the Lord passed by as a strong wind, earthquake, and fire and after the fire a still small voice. It was the still small voice that Elijah responded to.  What is the message? God was not in any of the dramatic events, but in a still small voice. (I Kings:19). 

Thus, just as God was not in the dramatic events Elijah witnessed, He is not necessarily in the dramatic events of our day as prophetic signals.  Contrary, to the belief of some, we are not in the events of Revelation. What the elites know or may not know and that the world surely doesn't know is that the only people who can initiate what for them is the apocalypse is natural by lineage and spiritual Israel combined, those born again believers who have loved his appearing. We are surely getting closer to that time. In my little book Principle Of The Second (The Age To Come), I make reference to the prohibition by God in Deuteronomy 22:11 of mixing two different animals and textiles together that being an ox and a donkey not plowing together and wearing mixed material of wool and linen. I analogize this non-mixing to natural and spiritual Israel to that of spiritual wickedness in heavenly places.  You cannot have a restored natural Israel on earth with those same errant powers of the air still in their place.  They are two different types of material.  Therefore, that is why the supposed return of Black Jews to  Israel from Ethiopia or the African Hebrew Israelites is not the authentic return of Israel because we are still in this age and Japheth is still in Shem's tent and principalities and powers have gone nowhere.

Pastor Darby has a message called Why Racism? Because They Owe Us.  In it he basically talks about Black Americans history here and how we were never compensated for our labor here as slaves.  Its a fairly good message and one that would resonate with Black Americans who have talked about reparations for our unpaid wages from slavery through Jim Crow and wherever we are today. Interestingly, the US offered to pay native Americans 1.4 billion for lost funds.  You can find the article on   To my knowledge Black Americans never received such an offer, that by itself would exclude Native Americans from being of Israel.  It sets Americans teeth on edge to even slightly ponder recompense to Black Americans for their slavery and subsequent discrimination afterwards.  Whereas American Indians received actual money, Black Americans got affirmative action and welfare programs.
 Well, Pastor Darby Black Americans will never receive money from the US for past or present seen and unseen injustices in that regard because we are still in Egypt.  It was only after the exodus that Egypt had to give up much of its wealth and it will be the same when the true Restoration of Israel takes place.  The nations will surely make recompense because God unlike men cares much about justice and it is his way that when a nation takes captive his people Israel they get the same treatment meted out to them once the captivity is over.  Jeremiah prophesied as much about Babylon.  It too bad the hearts of Israel's captors were so hard because if they had done even a little of the right thing, they may have been able to mitigate their future desolation.
Get Out (The Movie)
One day while perusing the internet I ran across conversations about Jordan Peele's movie Get Out, so in my effort to reluctantly keep up with pop culture and current events I went to see the movie. This section is my analysis since many a youtuber gave theirs.  When I left the theater after seeing the movie, I thought there's more than a grain of accuracy to this film.  It mimics what I have already discussed on this blog particularly my article Japheth: Principle of the First Son. I see from time to time what is on this blog inserted in tv shows and movies. It would be awesome if I could get paid for it, but I'll take being seated in heavenly places. 
Back to the movie.  The main character is a Black guy named Chris who is dating a white girl for only 4 months and goes with her home to meet her parents. He is played by Daniel Kaluuya who interestingly has a Hebrew name. Once the party begins,  Chris meets another Black gentlemen who is with an older white woman.  Chis snaps a picture of him and the guy wigs out telling him to get out! Chris gets suspicion and sends a photo to his TSA friend who told him not to go to girl's parents home anyway. 
To make a long story short Chris is hypnotized by his girlfriend's mother for the purpose of controlling him in order to insert one of their white friend's brain into Chris' body getting a new lease on life so to speak.  Chris finds a way to escape kills, everyone but the girlfriend who is shot by the Black gardener who has been taken over by the girl's grandfather just as the Black maid's brain was replaced with the girlfriend's grandmother.  In each case that a Black guy came up missing they were lured in by the white girlfriend even the Black maid.  At the end Chris' TSA friend the only comedic aspect of the movie if anyone deals regularly with TSA would know arrives and rescues him from what would have been a bad situation if the real law enforcement had showed up.
