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Japheth: Dwelling In The Tent Of Shem As Arabs And The Issue Of Islam Prophetically Part Two

O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! how unsearchable are his judgments, and his ways past finding out 
Romans 11:33 
In part one of this article I stated that I would delve into the psychology or mindset of Japhetic/White European/Asian Indian people and discuss the Muslim silence of the Black identity of the true Hebrews as put forth by the author of  I will first begin with the psychology of Noah's oldest son Japheth.  The bible is the most consummate and intriguing book on the origin and history of mankind.  Even if there are books missing or taken out, it contains enough information in its' present state to understand how we arrived at the point of history we are currently inhabiting.  It also is a book that is based in the grit of human experience.  In other words it is not a pretty or perfect tale of a flawless and perfect people.  It is imminently relatable because it chronicles the lives of a people and those around them who had successes and failures, who did abominable acts and who engaged in wars, subterfuge and intrigue.  It is a book of  the messiness of humanity which we can see as still the case today.
It is a messiness that begin in the garden of Eden and continued on through Cain and Abel, Noah and his three sons Shem, Ham and Japheth, on to Ismael and Isaac, continuing to Esau and Jacob. When a person has three sons, they will have three individuals with different personalities with often some level of competition among them.  One may be more responsible, the other more reserved and one more wile and ambitious.  When Noah spoke prophetically over his sons, it was in a context of awakening from his wine induced stupor and finding out what Ham had done in looking upon his nakedness as opposed to Shem and Japheth who took a garment and covered Noah's nakedness looking away as they did so.  It is interesting that the ugliness of Ham's act was met with silence and Noah instead cursed Canaan Ham's son.  I'm going to hazard a guess based on human nature that Ham may have been Noah's favorite as he was his youngest son who didn't seem to get the discipline he deserved as the two older one's did and this is something we see in families a lot.  The older siblings will get more discipline and the youngest the parents will be lax with and dote on more. 
Shem and Japheth acted responsibly as the two older siblings and once again Ham got away with not being corrected by Noah. When Noah blessed Shem with the call to the priesthood and Japheth with enlargement and dwelling in the tent of Shem, there is nothing on the face of it that is negative.  In other words dwelling in the tent of Shem could of just meant they would be close or in fellowship with each other. But again human nature being what it is Japheth probably felt some kind of way about that call going to Shem as he was the oldest son and probably felt it should have gone to him and his descendants.  It is easy to imagine that he felt slighted and held an internal grudge against Shem.  In the book of Jasher there is a story of there being the animal skin which God used to cover the nakedness of Adam and Eve.  I'm not sure why this skin would have significance but apparently it was kept and passed on to Noah.  It is implied that this skin was going to Japheth, but was stolen by either Ham or Canaan.  Perhaps it would later be used by Ham to contact the spirit world or fallen angels enabling him to get out the gate first in terms of civilization.  If this story is true, Japheth now had another reason to feel slighted and upset. 
So what is Japheth left with?  In his mind probably not a lot.  However, he did have beauty and it explains the Greek beauty ideal and why it is Japhetic people are obsessed with it and are always looking at themselves in the mirror like Narcissi.  We can see this in Indian people. In their natural state of being melanated from black to brown skin tones, they are attractive people and the only people in my view in which albinism (your present day white people looks good upon.)  It doesn't in my opinion look attractive with people of a broad African like phenotype particularly if it is extreme.  Also, it would appear that instead of dwelling in the tent of Shem in a good way as could of been initially intended we see that Israel's early interactions were mostly with the people of Ham and whereas Hamitic people are in the Israelite genealogy via Ephraim and Manasseh , this is not the case for Japheth.  My guess is that Japheth secluded himself from Shemitic people for a time, the resentment of not getting the call passing down through time plus these people are heavy into their physical appearance and don't particularly find negro-type people attractive. 
If you examine the relationship between Indians and Blacks particularly Africans today, you will find that there pretty much isn't one.  Indians in the main do not care for Black people of any kind and in this part of the age are fascinated with their Albino version of themselves.  It is telling that it ended up being albino Japheth dwelling in the tent of Shem as Jews and not the black/brown skin ones. Albino/White Japheth also is the main constituent of Christianity.  With the lighter Japhetic Persians, some of them could had some level of melanation upon interaction with the original Black Arabs, but as they always say "we are Caucasians! no relation to negro/sub-Saharan Blacks.  To this day African immigrants to India for education purposes are treated badly.  I have no idea why anyone who is of an African phenotype and skin tone would immigrate there given the legacy and continuation of their caste system in which a majority of their black/brown skin people's are at the bottom of society as Dalits.
