Monday, September 11, 2017

The Nature of Being Born Again And The Issue Of The Priesthood In The Age To Come

But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation
His own special people that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you
out of the darkness into the marvelous light. (1 Peter 2:9)
Greetings to anyone who may happen across this website.  Since my last postings two months ago, the world has as always not failed to be eventful and strangely so.  There have been marches in Charlottesville and counter protest of the marches centered around the removal of confederate statutes which suddenly seem to bother people so much they feel compelled to tear them down. Yes, folks statues are sending people into hysteria in the new fangled attempt to erase unpopular history.  Some people are magically now so sensitive, they cannot endure the harsh realities of the past in this case the past slavery of Black Americans, that all reminders of it need now be eradicated.  Of course if you eradicate the slave past of Black Americans and the South, you dispel the assertion that the Negroes of America are the true Judah/Israel of the bible which is of paramount importance to those who know the truth of this claim as surely the last thing they would want is for this truth to actualize into the end of this age. 
We also have the threat of North Koreans and their nuclear grandstanding along with the usual Islamic Isis nutty stuff.  It has been followed up by a rare eclipse which people hardly had time to bask in before being beset by record drenching rains in Houston from Hurricane Harvey followed by earthquakes, fires and more hurricanes such as Irma. Indeed the earth yearns for the sons of God to be revealed which brings me to the reason for this post.  Since this blog is about biblical prophecy, I quite naturally read other viewpoints, view other videos and what ever other media pertaining to the subject.  I had noticed how on many videos relating to the identity of Black Americans and other Blacks of the diaspora as being Israel/Judah, the over the top focus on retaliation and vengeance against White people for our slavery/discrimination/racism and whatever other ill one can cite that many a commenter expresses on various videos. 
What can be gleaned from some people who are coming into this knowledge or coming across this information is their lack of a concept of what it is to be a priest, of what it is to be a part of a royal priesthood a holy nation.  It would seem that some people in the Hebrew community and with the internet you can never really tell if people commenting are who they say they are, so there is a caveat there of let the reader beware, are more into payback than they are into their relationship with the Father, if they even have one.  They are looking forward to having servants and other's going into captivity but have zero concerns about their purpose and roles in the restored kingdom of Israel.  The problem essentially as indicated in my previous post is that vengeance focused Black Americans may be of the tribe of Judah, but they are not born again.    And it seems for this millennial generation especially when they come into this knowledge, they are like babies born with a defect.  They have some knowledge which has served to puff them up but they have no love to build anyone up. (1 Corinthians 1;8).
Every person who is born on this earth who is of the lineage of Adam is born under the auspices of Satan-that is they are under his world system/dominion due to Adam's transgression in the garden of Eden.  When God called Israel to be his people and gave them his covenant and laws, he brought them under his authority and consequently insulated them from the wiles and dangers of the kingdom of darkness as long as they kept the covenant.  He also blessed them greatly when they kept the terms of it.  When they did not we see through their history God's ultimate punishment of exile and captivity.  In John 3:1-6, Nicodemus a Pharisee came to Jesus in the night, confessing that they knew he was a teacher from God for no one could do the signs he did unless God was with him.  Jesus answered him , "Most assuredly, I say to you unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.  Nicodemus questioned how can a man be born again when he is old? Can he enter a second time in his mother's womb and be born. (vs.4). Jesus then states, "Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God. That which is born of the flesh is flesh and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit."
Nicodemus is rightfully confused at this point because Jesus has just moved the goal post and upended his worldview.  Essentially, until the arrival of Jesus the way into the kingdom of God was via the covenant.  It was a covenant of the flesh illustrated by the circumcision of Israelite males and keeping the laws and statutes.  Now Jesus, is moving the power and protection of the covenant from the flesh to the Spirit.  His being sent of God was making it possible for men to now receive the Spirit of God which means the kingdom of God and the ability to see it now resides in you.  It is no longer confined to a geographical area and it is the avenue by which belief in Him leads to eternal life. 
The purpose of water baptism is to mimic the breaking of the water before a natural birth.  Therefore, once a person is born again he is able to receive the Holy Spirit which is a deposit and guarantee of that which is to come and enter into and see the kingdom of God.  He is no longer under the thrall of the kingdom of darkness, but is a citizen of the kingdom of heaven.  Being a citizen of heaven has it privileges as did being a citizen of Israel. 