Here is what I saw in this movie.  Black people exist in a world where they are easily hypnotized or have spells cast over them through the media namely television so that their identity is easily stolen by the elites whomever they may be under the New World Order section above.  This is especially, so in the diaspora where they engage in Japhetic dominated images and media worship. This is especially so for Black men as demonstrated by Chris being hypnotized by television as his mother  was late coming home and he never stopped watching television to see what happened to her.  Although he was young, he felt the guilt of not moving from the hypnotizing effects of television long enough to check on his mother who had been killed in a hit and run accident.  Thus, Black men are the weaker link when it comes to having spiritual sight and are more readily drawn away by the beauty or supposed top of the line white women as the grandfather tells Chris to the detriment of themselves.
It should also be noted in the movie that Chris did not have a father around for whatever reason contributing perhaps to his easy seducement to being hypnotized by media as his single mother was not able to be around him all the time and so basically the television was his babysitter.  Dwayne Wade's mother makes basically this same observation which I quote in my article Accursed Things: Why Black Americans Are Being Destroyed.  The statement made about the coagula dovetails with the girlfriend who is drinking milk from a black straw with a bowl of fruit loops to the side.  This is an obvious reference to when Black and White people mix in relationships you get mulatto people of various degrees who are neither Black Israel or White Japheth but a synthesis of the two. 
What this means in todays world prophetically is that it is a most effective way of getting rid of Judah genetically through intermarriage/relationship with white Japhetic women or men.  Their biracial progeny will no longer be Judah/Israel and even more so with each generation if that progeny marries into the white or other Japhetic races.  Keep in mind getting rid of true Judah/Israel is the end-game and necessary to prevent the return of Christ.  The less of them around the better.  How else can the media's love affair suddenly with interracial couples be explained? These people can't stand Black people and somehow one is to believe they have some new found love and just want to see diversity.
Dear people, a bowl of fruit loops will not get the job done.  It only serves to repeat history where Black men's love for Japhetic women produces a lukewarm mulatto people who have no desire to identify with the bottom of the barrel Black people from whence they come and in some cases usurp their identity and assist in their oppression.  If you will notice in the movie the brother did not bring in Black women only Black men.  Some people saw the movie as depicting Whites who wanted access to the superior genetics of Black people via the strength and running ability of the Black gardener or Chris' talent for photography being able to see what he sees as he was to be taken over by the blind art dealer. 
There is a truth to the superior physicality of Black Israel.  After all, Samson was actually the real life superman but his Achilles heel was foreign women of his enemies, not even friends and Elijah was like the Flash. Also in the book of Jasher there is mention of the sons of Israel running across Egypt very quickly like the Flash.  Joseph is described in the book of Jasher as being well built and very handsome with a high spiritual integrity.  David slew the giant Goliath.  However, whatever strengths and abilities the sons of Israel possessed were augmented by the covenant with God or his spirit being upon them.  Once Samson gave out the secret to his strength to a Philistine woman his day was over.  I daresay women especially if they are beautiful are a kryptonite for Israelite men. Satan and his cohorts know this well. 
As for Black women, there was an article that reported on  the research by Olay on the aging of  African-American women skin wise and found that African-American women aged slower than women of Caucasian background. The study found that the aging process seemed to be slowed down by about 10years and that the in the AA group there were twice as many exceptional skin agers that is women who looked more than 10 years younger than their real age than in the Caucasian group.  I call this the Sarah gene and my mother has it in spades as well as other Black women I know. It makes sense given that the patriarchs lived a long time so necessarily God would slow down the aging process. It was probably even more pronounced back then and explains how Sarah could still be considered beautiful at her advance age.
