Friday, March 30, 2018

What Is In Your Hand?: An Examination Of God’s Working In Concert With Human Agency In The History Of Israel And For The Fulfillment Of The Times Of The Gentiles Part One

So the Lord said to him, "What is that in your hand? And he said, "A rod." Exodus 4:2
Greetings to any and all whom may come across this blog.  The last time I posted here was in the recently passed 2017 and what a year 2017 was.  It was a year that in the latter half saw its share of calamitous events both in nature and in society.  One event that saddened me was to hear of the passing of Pastor Stephen Darby whose video content I referenced and posted on this blog.  It seems in one of his last videos he was beginning to demonstrate a better understanding in regards to  True Judah’s (that being Black/African-Americans) exile here in America so the timing of his passing was definitely unfortunate.  May of course God always comfort his family in his absence. 
Since my last post, I have perused social media pertaining to a variety of topics of both a secular nature and those about biblical prophecy.  From a pop culture perspective The Black Panther movie debuted and was a success but it definitely inspired many Black Americans to give all sorts of commentary about the film.  One interesting outcome of the movie was that many Blacks found common ground with the villain Killmonger as opposed to T’challa.   The reason for this was because Killmonger wanted to use the precious metal vibranium  which was at the root of Wakanda’s advanced technological society to deliver oppressed Black people everywhere. 
Therefore, for them Killmonger was more of a hero than  T’challa the inheritor of the Black Panther power and throne of Wakanda.   It was weird listening to people discuss this movie from the angle of dismantling white supremacy and how Killmonger was the better ruler for Wakanda.   What created cognitive dissonance for me was that Wakanda is a comic book fictional place but the writers of the movie decided to include a real life historical event such as the slavery of Black people in the Americas as part of the plot line.  This was akin to mixing metaphors.  What people who are supposedly pro-Black and spend their time making useless videos about White supremacy do not understand, and what the champions of Killmonger do not understand is that you cannot undo what God ordained out of your own strength and carnality. 
The captivity of Black Americans and others of the slave trade diaspora was at the behest of God himself spoken via Yeshua (Jesus) who was simultaneously the Son of Man and Son of God at the same time as revealed to Peter when he asked of his disciples” who do men say that I am?” Matthew 16:13   Thus, there will never be a secular Black ruling power by secular Black men of the line of Judah/Israel.   I have yet to hear of any Black man outside of social media contemplating ending white supremacy and even  if they were trying to end White Supremacy which they are not because they know intuitively they cannot, what are they going to replace it with? Black Supremacy? 
The Hamitic/Cushitic/Egyptian age was the last melanated/black age to rule and it is never returning no matter how many would be Black hoteps talk about it.  However, I do understand the desire of many Blacks to want to be free of what they deem is White Supremacy, but is really the time primarily of the gentile sons of Japheth.  They want to be free of this age actually as many a Christian supposedly does but they do not understand how God moves within the context of human history and how they are the fulcrum upon which history turns as I’ve stated before.  When the age of Shem does come it will be the third leg of the pyramid of ages with the capstone just above it as for example pictured on the dollar bill and only when that age is done will the capstone be fitted to the pyramid as the final piece to the conclusion of the ages.  Whoever placed the pyramid on the back of the dollar bill probably did not know this analogy could be made and will indeed manifest one day.   I express this concept in my writing The Principle of The Second: The Age To Come and  due to this topic's length will continue part two in the next post.

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