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An Examination Of Biblical Duality And Its Relevance To The End Of The Age Part 1

Greetings to all whom may come across this site and dare to read the articles as well to the friendly inhabitants of the world not seen in heavenly places.  My last writings were in 2018 and what a most intriguing and volatile year it was within the earth in terms of weather and other cataclysm, racial incidents and of course politics.  In the next series of articles I am going to be addressing Biblical Duality and its relationship to the end of the age.  I will be touching upon certain issues relating to Black Americans that have been in the news recently and tying them into my thesis.  Also, I will touch briefly upon the book of Revelation. Let us begin.

When The Ancestors Call: When Being Pinned Down Prevents You From Moving Forward

Last year in October I attended the play When The Ancestors Call by Dr. Elisabeth Brown Guillory esteemed and renown playwright in academia.  It centered around the main character Caroline who is a young Black American single doctor specializing in cancer treatment but who was herself a psychiatric patient due to issues stemming from her childhood.  After the play was over, I later thought about how it not only addressed issues which affected Black Americans historically but currently as well.  The primary theme of the play was one of being pinned down.  Caroline could not move on with her personal life until she got down to the root of what was pinning her down.  At this point it is helpful to give a short synopsis of the play. 

Caroline is struggling in her life where she is fearful and restless and so she seeks the help of a therapist who hypnotizes her in order for her to go back in her past and find out what is terrorizing her, but each time she would get so emotionally worked up he would bring her out of the hypnosis.  In the midst of all this she is still mourning the death of her grandmother Granny V and is in conflict with her sister Jackie over the care of her grandfather Pop.  It should be noted here that Caroline is played by a brown skin actress whereas Jackie is extremely light skin with long hair.  
One day when Caroline is talking to Pop, he talks about seeing Granny V in his dreams and he makes a confession to Caroline that he didn’t do right by her.  He explains that one day in what was the Jim Crow South maybe Louisiana, he came upon Granny V being sexually assaulted or pinned down by a white man but he couldn’t do anything.  He was basically frozen in fear and having flashbacks of slave ships.  He tried to run or move but he wasn’t going anywhere. He was pinned in place.  All these years he felt guilty for his cowardice but once he told Caroline he no longer felt pinned down. 

Caroline and Jackie’s parents were unstable in their youth so that they somehow ended up being partially raised by granny V and Pop.  It is revealed through Caroline’s hypnosis that their father was extremely abusive and their mother either abandoned them or passed away.  Also, we learn that Jackie is an alcoholic just like their father. It would appear they all had been having dreams or visions of granny V as the character lurked in the background.  Granny V served as the ancestor urging them to face issues that were keeping them pinned down.  Caroline finally has a breakthrough in her hypnosis as Dr. Bill urges her to look under the covers as child and when she does she remembers everything and confronts her sister Jackie. 
The audience finds out that when they (Caroline and Jackie) were children their father would leave them with an uncle who would molest Jackie who is the oldest and Jackie had in turn molested Caroline.  This made Caroline feel dirty and subsequently affected her relationship with men.  Jackie was in denial at first because she had blocked out what had happened to her, but then remembers and confesses to her part.  She also agrees to seek help and get treatment for her alcoholism so that she is no longer pinned down. 
Once the root cause of Caroline’s fear and emotional trauma is faced she is no longer pinned down and can finally move on with her life. The other sub theme in the play was that of colorism and its relation to beauty.  Brown-Guillory highlighted a duality in the Black Community through granny V when Granny V is seen praising photos of children with White/Caucasian features even though she was assaulted by a white man; however, she loved and favored Caroline because she is smart.  Brown-Guillory is certainly in tune with the psychological issues that afflicted some in the Black community both historically and still to this day.  Recently, there have been incidents in the news involving Black women and girls that have generated buzz about their worthiness and value in the Black community when they are attacked and even killed. 

It would appear the darker your skin the less protection and care anyone shows toward you but particularly in the Black community itself.  It seems we thoroughly subscribe to the skin tone racial hierarchy and caste system of not just America but the world at large which is why Black people especially men crowing about White racism is difficult to take seriously. The North Sentinel Islanders we are not.  The other issue which is highlighted in the play is that of sexual abuse.  Brown-Guillory spotlights the vulnerability of Black women and girls to sexual abuse not only to outside forces represented in granny V’s assault but also to that in one’s own family and community as experienced by Caroline. 
For a modern day illustration one can look to some of the female reaction to Surving R Kelly, which I did not watch, but had heard about from back in the day to see that from their own personal experience as well as that demonstrated by the women with allegations against R Kelly that Black women and girls especially if they are of dark skin tone are not taken seriously or dismissed first by their families and secondly by society at large when it comes to being victims of legitimate sexual assault.

There are many issues which keep the Black Community pinned down, but a lot of it has to do with not focusing in on root causes and sticking to surface examinations and easy deflections to concepts such as White Supremacy.  It is this same surface examination and easy deflection  within those who are newly awakened to their Israelite identity which prevents them from understanding what is needed to fulfill the time of the gentiles. 
The whole Black diaspora have in various ways been pinned down, but just as Pop was afraid to confront his fear and Caroline her fear we have been afraid to look under the covers and accurately understand  what has been the reason for our ordeal including the most damaging of all being the loss of identity.  I will answer the ancestors call and in the next articles attempt to pull back the covers through the concept of  Biblical duality.

To God always,

The Glory



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