The Issue Of Black Women
 Since I'm on the topic of Hollywood movies, I want to address what I see in many a flick as the erasure of Black women and why this would be so.  I'm not one of these people who expect White people or other nations to look out for the behalf of  Black people.  I will never lobby Hollywood for more depictions of Black people/women in cinema.  On a very real level I don't care because it is not logical to expect aliens/foreigner or gentiles to care about the depiction of my race or gender.  As I stated before no one is going to exalt you above themselves. The objective when ruling is to stay ruling or occupying the top position not engaging in some fake equality kumbayah.   What I do notice in keeping with movies that I have watched  and with Get Out is a weird love affair triangle of white male, white female and black male.  The Black male is usually some asexual character who gets murdered early or half way through the film and well Black women we just don't exist.  Black males obviously make up the 1 quota for a minority in a movie.  The only time I see Black women more than one in a movie is if its something like Girl Trip which previewed before Get Out  and is the typical subject matter and fluff Black women/men relegate themselves to.  I don't think I have ever seen a Black woman in an apocalyptic film saving the day and I don't expect to ever see one if typical Hollywood makes it.
It makes me wonder? Why are they so intimidated by Black women? I don't mean the Atlanta housewives type, or the ghetto hood type?  Could a Black woman of the type never seen be a factor in the ending of this age?  Whereas in their movies a white woman is always endowed with all the power to save the world from the apocalypse and remember to them that is the return of Christ to restore true Israel, perhaps in God's world he will use a Black woman to do just the opposite as he did with Esther when she saved the lives of all Judah.   After all, who is more despised at least according to some on the internet and definitely Hollywood than the Black woman.  Who is the most overlooked if not Black women?  Black women are foolishness to them and  to todays' younger dumbed down Black male as depicted by the Basketball players Chris' girlfriend was scouting. They are also is in alliance with them as part of the white male, white female and black male love triangle.  But if people understood the ways of God, they would know he uses foolish things according to the world to confound the wise.
I believe spiritual wickedness in high places know this and would account for a certain amount of super natural hostility toward Black women that has resulted over the last couple of years and even today in many of their deaths most but not all being at the hand of Black men.  Just the other a day a Black male killed viciously his two year old daughter and 4 days old daughter.  Some of these deaths reek of a certain spiritual agitation and aggravation that normal evil cannot explain.  It is as if something is sorely angry about Black women.  Unfortunately, when God is moving prophetically other's get caught up in the cosmic storms.  This can be seen in Jeremiah 44:29-30 where God declared the downfall of the Pharaoh Hophra because the remaining Israelites were fleeing to Egypt to escape the invasion by Babylon when Jeremiah told them not to go.  God turned this Pharaoh over to his enemies when he had nothing to do with Judah's choice to go to his land.  Unbeknownst to him he was caught up in prophetic issues.  I feel it is like this today with Black women.  Some of them are caught up in spiritual storms they do not even know about.  I am duly sorry for that.  May God protect and keep the innocent from the vengeful hand of the enemy. 
I have written a lot in this article but not everything that could be addressed with this topic.  Below are some images of the progeny of Black and White couples. I use them for example purposes.  Understand, there is nothing inherently wrong with children who are born of these unions and it is not their fault they are the product of miscegenation.  But the very real reality is just as in the movie Get Out, these unions are being hypnotically suggested and pushed by the controllers of the media whatever one wants to label them.  It is not organic as such relationships should be but are meant as an erasing factor of true Judah.  As is stated in Daniel iron and clay do not adhere to each other.  The iron is people with melanin which is strong and of the image of God whereas clay is a weaker lesser substance of people with little to no melanin and protection from the sun.  By necessity one will eventually cancel out the other when they are comingled. 
Paris Jackson. Daughter of Michael Jackson.  This is not a Black person.  A valid example of fruit loops as she is Japhetic. Honestly, I was never convinced those were his natural kids but if so consider the phenotype that made Michael distinctive gone.  I think most all the Jackson progeny are White or near White now.  Kathryn Jackson's descendants will have to dig in archives to find their nearest all Black relatives.
