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Japheth: Dwelling In The Tent Of Shem As Arabs and The Issue of Islam Prophetically Part One

O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! how unsearchable are his judgments, and his ways past finding out 
Romans 11:33 
Greetings to anyone who may come across this site! I have written a lot on this blog over the last three years and it seems I am continuing.  The issue of present day Arabs and the role of Islam prophetically as it relates to the real Israel and it's future restoration came to my attention one day as I viewed a video by a young man talking about the Arabians being Esau and the Kaaba stone and it's previous pagan roots and now association with Islam. He was actually breaking down the movie HellRaiser  and showing the subtle Islamic references in the movie.  However, the picture he uses is not the best representation of the  original Arab appearance.  If we already establish that Abraham as a son of Shem was Black as in melanated and the ancestor of negro people as exist in Africa and across the Atlantic via the slave trade and on the east Africa side via the Indian ocean, then it follows that Ismael and his sons, as well as Abrahams' other sons via his wife Keturah which included the midianites were also Black.  As with all  such topics touched upon on this blog, there is too much research involved to be thorough but generally the principles are all the same and can be reiterated.
I have already established that Esau was not born white that is an albino. His coloring was reddish brown and he is thus not the progenitor of White gentile Japhetic people but lives on in some of them via ydna e1b1b.  I demonstrated this in my posts What Is In A Name? and listed a chart of ydna haplogroups for Africa, South Asia, Central Asia and Europe.  As the young man correctly noted Esau's first wives were Canaanites and his last was Basemath daughter of Ismael. They had one son Reul (Genesis 36:1-6) and one can assume he had children thus the bloodline of Esau could be present in the ancient and present Ishmaelites.  It is generally thought that the Ishmaelites and certainly the Midianites are the original inhabitants of what is known as Arabia today.  I would include the other descendants of Shem the sons of Joktan as aboriginal peoples of the Saudi Arabian peninsula.  As I researched about Arabs today via videos and writings, I came across people who asserted that the original Arabs were Black and of course there were always people of the Caucasian variety proclaiming they were not and the Black people in Arabia today were probably descendants of slaves and converts to Islam.
In actuality, what has happened to the original Black Shemitic Arab people's is what has happened to the original Black Israel.  Japheth is dwelling In Shem's tent on the Israelite and Arab side but they are very much like the Borg from the television show Star Trek that in whatever way they come in contact with Black Shemitic people whether as a form of being conquered or being the conqueror, they assimilate their  culture and usurp their identity.  When one looks at the genetic ydna chart of Saudi Arabia the J haplogroup appears to dominate in the sample size taken and it is the same haplogroup which has a base in South Asia or the Indian subcontinent if you will.  This is not a semitic haplogroup.  The Abrahamic haplogroup is E and one can view this haplogroup all around Africa and no doubt in the original Black inhabitants of Saudi Arabia and Yemen.  When Noah spoke prophetically over Japheth that God would enlarge him apparently it included his ydna  because he has many unlike Shem.  If one looks up the Askenazi Jews he will see that they have several ydna haplogroups such as R, G, J and E being e1b1b from Edom the only connection to Shem. It is the same with all of the Jews of various origins be they Sephardic, Portuguese, Yemen etc. If ydna passes from father to son, then it is impossible for Jacob to have a hundred ydna haplogroups and thus impossible that any of the aforementioned mentioned people are descendants of the ancient Hebrew Israelites or Black Ishmaelites.
What I find additionally fascinating about this whole discourse is I have never read the comments or even heard of a White person, European or Indian ever claim descent from Japheth.  It is as if they do not want to be associated with him even if he is the progenitor of the ancient Greeks through his descendant Javan and of the Etruscans/Romans.  They will instead say that they are Caucasian/caucasoids using anthropology terminology and not related to negro/sub-Saharan people, but somehow in their minds the only sons of Noah currently in existence are Israelites now represented by European Jews and Asian Jews and Arabs represented by South and Central Asians.  This Borg like confiscation of identity applies to Ancient Black Hamitic Egyptians as well.  The only book where I have read of an association with the sons of Japheth is in Arthur Koestler's The Thirteenth Tribe where the Khazarian King Bulan proclaims to be a son of Japheth through Togarmah.  It is a curiosity for Japheth to be the progenitor a major group of people yet he is shrouded in mystery and continuously ignored. In part of two of this article, I'm going to delve a little into the psychology of Japheth wanting to be everyone but himself.