India is said to be a place of many religions, but interestingly they are a people seemingly devoid of love for their own let alone anyone else.  This color caste system, was carried with them as they became Muslims and entered into the tent of Black Arab Shem so that instead of them being the original slaves and servants of the Black Islamic Arabs the tables are flipped and Black it is said in Arabic is associated with the word Abid meaning slave. If Muhammad intended that no Arab has superiority over a non-Arab (meaning Persian/lighter skin) or non-Arab over an Arab (meaning black man) per the Hadith of Bukhari, quoting from The Ancient Black Hebrews And Arabs by Gert Muller he apparently did not account for a jaded Japheth dwelling in his tent. 
 In a twist of irony the picture of Arabs today benefitting from the wealth and resources of the original Black Arabs is one of Asiatic/Indian Japhetic people whilst the Black Arabs are doubtlessly at the bottom of the social totem pole so much so that they are not even thought of as true Arabs.  It is poetic justice that the Ismaelites who sold Joseph into slavery in Egypt and has a history of being slave traders themselves and who once again as history repeats itself sold Negro Judah into slavery into Egypt again that being America, would now find themselves ripped of their heritage and considered slaves by Japheth.
Actually it is more like the judgment of God and explains why all of Black Africa whether of Esau, Ishmael, Ham etc. found and finds itself in a continuous rut and subjugation and persecution by Japhetic people and or their mulattoes.  In response to the statement that Muslims remained uncharacteristically silent as to the true Black identity of Hebrews,  I submit that one Muslim Japheth would never acknowledge that for the same reason other Black Shemites would not and that is due to the long-held resentment of  Israel being chosen as the priesthood of God.  Psalms 83:3-7 informs of their intentions:
They have taken crafty counsel against Your people, and consulted together
against your sheltered ones, They have said, "Come and let us cut them off
from being a nation, That the name of Israel may be remembered no more..
They form a confederacy against You: the tents of Edom and the Ishmaelites;
Moab and the Hagarites, Gebal, Ammon and Amalek, Philistia with the
inhabitants of Tyre and Assyria
This passage speaks volumes as to why Israel's brothers and cousins have remained mum as to their true identity.  Jealousy is a common motivation for people committing all kinds of heinous acts against each other. It is a true monster of the human soul. Everyone always looks on the other side and covets what someone else has. Japheth, Ishmael and Esau wanted to be the favorites and the selected among their fathers and Israel always wanted to be liked and accepted by others and desired the beauty of Japheth.  I am amazed at how many times I have been on Black websites and they talk a lot about people's looks and engage in discussions about Black beauty and why no one seems to appreciate it or can see it so they are always in a constant state of affirming themselves. 
With Japheth especially White Japheth there is the spirit of needing to be first.  When he lost out on being the one to first found civilization and have empires, his insecurities over this fact has compelled him to erase the accomplishments of  Black civilizations and take over their identities once he came into power.  I think it is especially hard for White Japheth because he is a product of Black Japheth and was not even a  factor in Black Japheth's civilization.   For example, the early Greeks and Minoans were melanated black/reddish brown skin people of Japhetic descent so that in antiquity it was not really an issue of skin color that distinguished people so much as the nation from which they derived. 
 It is said that the Venetian traveler Marco Polo who visited South India observed of the Dravidians "It is a fact that in this country when a child is born they anoint him once a week with oil of sesame, and this makes him grow much darker than when he was born. For I assure you that the darkest man is here the most highly esteemed and considered better than others who are not so dark. Let me add that in very truth these people portray and depict their gods and their idols as black and their devils white as snow.  For they say that God and all the saints are black and the devils all white." African Presence In Early Asia by Runoko Rashidi.  From this one statement I can imagine that when people of this time period had albino children that they were not too excited about it if they considered devils as being white as snow.  One can surmise that a community of these individuals would likely leave this hostile environment and mate among themselves until Albinism became a calcified trait and later when they left their new homeland and encountered other melanated people and again their own people they had an ax to grind and long-seated resentment against their relatives who ostracized them. 