So, being born again is important because it circumcises your heart so that you are not weighed down by bitterness, hatred, envy and strife and your conscious is quickened and sensitive to His Spirit so that you are not in the same breath cursing people out and claiming to be a child of the Most High.  It enables your spiritual eyes to be opened so that you operate from a relational standpoint with  God and not just a religious one.  The apostle Paul was so into the Law and he probably knew it from front to back that he had disciples of Jesus killed on behalf of it.  I liken his position to being an intermediate tennis player.  He had some control of the ball but more often than night he sailed the ball long passed the base line. 
However, once he had his Damascus road experience and He saw who Jesus was, his spiritual eyes opened and he could now hit the ball consistently within the baselines and at all sorts of angles.  If you are a Black American and you come across this site and you have never been born again, I urge you to ask God to do that for you.  I know for some people, they don't like churches and dislike Christianity so to speak, but there are still reputable people of God out here, and you need to ask that he lead you to someone who can help you make that transition from death to life.
The Role Of The Gentiles During The Time Of Jacobs Trouble
In continuing the discussion above, the vitriol that some would be Black Identified Hebrews express toward White people/the mostly sons of Japheth is indicative of their immature still spiritually dead nature.  For those who still think he is Esau, they take joy in the scripture" Jacob I have loved,  but Esau I have hated." (Malachi 1:3). It's as if it gives them an excuse to equally hate Esau even though no where is it stated that Israel should hate Esau.  They use it to condemn every white person on the globe as they act as judge, jury and executioner.  I am not a fan of everything the Japhetic races have done in the world or to the true people of Israel, but I do know enough not to assign whole groups of people to perdition given that I am not the discerner of thoughts and intents of the heart and neither is anyone else on this earth. That is the role of Yeshua when He returns and of the Father when he opens the book of life at the second resurrection.  I will say this, when White people become genuinely born again, they tend to be serious about it at least from the people I have known.  Unlike some Black people, they tend to not hang around churches pretending to be Christians when they are not. If they are Atheist, Tree huggers, Pagans,  Witches, Psychics, See dead people, believe and are constantly abducted by Aliens, talk to fairies and angels or whatever the case may be they are generally committed to that belief and mindset.
Whatever my dislikes about this age, about injustice, past grievances and wrongs, about governance under Japheth, my role as a part of a royal priesthood is to be a cut above the average joe.   By way of illustration I will reference Daniel.  When Nebuchadnezzar had a dream whereby he commanded the sorcerers, wise men and astrologers to not only reveal the dream but interpret it or they would be killed, Daniel asked for time to interpret the dream as he was among the wise men to be killed.  When he had the answer from God, he asked the executioner Arioch to not destroy the wise men of Babylon. (Daniel 2:1-24)  Daniel at this moment demonstrated an affinity for understanding what a priest was because he didn't just ask for his life and those of his friends to be spared but all the wise men of Babylon who were more than likely his enemies.  I believe that Daniel's grasp of this concept is the reason God revealed the dream and the interpretation to him.  If he had had the mindset of today's internet Black Hebrew commenter, he would have asked that only his four and no more be spared and God would likely not have honored his prayer.
Daniel's understanding of  this spiritual concept is further illuminated by Matthew 5:43-44, a scripture I personally have a hard time with.  It reads, "You have heard it was said you shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy. But I say to you love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you and pray for those who spitefully use and persecute you."  On the face of it this scripture makes no sense. It goes against every inclination of human nature. My natural inclination is to want to go Old testament David style and cut down uncircumcised Philistines. What further tripped me up was the love my enemy. Why would I do that? How do you muster love for someone doing all those things to you.  Then I realized this is one of those scriptures that isn't about a feeling so much as it is about faith.  This command by Jesus looks weak on the face of it, but there is a power to it in the spiritual realm as a part of spiritual warfare. 
