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What Is In Your Hand?: An Examination Of God’s Working In Concert With Human Agency In The History Of Israel And For The Fulfillment Of The Times Of The Gentiles Part Two

What Is In Your Hand? Getting To The Next Phase of Fulfilling The Time Of The Gentiles

There is without doubt many people who have their view of biblical eschatology and I am no exception.   For those Black Americans who have awakened to their identity as Judah, some have an expectation in one train of thought of 2019 or sometime thereabouts being the year of deliverance for them.  If that were to happen it would awesome especially of it meant the return of Jesus to restore the kingdom of Israel, but I am not of that viewpoint.  Those who are a part of mainstream Christianity do not fully understand prophecy because they do not understand the concept of the ages and the centrality of Israel in God’s movement within human history. 

Before I get to the gist of this writing, let me state that one of the reasons I am not a proponent of the theory of evolution which it is just that a theory is because it serves only to confuse and has no relevancy to human history.  For example, there was recently a BBC show about the Cheddar man of Europe being originally from Africa and dark skin.  There was a reconstruction of his face where he was dark brown with straight hair and blue eyes.  As always there were the ones who revolt against anyone with dark skin being an accurate depiction and then there are the assumed Black folk who parrot smugly that modern humanity begin with Black people in Africa. 

In my estimation, the view that everyone was once in Africa and there was a migration out is incorrect and contradicts the bible which holds that under Nimrod a son of Ham everyone was somewhere around where modern day Iraq is and even Abraham dwelled in Ur among the Chaldeans.   It would make sense once the tower of Babel was destroyed that people dispersed from a central locality and Cheddar man represents the Black Japhetic/Indian type people that went to the isles of Europe and became the ancient Minoans, Greeks, Etruscans etc and went into Asia (South, Central and East) whereas Black Shem was somewhere in the middle of Asia and the Hamites went down into parts of Africa.   Stating that people migrated out of Africa serves to confuse the identity of true Israel by maintaining that Sub-Saharan Africans never left their area and had anything to do with Egypt or other societies in antiquity. 
Simple minded white supremacist gentiles love this argument, but Satan will do anything and use anyone to confuse the true identity of Israel because unlike what Jesse Duplantis said in a speech about Black Americans, Satan doesn’t hate Black Americans because they are talented and kept singing amazing grace while being as he stated hung, burned, and having other atrocities committed against them and never blamed God.  Why would Satan care about whether someone like Michael Jackson was a good entertainer or any other talented Black American?   He has a kingdom he is trying to maintain and if anything they are a threat to that kingdom being that just as they were the key to Jesus’ arrival they are the key to his return. 

 Also, Jesse Duplantis comments about the suffering Black Americans have endured illustrate why it is White Christians and Black Christians do not know the identity of true Israel.  The major flaw of gentile Christianity is that they amputated a major part of God’s character so that he is one dimensional and only about love and spiritual self improvement.  He is more like a giant marsh mellow than the God of the bible. They forgot about the judgment aspect of his character that often resulted in the death of Israelites when their apostasy and transgressions were too great and unrepentant of.   Otherwise why would Black Americans have had to endure such atrocities that he cited.  Does God punish a group of people with such calamity for no reason?  No he does not.

This is where I agree with those who criticize the pagan aspect of Christianity.  The apostles were not pagan gentiles and unlike the church today would not be observing Christmas and Easter.  Many Christians including pastors in justification for not observing the original Sabbaths and feasts of God rely on Paul’s letter to the Colossians in 2:16-17 where it states, “Therefore, let no one judge you in food or in drink, or regarding a festival or a new moon or Sabbaths.” “Which are a shadow of things to come but the substance is of Christ.” (vs. 17).  The key word here is “are”.  What many Christians do unconsciously in this verse is change the present tense ‘are’ to past tense ‘were’.   Paul never in this verse invalidates the proper Sabbath commandments and feasts of God.  He invalidated the pretentious judging of what people did during those feasts  by those who wanted to impose their own religiosity or spin on it which he called the commandments and doctrines of men. (vs.22). 

 It is my contention that if Paul and the other original disciples and Hebrews were around today they would still be observing the Torah ordinances with the exception of Levitical sacrifices because Israel is in exile.   Without doubt if gentiles had not stopped observing these ordinances and scrutinizing scriptures as they did in Paul’s day to see if certain assertions were true, they would not have severed a major part of God’s character and would have had much less difficulty in identifying who is true Israel from a heritage standpoint and prophetically. Also, continuing the commandments and observances would have probably curbed some of the doctrinal and behavioral excesses found in gentile Christianity.