In my readings I ran across this site savethetruearabs.blogspot.com.  The writer of the site contends that the true Arabs were black as in melanated.  Of particular note on his blog is a post  How the Muslims Helped the Zionist Occupy Palestine. But before getting into that I want to further corroborate my assertions about the ancient Arabs being logically black by referencing Anu M'Bantu and Gert Muller's The Ancient Black Hebrews And Arabs.  Muller makes reference to several sources concerning the appearance of ancient Arabs. Quoting Galen: Selected Works by P.N Singer he writes Galen was a Roman medical expert and stated, "In Ethiopians, Arabs and all southern peoples the skin has been roasted by ambient heat and by the effect of the internal heat being drawn outwards and so becomes hard dry and black." In referencing Carleton Coon a mid-twentieth century anthropologist as to the inhabitants of Oman Muller notes a Veddoid like population the Mahra who trace their ancestor to Yaa'rub a descendant of Joktan as aforementioned of the Shemitic line. His Arabic name being Khatan.  In discussing the prophet Muhammad's family he references the ninth century Arabic writer Uthman al-Jahiz who asserts of Muhammad's grandfather "the ten lordly sons of Abd al-Muttalib were very black in color and large of body."
If the original Arabs were and are still Black, why when you see the population of Arabia today as commonly portrayed in the media do we see Asiatic /Japhetic European people.  Since Islam became a proselytizing and conquering religion part of it can be explained by the fact that they included everyone as possible converts and mates including Persians of the Japhetic variety and White Central Asian Turks.  It is stated that the prophet Muhammad had a dream in which he saw himself following a herd of black sheep and then a group of white sheep came and mixed with the black until the white sheep became so many that the black sheep could no longer be seen in the herd of sheep.  The black sheep were interpreted to be the Arabs and the white sheep non-Arabs or Persians.  They will accept Islam and become so many that the Arabs will not be noticed amongst them.  See savethetruearabs.blogspot.com.  I don't know if the dream is really true but what certainly is true is that is exactly what we see across the middle east and North Africa. It is a familiar story of the sons of Shem and echoes Daniel's dream of the statue in Babylon where iron and clay mix but does not adhere to one another.
In This is How the Muslims Helped the Zionists Occupy Palestine, the writer contends that the prophet Muhammad in a vision saw Moses and that he is black skinned with kinky hair. Bukhari Hadith #243 He argues that the prophet said this so that Muslims would spread it to the world and if they had it would have been and still would be common knowledge that the Hebrews were and are a black skinned people with kinky hair.  He perhaps in true sincerity but naively states, " However, unfortunately the Muslims have been uncharacteristically silent about this hadith of the prophet Mohamed and as a result, the European Zionist Jews have been able to convince the world that they are the Hebrew descendants of the Children of Israel and as a result were able to take the land of Palestine from the Muslims." I will in part two of this article discuss the supposed uncharacteristic silence of the Muslims as to the Black identity of the Hebrews and why would that be?  Below are some examples of Arabs Black and Japhetic.
This is an ancient Arab on an Assyrian relief. note the naked torso meaning his black melanated skin protected him from sunburn and the dreadlocked hair.
Yemenite man of the Hadramaut part of Yemen from afroasiatics.blogspot.com
 Image result for saudi arabian princess

 Saudi Arabian queen of today.  Looks very South Asian/ Indian because they are the same people. She is on the paler end of the spectrum.
Image result for Saudi Arabians 
Saudi man looks like his Indian/Japhetic Asian relatives with the probable J haplogroup but again not of the dark melanated Indian but the albino kind so he needs a lot clothes on so he won't burn in the hot desert.
Dancers of Al-Mukalla, Hadramaut from afroasiatic.blogspot.com


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