As part of a two prong attack, it is the part where God moves on your behalf, where demons have to step aside like in the animated film Lion King where all the animals bowed down when Simba the Lion, assumed his role as king of the jungle after defeating that wretched Scar.  The other prong is praying against and binding various spirits of those same such enemies.   When disciples of Jesus performs this scripture, what does it do? In the next verse Jesus lets us know that we become the sons of our Father in heaven, the exact opposite of the current rebelling sons, principalities and powers.  My dear people the standard of a priest called of God is to be a cut above.  If you love (not some emotional thing) and do good only to those who do it to you, just your tribe, your four and no more you are not functioning in the position of a son of the Father, but that of the son of the world.  It is an incredibly high standard, one which I will forever be challenged with on some level.
On to the role of the gentiles in the time of Jacob's trouble.  I will never cease to be amazed at the profoundness of God's ways. There was a time in the beginning of the church where the apostles did not present the gospel message to the gentiles.  They went only to fellow Israelites.  Then one day God gave Peter a vision three times about unclean food.  At the same time he gave a vision to Cornelius a centurion of the Italian regimen, saying "Your prayers and your alms have come up for a memorial before God." To summarize, God wanted Peter to present the message of Jesus to Cornelius and when he did he was astonished that the Holy Spirit fell upon the gentiles as he was speaking.  He had earlier concluded that when it comes to the opportunity for salvation that God shows no partiality but in every nation whoever fears Him and works righteousness is accepted by Him. (Acts 10:1-48).
This passage needs no interpretation and supports my earlier supposition that one cannot consign and condemn whole groups of people when you do not know all individuals in said group and their circumstances.  Cornelius had probably never eaten with an Israelite/person of Judah a day in his life yet he somehow connected to God by his prayers and his actions of giving toward other people.  As it would turn out what the Israelites were resistant to hearing from the apostles, the gentiles were eager to hear and partake of.  And as the story goes, eventually the Israelites would again find themselves in exile once again with the sacking of Jerusalem by the Romans around 70ad.  Fast forward to today and you have the awakening of the descendants of those of the lost tribes of Israel and Judah albeit in a trickle.  God opened up salvation and eternal life to the gentiles when the vast majority of Judah was not hearing it.  Now in their exile and slumber there is a remnant who have been born again and when God steadily reveals to that remnant their natural heritage of Israel, there will come a day when this knowledge will put them in the time of Jacob's trouble. (Jerimiah 30:7).
Did God open up salvation to the gentiles just so they could one day escape difficult times of the end via what mainstream Christianity calls the rapture?  No, he did not.  In that day when the gentile church realizes who true Israel is, they are going to be severely challenged in their faith.  They are going to be challenged in providing provision, and sometimes refuge to a people the world has little to no regard for.  By way of example, I reference the account of Elijah when he declared no rain in the land of an idolatrous Israel under the reign of king Ahab and Jezebel.  Elijah fled to the Cherith Brook where God provided him with food from a raven and where he drank from the brook. When it dried up God sent him to a widow in Zarephath of Sidon to provide him housing and food.  (1 Kings 17:7-18)The widow is symbolic of the gentile church and Elijah represents an Israel on the run, in the wilderness and in need of provision. 
Furthermore, the expectation that the church will need to be the spiritual sons of God is illustrated by Matthew 25:31-46.  I will let the reader, read that passage as it rather lengthy, but the gist of it is, that when Jesus returns as the Son of Man, he will judge the nations separating them like a shepherd would the sheep from the goats.  The sheep will go into the kingdom because they gave the  brethren of Jesus who are Israelites by birth and by spirit, food when they were hungry, drink when they were thirsty, gave them refuge when they were a stranger, clothes when they were naked, visited them when they were sick and when they were in prison.  He considered it as doing it unto himself.  The goats on the other hand did none of this and will be sentenced to everlasting fire and punishment.  Yes dear people, negro Judah will be a test for the nations.  Ardent racists and indifferent nations will no doubt fail, but let us hope there will be more people like Cornelius than not as their eternal destination will surely depend upon it.
Thus when Jesus returns and restores the kingdom of Israel, it will be their turn to be a royal priesthood in the earth and light unto the nations.
To God Always,
The Glory





  1. Not so many blogs talk candidly about religion morose concerning end times i applaud this blog for doing that everyone ought to be attached to some form of belief one way or another.