One characteristic of social media is that it gives everyone an opportunity to vent about one matter or another.  Black people take full advantage of this technology.   Whatever the genre, Black people find it an ideal place to air disagreements/ beefs with each other.  This is no less the case among newly awakened and old Hebrews.  In the apostles day if they had an issue with another believer they confronted him and talked about it in person.  Now men just get easily offended and never address the issues other people bring up like the observance of the law.  Another pastor Omar Thibeaux who is now aware of being true Judah made such a video in response to a law oriented Hebrew who made his own video in critique of Omar’s understanding of law observance. 

This is when I came to the conclusion that I do not think the staff of deliverance is or will be necessarily in the hand of a man.  What do I mean by this?  In certain points in the time of Israel’s history God used or sent a man to be the main conduit of his power so to speak.  In the deliverance of the Hebrews from Egypt he sent Moses but he used something that was already a part of Moses to be a vehicle for his power.  In Moses case, it was a staff.  When he sent Elijah to confront the false prophets of Baal and to divide the river Jordan, it was Elijah’s mantle, the same mantle which Elisha used. He gave Joseph and Daniel the gift of being able to interpret dreams.   When Jesus came he was the embodiment of the Word so all he ever had to do was speak or issue a command.  In keeping with this theme, the two witnesses of Revelation I believe will be the catalyst for many of the events on earth such as the seals being opened as seen by the apostle John. 

Speaking of the book of Revelation Pastor Omar did a message on Revelation 14:6-11 where it is stated that Billy Graham was the first angel of that scripture due to his impact on the world with the gospel.  As much as that may be true about Billy Graham’s impact, Pastor Omar is incorrect.  He does something that many people do and that is take Revelation out of its context by applying it to certain current events.  Without getting further into it because Revelation is a whole series on its own, I maintain for us to be in the context of Revelation there must be an igniter and that igniter is the person who God has called and sent with their particular staff/gift which I am now inclined to believe may be a woman along with true born again Judah who are mature and are like Gideon’s 300, which may suffice as the least amount of people needed to get the job done. 

In other words my view of prophecy is not one where we wait for Satan to fumble the ball and we run into the end zone.  My view is that Judah are the ones who propel events forward and that God always works in concert with human agency however dicey I think that is, to move events along prophetically toward their ultimate conclusion.  Pharaoh never initiated the deliverance of the Hebrews from slavery, God initiated their deliverance by his calling and use of Moses. If it was left up to Pharaoh, the Israelites would have never been freed.  Likewise If it is left up to Satan we’ll never be free of him and this age.


Why A Woman?

Since I begin this blog and study of the identity of Black Americans biblically,  I have focused my gaze upon the community from all aspects.  I have paid attention to pop culture, politics, the state of the community, rascism, colorism,  negative black female and male relationships which some broadcast all over social media and which I wasn’t really aware of and just the whole gamut of issues.  It can be sort of exhausting really.  Life before social media was in some aspects a peach.  As with any new technology there are pros and cons and the internet can be a very informative place and it exposes you to a variety of information and viewpoints. 
On the other hand, it is a feeding ground for the dysfunctional parts of the Black so-called community to display ignorance, animosities and stupidity.  It is where I first learned there is a Black twitter.   I still don’t know what that is or where it’s located, but point being Black people are truly the people of the book because they always put themselves on “blast” as they like to say.   And it won’t be long before they put everybody else on blast who are doing all sorts of things.  It could be one reason why folks didn’t like Israel.  The bible and their scrolls put everybody business out in the open.  
Anyway, one of the issues of the day is Black females lack of finding viable Black men for marriage and family.  There are a hosts of opinions blogs, and videos on this subjects.  What is interesting is that Black women tend to not marry out- that is to other racial groups at the rate  of Black men.   They tend to stand on the battle field alone trying to save a community where their men are basically absent from the fight.  They tend to champion Black love where you never hear of Black men saying such things.   They fruitlessly try to be a one-legged stool or a one sided foundation for a house which is next to impossible because you can’t build a house with one side of a foundation.   They are out there in the social media world trying to hold on to the wisp that is black love particularly with this millennial generation and surely the one after where Black boys are trained  or just desire to see themselves with anyone but Black girls. 

The die-hard Black women are waiting for their “Kings” who don’t want to be kings and who frankly have no kingdom world wise anyway.  Those who haven’t left and exercised other options or at least entertained exercising other options, are hanging on by a thread wondering if their Black Kings will ever materialize to rebuild the Black community.    In this way, they my sisters remind me of the two Mary’s who waited by the tomb of Jesus in anticipation of something happening.  Because of their clinging to hope that he really was more than a man, they became the first witnesses to his resurrection.  The men on the other hand had moved on as men do.  They were probably getting their tackle together to resume their fishing careers.  It seems that women tend to care more about their racial/ethnic group and community than men.