Image result for muhammad ali grandson bishop gorman Muhammad Ali's grandson. No longer recognizably Judah. Ali's strength and genetics will live on in White men (Japheth).  Interestingly, He was potentially my father. My mother was pretty back in the day and still is and when they met He wanted according to her to get together but  she being newly married already and my grandmother being forever practical told her she didn't want to be doing the muslim thing.
Image result for ashlee simpson and evan ross Ashley Simpson and Evan Ross, son of Diana Rose and late European husband.  He was already a mulatto married Ashley and the baby is white.  Diana Ross descendants are no longer Judah but have been replaced and as can be seen iron and clay do not mix to produce the same substance.  A bowl of fruit loops will not get the job done.


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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Breathing Life Into Dry Bones

For I Desire Mercy and not sacrifice;
And the knowledge of God more than burnt offerings
Hosea 6:6
Good day blog and anyone who intentionally or accidentally happens across this website.  It is the new year of 2017 and I fancied myself pretty much being done writing articles here.  It is hard to believe that I begin this blog in 2014 and the pace at the which the years have passed. Over the course of those two years I have been amazed by the growing the number of people who have  awakened so to speak to the identity of some Black Americans being of house of Israel.  I have detailed my own path to this discovery.  I was not necessarily looking for the identity of myself or other Black Americans in a spiritual sense but I was already on a prophetic path as it relates to Israel and the age to come. As with many people my background is one from the Christian church and more so the Black Christian church but unlike many people that I have run across on the internet, I have never felt the need to change my name, don certain clothing, argue over the exact name of God or Jesus, make youtube  videos arguing over whether or not White people are Esau, be angry at the church, leave the church or any such actions.
On the contrary, were it not for the church I would not be on this path.  I daresay that I could not be called prophetically without the church and being born-again of the spirit.  The reason why I have never felt the need to be fixated on any of the things above is because at the end of the day, all of those things are irrelevant to the real issue of what fulfills this age.  There is no need for me or really any Christian who comes to this knowledge to join Hebrew Camps some of  whom enjoy posting about their confrontations on the streets with various groups of people.  I have sadly seen the comments of many a supposed Black male who believes himself to be an Israelite using foul language to refer to Black women who don't conform to their ideals.  I have even heard of such men wishing violence upon women and endeavoring to live in polygamous relationships in the name of the old testament.  But with anything regarding prophetic truth you always get falseness and weirdness.  There were many prophets in Jeremiah's day declaring allegedly what "thus says the Lord" but God did not send them.  He sent Jeremiah and we know this because Judah went into exile just as he declared they were going.
It seems to be a common cry of many Black Israelite groups that Black people need to observe the Law and this will help our condition.  Now, I see nothing wrong if people want to observe the Sabbath on Saturday and the other feasts days, but if they have to disavow Jesus (Yeshua) to do this they are essentially back to square one. For those people who advocate repentance by observing the law and still being messianic or who still have a regard for Jesus it is a step in the right direction but falls slightly short.  The problem with many people who are transfixed by the law perspective is that there is no life to what they advocate. Essentially, the law is dead bones unless life is breathed into it. Just as Adam could not become a living being until God breathed life into him, the law was for many Israelites of the past and people today lifeless because there is no breath in it.  What do I mean by breathing life into the law? I will give some illustrations in the next paragraphs.

One of the benefits of having a legal background is you are able to hone in on an issue when there is a lot of clutter surrounding it.  It's like having bionic hearing.  You are able to drown out the noise and focus in on that still small voice of the real issue at hand.   As I stated above many Israelite groups advocate observing the law as the way to get back into God's good graces. They maintain that if the Israelites had observed the law and not served other god's which they say Black Christians do and Black Muslims than Judah would have never been exiled.  So for them, I am assuming that if Black identified Israelites begin observing the law than we would be delivered.  But here is my question. If God was that consumed with Israelites observing the law and that was His paramount concern why exile them in the first place where they would loose all remembrance of the law and fall into other types of religious practices?  Furthermore, how do you know what part of the law was violated so that it led to Judah's exile?  God never exiled Israel before he sent a prophet detailing what they were being charged with.  Would we not think it strange if someone was one day arrested at their house, brought before a judge and told they broke the law and then sentenced to life in prison and all the while they were never told what law they broke.  And if the person asked "how do I get out of here?" and the response was," you need to obey the law."  The person then asks, "what law? there are thousands of laws in the U.S. and the judge replies,  "just obey the law."  Can we not imagine the quizzical look that would shadow the person's face who sits in jail not knowing what law he was charged with violating.

