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A Gideon’s Three Hundred For The Purpose of Ending The Times Of The Gentiles With A Look At The Book of Revelation Part 1

Good day to whomever may stumble across this blog and to the heavenly host if no one does.  I recently finished a cursory examination of Biblical Duality and I indicated in that article and previous ones why it is all Israel is not needed to culminate the end of the age and this article will address that assertion and also look at the primary theme of the bible of worship and it’s continuation in the book of Revelation. 

Gideon’s Three Hundred

It is the custom of God or Yah for my Hebrew people, that whenever he communicates with Israel for purpose of future prophecy or deliverance he first calls usually a man in the old testament for the job-that is he appoints someone to the leadership role and vests them with some measure of his power to do the task.  We see this is the case with Gideon when Israel was delivered into the hands of the Midianites by the Lord or (Yah) for seven years for doing evil in his sight. (Judges 6:1).  I will for the sake of brevity summarize the account of Gideon.  As previously stated Israel in the book of Judges is having one of its times of oppression by the hands of the Midianites.  It is so bad that the amnesia they had as to who the Lord is dissipates and they cry out to him.   The Lord sends them a prophet and then the Angel of the Lord appears to Gideon and task him with saving Israel from the hand of the Midianites.   

Gideon’s story is a famous one among bible students and they would know that Gideon had doubts about his call to save Israel (Judges 6:15-22).  He goes through a few more exercises before finally being ready to take on the Midanites and when he is all set to go with 32,000 would be warriors, the Lord says to Gideon, “The people who are with you are too many for Me to give the Midianites into their hands, lest Israel claim glory for itself against Me saying, “My own hand has saved me.” (Id. 7:2).  Now therefore, proclaim in the hearing of the people, “Whoever is fearful and afraid, let him turn and depart at once from Mount Gilead.”

 It had to be one of the most honest moments in the lives of the people when 22,000 of them left and returned due to their fear and a rather disconcerting moment for Gideon when he was left with only 10,000 people. (vs.3) Alas, this was still too many people for the Lord so he had Gideon administer a test which consisted of how they drank water from a stream presumably.  Everyone who lapped like a dog with his tongue and those who got down on their knees to drink were eliminated. (vs. 5) This left Gideon with an impoverished 300 men.  This meant 9700 men were disqualified.  With those 300 men and Gideon God delivered Israel out of the hand of the Midianites without them ever lifting a sword.  They did have some specific directions to follow but none of it involved them engaging in actual physical fighting.  He instead had the Midianites and Amalekites took the sword to each other. (vs.22).

The Application Of Gideon’s 300 To The Ending Of The Time Of The Gentiles/Age

When I begin research into the identity of who Black Americans are biblically and which I have detailed on this blog, I often wondered does everyone need to be awakened or used in order for God to move us out of the age of the gentiles and into the age of the priesthood?  How would that be even possible with so many people all over the place in terms of their spiritual or non spiritual status.  Even for those who know of this truth, there tends to be many viewpoints on how we get to the next stage prophetically and certainly I have my own.  I believe that many of us in this generation who are aware of who we are and have written books or made documentaries that are well researched but not necessarily comprehensive have played and continue to play a role in those searching for answers.   I have referenced some of the people I have used on my blog, making sure to give credit where it is due and as is appropriate in standard research and writing. 

Despite the efforts of my fellow colleagues out there, there are still many Black Americans of all types of status in church and out of church, secular or of other religions who do not know they are of Israel naturally-that is by bloodline.  I warrant there are many who do not want to know.  I liken them to the 22,000 men of Gideon who were afraid and went back home.  Among this type of people are those who are good people but they don’t want their lives disturbed.  Many could be church people, genuine believers of Yeshua, but are not suited to handle the weightier issues of scripture.  They are afraid to go in deep and ask the hard questions.

 Others in the group of 22,000 are those who are comfortable in their oppression and are aligned with Babylon in terms of their worldview.  These are the people who suck up every cultural backwardness and sin that Babylon spits out.  They rush to be the minority representative of homosexuality and transgender/drag queens, they are a part of every ism, and love politics and whatever small conference of power they can get out it .  These are people who are mindless about the roles they take in Hollywood television and movies and those who put out garbage music in the world of hip/hop rap that speak death over their own people.  Come to think about it I don’t think the previous two examples are in the 22,000 at all.  These are people who are too out of it spiritually to even make it to the assembly of the 32,000. 

Then we have the 9700 who were disqualified.  I liken these people to those who are aware and awake but have some sort of defect.  They are the people who are smart about Black issues but for them its all political or they are not believers in God and have an overall natural mindset. They lap the water with their tongues and get down on their knees.  They have good natural awareness but bad spiritual awareness.  These are also the people who focus a lot on the religious aspect of being an Israelite.  They are blind guides who strain out a gnat but swallow a camel. (Matthew 23:24)-that is there is a certain simplicity about prophetic issues and the bible that eludes them. 
They could just bring the water to their mouth with their hands but instead they lose sight of what’s important by focusing on the Lord’s correct name, when the letter J was invented, who other nations are, who Esau is and isn’t etc which is akin to getting down on their knees and lapping like dog losing all spiritual situational awareness.  Then there are the three hundred men left to fight with Gideon.  These men had the right kind of awareness.  By bringing the water to their mouth they demonstrated that they were careful and observant men, ones who could follow directions even if it offended their natural sensibilities.  They understood the concept of God’s use of the supernatural to affect the natural world through unconventional means.  With Gideon and the three hundred it was blowing trumpets.   

To make a current pop culture analogy, The Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring is a lot like the story of Gideon.  It may have even been modeled after it.  I find that a lot of Hollywood movies are biblical stories retold.   We have a fantasy drama set in Middle- earth where there are different kinds of humans.  Frodo Baggins is a young Hobbit who are a people of small stature.  He is given the task to save middle earth from the Dark Lord Sauron.   Gideon also felt himself of small status.  Frodo is given the one ring of Sauron by Gandalf to take to Mordor to destroy it and thus Sauron.  He is accompanied by two fellow hobbits Sam and Pippin with an interloper Gollum who is obsessed with the ring which he constantly calls precious.  Gandalf is a good wizard who I would liken to the Angel of The Lord.  He is the one who gives Frodo the ring.

 In addition to his hobbit friends Frodo is helped by different kingdoms aligned against Sauron such as the one of men, elves and dwarfs.  They are his 300 men. They do not accompany him to Mordor but they help by fighting the army of Sauron known as orcs. Frodo’s task is fraught with danger as everyone wants to be the bearer of the ring, but they cannot seem to withstand the corrupting force of it as Frodo is able to do.  Sam Wise is a good friend to Frodo.  He is like the disciple John in relation to Yeshua (Jesus).  Gollum is like Judas.  He is obsessed with the shiny qualities of the ring.  Material things are precious to him and he will betray Frodo for it.  He reminds me of some Black entertainers/politicians.  They are in love with money and will sell out Black people at the drop of the hat for it.  It is precious to them and spiritually they probably look like Gollum on the inside and some of these rappers look like him on the outside.
Part 2 to be continued in next article due to length.

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