 Men will leave a community in a minute to fulfill his own personal desires whereas women especially Black women wait by the tomb of their dead community hoping for a resurrection.  Well, I don’t know if Black secular America will ever come back to some sort of functioning community, but if I were a young Black woman out here today, I would not wait for  an ideal Black man to appear.   Young Black males live for themselves not for the community or racial integrity.  I see this in my own family.  We have our share of males and a female who married or date out the racial group.   I am sure there was never a thought about Black people as a whole and their own probable future disappearance genotypically and phenotypically into the white Japhetic race via their descendants.   There is no point in a young Black female who has good values and morals dying on the vine waiting on a long gone Black male.  If the community will diminish and disappear you may as well not be the sacrificial lamb trying in futility to hold it together on your own.

This used to concern me a little because obviously an authentic Judah/Israel is needed for the end of the age and I’m thinking ‘what a chess move by the opposition’ but then I realized everyone is not needed.  I think it can be done with a little as 300 Gideon type people.   Anyway, the two Mary’s is why I think a Black woman will be the one with the staff for the purpose of the conclusion of the age and also I think just like David could not build God a temple because there was too much blood on his hand, I think it the same for the men of Black Judah.  They carry a heavier level of responsibility and judgment.    The two Marys were faithful and held on to the hope of Jesus rising and likewise Black women over the course of the captivity in America have been the staple of the Black church. For good or bad, there is no Black church without Black women.  I had a pastor who used to say when people came out of the world it was always someone’s mother or grandmother who was on her knees praying for them. I never heard him mention fathers and grandfathers.

When I look at where we are prophetically, I am amazed  at how the answer to the question of what fulfills the times of the gentiles is so close you can kiss it on the cheek.  If only Judah knew what is in his hand.  I liken the situation to this.   A person goes to a restaurant and runs up a big bill.  He has in hand the right amount of money to pay the bill but instead he ask the owner if he could work in the restaurant a couple years until the amount is paid, or let him go to a bank and take out a loan and all the while in his hand is the money for the bill.    Another example is the remake of the movie the Wizard of Oz  with a Black cast and renamed the Whiz.  It starred Diana Ross and Michael Jackson.  I remember watching that movie when I was kid and liked the scene where the people of Oz kept changing colors to their clothes at the command of the Wizard.   I watched it again recently and I was struck how the remake was really an adaptation of slavery /captivity here in America.  

Diana was taken from her home by storm and placed in a land very different from her own.  In this land she encountered the scarecrow which believed he wasn’t smart and needed a brain, the tin man who wanted a heart and the lion who wanted courage.   These three characters are a representation of the Black man in America where is he considered to be not smart, doesn’t have a heart to feel pain like other people and lacks courage to face his enemies.   The other Black people they encountered were working as slaves to one of the wicked witches of Oz a representation of true spiritual nature that governs the United States, a symbolic Babylon. She frees them and they continue their journey to see the Wizard.  It should be noted that it is Dorothy A Black woman who frees the people.  When she realizes the Wizard is a fake, she  thinks she will never get home until she has a visit from the good witch so to speak which tells her everything she ever needed to get home was already in her possession.  They were on her feet.  The slippers she wore was her conduit of power to return home.  She needed only to click them which I think she did three times.

I’ve said before people in Hollywood demonstrate an understanding of spiritual things that I’ve never even seen in the church.   They are just on the opposite side of the mirror.   The Wiz is very much an apt analogy for True Judah to return home.   There is a way which doesn’t consist of fifty millions arguments about the law, who Esau is or any of those things.  There is a way out of here and it as simple as clicking our heels so to speak, but it is not without turbulent waters.  It is born of our relationship with the father and that is where the power is.  David was able to do the exploits he did because God was his father and he treated him as such.  He acted like a son whereas Saul behaved like an acquaintance.  It is likewise with Jesus.  He was able to do what he did because he had a relationship with God who he called his Father whereas the teachers of the law did not.  The power dear people is in the relationship.  When you are in the relationship with the Father and need help you don’t need to do 500 push ups and 1000 sit ups before he will save you from drowning.   