Dear people if man has enough sense to let you know what law you broke in his society that would lead to your incarceration or fine, would God not let his people know what they did to merit the punishment they received.  I have yet to hear of anyone who has said he has fallen on his face and inquired of God as to what was the great trespass his ancestors committed that merited their extreme exile and troubles.  Let us take a look at breathing life into the law by looking at King Saul and David as well as Jesus.  King Saul and David were both anointed to be kings of Israel but only David was ever described of God as being a man after God's own heart. Acts 13:22.  Was David described as thus by God because he did not sin or ever do anything wrong? Of course not. Both he and Saul made mistakes but God was more forgiving of David than Saul. Why was this the case?  I believe the simple answer to this question is that David treated God like a personality. What do I mean by this? He treated God as someone with feelings, as someone who had a heart in the first place.   He wasn't just a lifeless statute or an invisible being with a set of arbitrary rules that he took great joy in burdening a select group of people with. Whenever David sinned, he didn't make excuses for himself and he knew that it was God and God alone who he offended, but God was so real to David that he even knew to appeal to his mercy when he messed up.

I can think of no other person who illuminated the law for the people of his day as Jesus did.  In Mark 2 and 3, there are two incidents where Jesus butts heads with the Pharisees over what is lawful on the Sabbath.  The first incidence is when on the Sabbath Jesus and his disciples were in some grain fields and begin to pluck the heads of grain. "And the Pharisees said to him, "Look, why do they do what is not lawful on the Sabbath? Jesus interestingly enough references David in his response to them saying, "Have you never read what David did when he was in need and hungry, he and those with him : how he went into the house of God in the days of Abiathar the high priests and ate the showbread, which is not lawful to eat, except for the priests and also gave some to those who were with him.  The Sabbath was made for man and not man for the Sabbath.  Therefore, the Son of Man is also Lord of the Sabbath. Mark 2:23-28. Now, if it had been anyone else who had done what David did, they probably would have dropped dead.  How did David know God would not take him out for being in a place only the high priest was supposed to be let alone eating the showbread!?  He knew because he knew God did not major on the petty, but understood mitigating factors.  David wasn't flouting the law, he was hungry and in need.  It is called in American jurisprudence your mens rea in other words your state of mind or intent which is based incidentally off the Torah. It is expressed in Hebrews 4:12 as thus:" For the word of God is living and powerful and sharper than a two edged is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. "

In the Mark 3, Jesus is in the synagogue on the Sabbath and there is a man who has a withered hand. The ever legalistic Pharisees are watching Jesus closely to see if he would heal the man on the Sabbath so they might accuse him.  Of course Jesus does just that but before doing so he asks them, "Is it lawful on the Sabbath to do good or to do evil, to save life or to kill?" vs.4.  From the audience around him all he heard was crickets and croaking frogs.  I don't  know if anyone really didn't know the answer or if they were just afraid of the Pharisees but it goes on to say that Jesus looked around at them with anger being grieved by the hardness of their heart vs. 5  The Pharisees being none to happy proceeded to plot his demise.  When I say that Jesus illuminated the law, what do I mean at it's most basic? I mean that he imbued the law with common sense.  He gave it life so that it was not just the dry bones of oppression that the Pharisees inflicted upon the people.  Whenever you have a law that does not take into account the human condition and is executed void of human emotion, you have a bludgeoning instrument whose only use is to contribute to human misery.  For example, if you have a law that says if you are caught stealing, your hands will be cut off and this law is implemented without regard to why the person is stealing, you have injustice and torture as the punishment fails to fit the crime particularly if the person is caught stealing because he or she is hungry.