It is most intriguing that in India today a place where whiteness once was associated with devils is now worshipped and sought after as a favorable skin tone.  Or perhaps it is just poetic justice from previous bad treatment.  I think the Indians like to call it karma.  There is that saying, "what goes around, comes around."  The second reason for the silence of Muslims as to the Black identity of Hebrews is that Jesus had already declared that Jerusalem would be trodden down by the gentiles who the disciples would know he meant the Japhetic Romans and their kindred and the inhabitants taken captive by the nations until the times of the gentiles are fulfilled and Jesus being who was at the time, the number one prophet in the game and of the history of Israel being sent of the Father, Muslims could do nothing to stop his words from being manifested.  They did however have no problem participating in the taking Israel captive part.
I fully believe that Noah meant Japheth dwelling in Shem's tent to be a positive proclamation.  But when you have unresolved issues of resentment and anger it leaves room for Satan to come in and offer you a deal so that something meant for good he turns into evil.  I personally think white Japheth the masses that is could of handled Yeshua(Jesus) being black but letting them turn him white and letting them ascend to power served to execute his judgment and fulfill the prophecy of Judah's ultimate exile. 
The Role Of Islam Prophetically In The Life Of Israel
When Judah was sent into exile traveling into Egypt upon the destruction of Jerusalem, logically it left a vacuum spiritually in that part of the world. Now all sorts of people could come and take over the land and trample it under foot just as Jesus prophesied.  There likely could of been a small residual population of Judeans but most of the inhabitants had been either killed or ran away as refugees into Africa and other near neighboring countries.  The Christian church was probably still growing but also facing it's own share of persecution in the Roman world.  Satan having suffered a set back spiritually by the death and resurrection of Jesus and his growing church, now had an idea of what The Most High's plan was.  If he could keep persecuting the church he could stop it's power and growth or better yet he could look over into Abraham's other sons and come up with a plan to counter the advancement of the church however far removed from it's Hebrew roots. 
Before his plan would be put into action, the Most High would make a chess move in the form of the emperor Constantine.  In 312 Constantine in a fight for the Roman empire claimed he had a vision of a bright cross lighting up in the noon day sky with the inscription in hoc signo vinces meaning in this sign conquer. Constantine does just that and it is a new day for a heavily persecuted church.  With Constantine's acceptance of the followers/disciples of Christ, you get the beginning of Christianity as a religion and later inception of the holy roman empire.  However, gentilic the church may be at this point and coming years it had uncontested growth on the European continent. 
The Black Jews who were still alive and citizens of the Roman empire probably saw the political shift coming and some of them converted and likely made up the council of Nicea and with some of them becoming the first nobility of Europe.  This is a problem for Satan because now there was the unchecked potential growth of Christianity.  So, in 610 Muhammad a likely descendant of Abraham on Ishmael's side with some Esau thrown in claims that he had a vision from an angel leading to the dictation of the Quran.  The question must asked? why is it that the Arabs tribes either did not hear the gospel or receive it? Surely the apostles wanted them to know the good news of Jesus' salvation given their relation to Israel? I believe the answer comes down to once again ancient hostility and dislike for Judah. If they didn't follow them in the ways of the Torah even though they had to know about it, they likely would not have listened to the gospel of Jesus. 
In any event two hundred and ninety-eight years after Constantine's vision, we get the prophet Muhammed's vision and dictation of the Quran with them now wanting the still Black Jews who they call the people of the book to believe and convert to Islam.  Eventually, Islam gathered enough converts and momentum to if not persuade people via argument the sword would do just as well. Therefore, as I stated before everyone was up for grabs in the conversion to and conquering in the name of Islam. While Islam was advancing across Africa and Europe, they were being met with resistance by the Black Holy Roman Empire. 
Since the Ismaelites/Arabs were natural enslavers they included many white slaves as well adding the women to their harems and producing mulatto offspring which manifest itself in the populations of North Africa.  When they were defeated and run out of Spain which they did a good job of raising their civilization and giving them the technology to sail across the world, it was a chess move by God because now the prophecy of Israel's captivity would truly come to fruition however not under the banner of Islam but that of Christianity.
In true irony, there is the story that there was ship dubbed the good ship Jesus which was at the beginning of the slave trade to the Americas.  Most Hebrew Israelites who are not messianic find this a paradox and it is.  How could some people claiming to be Christians engage in the cruelty of slave trading? I would like to reference King David when he unlawfully took a census of Israel and Judah.  He knew had messed up again and was given a choice of the punishment God would render to the people. Of the three punishments God laid out for David through the prophet Gad he chose the one executed by the Lord himself, his reasoning being let me fall into the hand of the Lord, for His mercies are very great; but do not let me fall into the hand of man.