There is much I wish I could go into, but this post is already very long.  I am like the angel with sword drawn that stood before Baalam who set out to curse Israel.  I want so very much to let it find its mark but I yet wait for those  who can see that deliverance is a straight line, the shortest distance between two points as opposed to scraggly lines and loops that lead you everywhere but home.  I have included a video of Callie Day below rehearsing a fragment of Hear My Prayer.  I recently became aware of this video and when I heard her singing and just the range of her voice and the beautiful playing of the lady pianist, It made me say “ Yehuda.”  Dear People there is something to be said for obscurity.   Mrs. Day has a beautiful voice but it’s the sincerity and relationship that this woman has with the Lord that makes this song special.   I am convinced that if an awakened Judah ever sang the "Have Mercy" part of this song  like Mrs. Day, it conceivably could cause Jesus to stand up from his throne and say “I hear my people calling me.”  And if He hears want he wants from his people and their singing to him, I can imagine him readying his battle gear.    Dear People, sometimes less is more.

To God Always

 The Glory





Hear My Prayer - Cover by Callie Day: Berea College Festival of Spirituals

This partial rehearsal of this song Hear My Prayer by Callie Day, an unknown singer managed to bless a lot of people.  I have to admit I tried singing this like her and couldn't make that transition to those last high notes, it was fun trying though.  The lady playing the piano backed her so superbly and beautifully the both of them together made me say "now that's good Yahuda. " The girl recording managed to catch a singularly beautiful moment in time.

What Is In Your Hand?: An Examination Of God’s Working In Concert With Human Agency In The History Of Israel And For The Fulfillment Of The Times Of The Gentiles Part One

So the Lord said to him, "What is that in your hand? And he said, "A rod." Exodus 4:2
Greetings to any and all whom may come across this blog.  The last time I posted here was in the recently passed 2017 and what a year 2017 was.  It was a year that in the latter half saw its share of calamitous events both in nature and in society.  One event that saddened me was to hear of the passing of Pastor Stephen Darby whose video content I referenced and posted on this blog.  It seems in one of his last videos he was beginning to demonstrate a better understanding in regards to  True Judah’s (that being Black/African-Americans) exile here in America so the timing of his passing was definitely unfortunate.  May of course God always comfort his family in his absence. 
Since my last post, I have perused social media pertaining to a variety of topics of both a secular nature and those about biblical prophecy.  From a pop culture perspective The Black Panther movie debuted and was a success but it definitely inspired many Black Americans to give all sorts of commentary about the film.  One interesting outcome of the movie was that many Blacks found common ground with the villain Killmonger as opposed to T’challa.   The reason for this was because Killmonger wanted to use the precious metal vibranium  which was at the root of Wakanda’s advanced technological society to deliver oppressed Black people everywhere. 
Therefore, for them Killmonger was more of a hero than  T’challa the inheritor of the Black Panther power and throne of Wakanda.   It was weird listening to people discuss this movie from the angle of dismantling white supremacy and how Killmonger was the better ruler for Wakanda.   What created cognitive dissonance for me was that Wakanda is a comic book fictional place but the writers of the movie decided to include a real life historical event such as the slavery of Black people in the Americas as part of the plot line.  This was akin to mixing metaphors.  What people who are supposedly pro-Black and spend their time making useless videos about White supremacy do not understand, and what the champions of Killmonger do not understand is that you cannot undo what God ordained out of your own strength and carnality. 
The captivity of Black Americans and others of the slave trade diaspora was at the behest of God himself spoken via Yeshua (Jesus) who was simultaneously the Son of Man and Son of God at the same time as revealed to Peter when he asked of his disciples” who do men say that I am?” Matthew 16:13   Thus, there will never be a secular Black ruling power by secular Black men of the line of Judah/Israel.   I have yet to hear of any Black man outside of social media contemplating ending white supremacy and even  if they were trying to end White Supremacy which they are not because they know intuitively they cannot, what are they going to replace it with? Black Supremacy? 
The Hamitic/Cushitic/Egyptian age was the last melanated/black age to rule and it is never returning no matter how many would be Black hoteps talk about it.  However, I do understand the desire of many Blacks to want to be free of what they deem is White Supremacy, but is really the time primarily of the gentile sons of Japheth.  They want to be free of this age actually as many a Christian supposedly does but they do not understand how God moves within the context of human history and how they are the fulcrum upon which history turns as I’ve stated before.  When the age of Shem does come it will be the third leg of the pyramid of ages with the capstone just above it as for example pictured on the dollar bill and only when that age is done will the capstone be fitted to the pyramid as the final piece to the conclusion of the ages.  Whoever placed the pyramid on the back of the dollar bill probably did not know this analogy could be made and will indeed manifest one day.   I express this concept in my writing The Principle of The Second: The Age To Come and  due to this topic's length will continue part two in the next post.