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The Magical Mendacity Of Babylon And White Christians Lack Of Common Sense With Regards To The State Of Israel Part Two


The Magical Mendacity Of Babylon America

In the previous section I discussed common sense and noted its antithesis of foolishness.  America has been on the course to foolishness for a long time.  It did not just spring up in 2020 but has probably been in the making in its early history.  With the advent of ever increasing technology and media, the ways to accomplish full blown foolishness is finally here.  With the takeover of all areas of meaningful society by the Babylonian Baal worshipers hereafter Baalites we can see that the three pillars of their society are: (1) The love of money and power (2) The exaltation of sexual deviancy (3) Abortion/infanticide.  

These three godheads are constantly pushed on the everyday common person in some shape or form. Our congress just recently demonstrated their love of money and power, for themselves not the actual American citizen in their recent stimulus bill where the American citizen had a front row seat to money being given in huge sums to foreign nations while the citizenry received a pittance their need of a pittance being due to idiotic lockdowns.  The government under Democratic rulership and Republican noiseless resistance is always pushing some weird sexual agenda that lacks common sense as can be seen with their gender identity confusion crusade. 

How one can confuse male and female gender is something only the devil knows but I suppose his children know because normal people don’t get it.  And lastly there is Abortion.  This is the holy grail of Babylonian society.  It is the fuel which runs their magical engine in order to keep their magical lies going strong.  If Planned Parenthood was really about Planning parenthood, they would talk about contraceptives more than abortions, but interestingly when it comes time to pick a supreme court justice, the Baalites  never mention condoms or birth control pills just abortion.

It seems to me instead of putting the pressure on women with abortions they would advocate subsidizing vasectomies for men so they can stop having children with women they don’t love and just get it reversed when they meet someone with whom they do want a family.  But no aborted babies no fuel.

The Lockdown And The Election

 As anyone who hasn’t been under a rock knows 2020 was the year of Covid 19 a flu virus which for some inexplicable reason caused governing authorities all over the world including here in the US to damage their economies by telling people save a select few to stay home, and close businesses.  The reason for this was due to hospital capacity. So, basically in a country where the main demographic is supposed to have such a high intelligent quotient, they decided to damage their economies not due high death rates per the population size but due to space in hospitals.  

If common sense were used it would appear in a country where building is constantly going on, that they would just build more hospital capacity/medical facilities, convert unused building spaces into places to put the sick and recruit doctors and nurses from medical schools to help where there may be a shortage of personnel.  They also would have given available helpful medicines to the contractors of the virus instead of censoring medical doctors who had helped patients recover with a combination of medications. How many lives could have been saved if the agenda wasn't always to hurt Donald Trump but really to kill true Israel off.

But nothing is ever simple in Babylon 2020 and on.  If it doesn’t fit the agenda, the skeksis screech censor, run out of town, destroy the resistant Geflin who uses any common sense. But most importantly, as the Skeksis Chamberlin says, “If we are challenged by them just lie and continue to lie.” From the Dark Crystal the Age of Resistance.  This same approach by the Baalites has been the constant modus operandi against the Donald Trump presidency.  I wasn’t following politics day in and day out during Trump’s presidency, but it was obvious that he was seemingly hated because he won the 2016 election.  And he won it by appealing to people using common sense but all the Baal media ever did was constantly slander him as racist as if they and Democrats are not and countless other claims with no basis in fact whatsoever.  He was in investigations before he was inaugurated and none of it turned up any wrongdoing on his part.  He was impeached for taking a phone call.   

In contrast, the Democrats or high ranking federal employees were caught actually lying in their attempts to damage Trump, and most recently Joe Biden’s own actions in regards to his son Hunter Biden is swept under the rug.  Hillary Clinton was caught up in email scandals but no prosecution or excoriation from the media was anywhere to be found.  It would appear for many years since the Clintons that as long as you are a Baalite democrat you can commit all kinds of crimes and nothing will happen to you. The devil has you covered like an insurance policy. Like a good neighbor the devil is there. 