This is why God's ways are beyond understanding. My dear people had God let the people of Judah fall into the hands of Islam, there would be no remnant of his people who would know him and be able to fulfill the time of the gentiles or conclude the age.  That is not to say that people who are Muslims are bad people and don't want to live and be happy like normal folks.  I have Muslim family members and associates who are Black of course and are perfectly good law abiding citizens, but the reality is as bad as White Japheth under Christianity treated Judah here in the US and the world over, Japheth at the top of the hierarchy of Islam would have been twice as bad and unremittingly cruel.  Even today Black Ethiopians, Somalians and whatever other Black African who immigrate to Saudi Arabia are treated horribly. There are videos of protest by Ethiopians of the harsh treatment they endure in those countries even one where an Ethiopian woman's head is cut off for some supposed crime. 

They do not embrace deeply melanated people they war against them.  This could be why some think the number 666 is associated with Islam and where the anti-Christ will come from.  I submit that if the beast of Revelation is Islam that he will not be of Ismaelite/Esau origin bloodline but primarily Japhetic. It is Japhetic people who are the face of extremity in Islam.  It is not a natural instinct of Black people to want do suicide bombings and commit acts of terrorism.  They don't take things as serious as Japhetic people who try overcompensate for a call they did not receive, for a heritage of which they are not the origin.  Black Shemites have a strong sense of self preservation and is the reason why you never see them doing things that deliberately put their lives in danger. War with each other yes. Climb mount Everest just for the hell of it. Nope. 

One argument in favor of the beast coming from Islam is their penchant for persecuting Christians in their countries.  Revelation forecast this persecution kicking into high gear and in support of my assertion that true born again Judah/Israel is key to the end of this age, in Revelation 12;17 it states, "the dragon was enraged with the woman and he went to make war with her offspring who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.  Who is the woman's offspring, it is true Judah but not just of heritage only but those who in essence know Jesus and keep God's commandments.

Those Black people who are just into the heritage aspect of being Israel have no power to change the history of the world.  The reason for this being is that the location of power once Jesus came and was killed and then resurrected switched from the observance of the law and outer circumcision to an inner circumcision being led by the spirit of God.   Whereas the Law was a cocoon that housed the caterpillar of Jesus when he fulfilled his destiny he birthed a beautiful butterfly who tore the curtain of the temple from top to bottom  caused the earth to quake and the sun to darken and the powers of the air to be astounded. A Judah whose scales have dropped from her eyes and who truly abide in Christ has the same power if based in realness and the grit of human messiness to finish what Jesus accomplished in spoiling principalities and powers and making an open show of them, they can cause principalities and powers to be removed and be the sons of God upon whom the earth yearns to be revealed.
Below are pictures to supplement the thesis of this article.

To God Always The Glory

The real black melanated Constantine of Roman ancestry and black Bishops
representing the empire of iron.

ancient Persian likely before the incursion of the light skin Japhets.  They may also represent the early Elamite population.

Ancient Assyrian Art. The guy is obviously a king and brown skinned. This
photo is never seen in US history books.

White slave women probably of Turkic origin in a black Arab harem.

This woman represents the deepest black melanin of Japhetic people of
Indian origin. In Marco Polo's day she would be venerated. In today's
world in India her life is probably unduly hard and she would be considered
most unfortunate being so far away from white.

This picture speaks for itself. The one on the left indistinguishable from
any other European man who shares the same ydna with the black skin South Indian.



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