Another example is the woman brought to Jesus for adultery.  As was always the case, the scribes and Pharisees were trying to trap Jesus.  They cited Moses as commanding the woman to be stoned, but if they were to be accurate they should have brought the man as well.  And Jesus being the great illuminator that he was retorts, "He who is without sin among you, let him throw the first stone." Once again crickets, because those legalistic negroes and common people knew none of them fit that bill.  When it was all said and done, only Jesus and the woman was left to whom he said, " Woman where are your accusers? Has no one condemned you? She shakes her head. "Neither do I condemn you; go and sin no more.   Jesus in this one incidence demonstrated that God desired mercy over sacrifice and knowledge of him more than burnt offerings.  Unlike the Pharisees, Jesus could look into this woman's heart and discern why she made the choices she made. Before the eyes of his own people he was fulfilling the law, breathing life into it.

Conclusion: Made In The Image Of God
The book of Genesis lets us know that when God made Adam he made him in his image.  When one thinks of the word image it is easy to think of the physical aspect, but when God made Adam in his image what he really did was vest him with all the emotions that he himself possesses.  We see this throughout the books of the bible where God feels anger, love, sadness, grief, betrayal, joy, happiness a desire for justice and so forth.  We feel as human beings because he feels. No servant is greater than his master.  For instance, imagine that you have a child who you love very much and try to do the best for and one day decide to buy something very special for that child and in order to do it, you worked hard and saved your money all for this special gift.  Imagine presenting this child with the gift and later discovering that the gift was neglected and then later destroyed by the child.  How would you as a parent feel? Maybe unappreciated. What would you want to hear from your child? Most parents would at least like a sincere apology.   This was God's situation throughout his tenure with Israel. They were a nation who had the law but who had no knowledge of him with the exception of a few extraordinary people like David.  The law was dead bones for them and it had no life as it has no life for some Black Israelites today.  Unfortunately, there are people whose relationships were never strong in Christ or never born again and who come across these groups and find themselves all tangled up and looking for someone to lead them.  If you have the holy spirit, you don't need anyone to lead you and heap their version of the dry bones of the law upon you.
At the end of the day, who cares where White people come from?  Or what happened to Edom? What we do know is that we are in the time of the gentiles; however, pinpointing exactly which gentile is not going to lead to us to deliverance. I would like to believe as some do that the age will close in a couple of years because of the 400 year slavery being up that some people believe is the delivery date.  If it happens great! but it is not likely because people don't understand what they are charged with so they don't know the condition of their release. Moreover, as long as Black identified Israelites focus on miscellaneous details instead of the issue at hand, they are no threat to the rulers of this age both in heaven and on earth.  No one is going to just move out of Israel so you can realize your dream of having more than one wife, exacting vengeance on Esau or being the new improved version of the Pharisees. God has Japheth dwelling in your tent just for this reason.  Furthermore, the only way the kingdom of Israel is restored is upon Jesus' return and not one Black identified Israelite knows whether they will be the one he gathers for the return let alone if they are even alive. Given the hard heart of some of these people, they are not likely to be selected to be a part of the age of the priesthood.
It is my hope to be seated with Christ in heavenly places as  I do not see myself having a useful purpose in that age on earth. For my Christian brethren who have no idea another age is yet to come let me illuminate it for you.  Noah had three sons. Shem, Ham and Japheth.  Ham has had his age of rulership.  That is why a Black Egypt , Cush etc will never rise again.  Japheth is having his time right now.  There is no way that God is going to let Ham and Japheth have an age of preeminence and not Shem whose line he called to the priesthood.  For many of you who have children I imagine you try to treat them all fairly and equally.  It is no difference with God.  I do not know if I will be the one to provide the key to the deliverance from this age, but one thing is for sure, unless whoever comes and has a platform breathes life into the dry bones of our situation all we will ever have is people running but going no where like a hamster on a wheel.
To God Always,
The Glory