To give a pop culture example, recently I watched the short bio on Ma Rainey.  She was a Black American blues singer. It wasn’t really about her, instead the main character seem to be a character named Levee played by the late Chadwick Boseman. Levee was a part of her band, but he was discontented because he wanted to play a different style of music.  The other band members would chide him sometimes and in one instance a band member told the tale of a man who made a deal with the devil and from that point on he had good fortune able even to beat serving time in jail which would have been a big accomplishment for a Black man in those days.  Levee scoffed at the story, but made it known he would definitely like to meet the devil if the story was true.  

The story is later contrasted by an outburst where Levee basically uses every curse word he could to berate God/Jesus for what happened to his mother when he was young.  Levee is obviously a variation of Levi the priest of Israel.  When put together they are telling the audience particularly Black Israel you are better off joining the devil’s team because he will give you access to riches/good fortune and you can even do criminal acts and no harm will come to you.  There is obviously some truth to that, but since he is a liar there is a catch somewhere particularly for Black people. I am convinced the devil is a racist. Black people just get sacrificed in the end.

The Democrats behaved horribly towards Trump and anyone associated with him as if they were possessed with legions of demons the whole time he was/is in office.  I don’t know perhaps they are possessed with ornery demons.  I had never seen a president elicit so many emotions out of people. I am sure he was more than a little confused as to why there was such an intractable hatred toward him when many of those people he knew in times past.  What he didn’t know is that Baalites don’t like common sense.  They like foolishness because it’s what their daddy likes.  Keep in mind Baalites are not just Whites and their subgroups.  

There are plenty of Black Baalites who happily help roll out the Black body every election for it to be vampirized and then shoved out the way once they are done feeding.  This is usually done by hurling racism charges at dense Republicans who if they had any common sense would ask how is it possible for only one group of White people to be racist.  Once the job is done, the Black Baalites get nothing out of it, just a reminder that they are being replaced by illegal and legal immigrants so you don't matter in the very near future, but for kicks we will still roll out the Black corpse to feed upon.  

As I mentioned earlier Trump, contested the validity of the election and Biden’s alleged win. Of course the Democrats screeched like they had never heard of or done such a thing in their whole lives.  To my mind they seemingly brought out credible evidence that logically should have been heard in any court, but such was the intense distress over another Donald Trump presidency that the Baalite Democrats were put on notice by the wizard behind the curtain and not just them but Republican Baalites as well to lie like their lives depended on it when it came to queries about election fraud.  

Truly it was as if they all had a dream from their daddy devil who told them they need to lie about this election as if their lives depended upon it.  He was and is ganged upon by the mainstream media, tech companies like twitter, google, facebook, and the like.  The courts would not take his case not even the Supreme Court. He was surrounded and cut-off just like John Wick in the movie John Wick.  One can only assume they had to lie and had something to hide because they would never address the issue and look at the evidence and make an ruling as to its validity. 

The drone like behavior of government Baalites across the board reminds me of the show the Strain.  In this show there was this ancient vampire creature called a Strigoi who was killing and turning people in New York into these weird vampire creatures and it was discovered by the small group of resisters that the turned vampire human creatures were being controlled by the main vampire and if they could kill the main vampire which was actually a small parasitic organism than the people would be freed. 

They soon found out that it was incredibly hard to kill this parasite and that the ancient Egyptians had to resort to extreme measures.  Well, when doing what the ancient Egyptians did was foiled they had to come up with a new plan and they would soon discover that the only way to kill the Strigoi was via a nuclear bomb. As Hollywood movies would have it, they had a nuclear bomb on hand and they achieved their goal but not without the sacrifice of the two main characters.

Unfortunately, for common sense people the Strigoi are in control and their grip is ever tightening.  With censorship being the way they silence diverse viewpoints the darkness seems to be stamping out the light.  I know Donald Trump and the American people do not really understand why their lives have been upended in the way that it has.  I know what it is from a spiritual standpoint and so do a few others, but what I also know is when the devil tries to prevent the execution of God’s plan, he somehow ends up doing the opposite. 

The fact that good is called evil and evil good in America is a fulfilment of biblical prophecy.  For my own purposes I am not at all certain I will accomplish my goal here just given the complexity of it.  My people they swallow a camel but strain over a gnat.  However, I am confident that this age and time of the gentiles will end even if it has to be spiritually nuked which true spiritual Israel has all the weapons in her repertoire to do.  And if nothing else the Most High is more than able to work salvation by his own right hand.

To God Always, 

The Glory





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